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Future of www.hangonrintama.fi

Post by Kimmo » 26 May 2009 16:16


A small update to the site http://www.hangonrintama.fi, which I painfully created and tried to expand beyond the strength of one or two persons:

"This site got started by my interest to map the Harparskog-line using photographs. The presentation with photographs from Harpaskog-line is available for viewing on this site and it has gotten plenty of praises from many people.

After the Harparskog-line I aimed my intrest to the battles that were fought at the Hanko Front. My aim was to document the battle areas with photographs, build maps for the presentation and to write a description of the battle using published literature and the sources from the Military Archives of Finland. So that the task would not be too easy, I also decided to document the structures in the battle areas at the same time. Additionally with the battles, I decided not to concentrate only to the most well known battles, but to also include some smaller patrol fightings as well as a bit longer and more comprehensive description of the canoe patrols, which are a unique chapter in the Finnish military history.

Unfortunately the task was and still is very time consuming to do with one or two people, who are only doing this as a hobby. Additionally certain difficulties with the ready Harparskog-line presentation decreased my motivation, even though the Hanko Front area still holds my interest.

What I got ready in 2007 and 2008 from the Battles of the Hanko Front and the structures in those areas, have been buried in my computers hard drive ever since, waiting that the author would get some more energy to finish this task. Unfortunately the energy of the author ends when I look at all those maps that I've created and the amount of text. And all this in two languages, Finnish and English.

Due to the request of many people, I decided to upload to this site what I got ready from the presentations in 2007 and 2008. Some of the battle presentations are completely ready and same goes also for some areas with structures. However, some are lacking completely content and some are not finished, meaning that those end half-way through. Additionally I haven't done any proofreading. The presentation is in the condition where it was, when I was building it during 2007 and 2008.

Publishing not ready presentations or work goes completely against my character, but I hope that even when this is not finished, you will enjoy those areas that are ready with photographs.

Source document section I haven't updated, but it has been in a separate document on my computer hard drive. I uploaded that document as well, so that this presentation would have basis with sources listed. The document contains only sources from the Military Archives of Finland. All published literature is updated in the section 7.0 Sources. The document is only in Finnish.


All that source documentation I have in copies, waiting for the moment, when the author again has some energy!"

In Finnish:


In English:


The uploading was done yesterday, so I haven't had the time to check that everything works. That I'll do during the next few days if there is anything not working properly.

I also want to say thank you to the several good people I met through this forum. You provided a lot of valuable information and help to me. You also encouraged me to upload what I got ready now, rather than to wait if I someday want to tackle this monster task again.

But for now, I will concentrate on other things in life and I can leave this behind me at least for now.

Best Regards:


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Re: Future of www.hangonrintama.fi

Post by Juha Tompuri » 08 Nov 2020 20:21


Next weekend I will be visiting Hanko area fortifications with some friends of mine.
'The Kimmos site http://www.hangonrintama.fi/ could offer a lot of help, but quitre much of the maps etc seems to be corrupted.
I've tried to contact Kimmo, but with no results. Also I tried Wayback machine, but at least I couldn't find there the missing info (mainly maps)
Anyone know about Kimmo, or can help with info about the fortifications?

Regards, Juha

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Re: Future of www.hangonrintama.fi

Post by alpinoinMT » 19 Jan 2021 18:33

Your site is a wealth of information & insight on an often over-looked part of Finnish & WW2 history.
Great work
a reporter once asked me, after an awards ceremony
"are purple hearts for soldiers & bronze stars for officers?'

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