Recommended books on the Winter War & Continuation War

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Re: Recommended books on the Winter War & Continuation War

Post by JTV » 18 Aug 2018 07:21

Teemu S wrote:
17 Aug 2018 13:07
I'm thinking of buying Ari Raunio's ( Jatkosodan torjuntataisteluja 1942-1944, but before I do I'd like to know if anyone who might have the book could tell me how detailed the battle descriptions are? Are battles such as Tali-Ihantala or Ilomantsi described in a day to day fashion? I already own Sotatoimet - Suomen sotien 1939-1945 kulku kartoin, but I am looking for a similar book that goes in more detail.
I think you are going to be pleased with the particular book. With Tali - Ihantala it does indeed go through the battles day by day. When it comes to Ilomatsi battle, the book does go through it with great detail, although the chain of events get explained in separate chapters presumably due to overlapping events making basic day by day method too complicated. In addition of going through the battle events the book contains excellent maps (which you may already have) and personal histories of commanding officers. The notable thing that it has and that are missing from the older Finnish books is, that it typically has also accurate info about Soviet losses, since authors had access to Russian archives.


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Re: Recommended books on the Winter War & Continuation War

Post by Teemu S » 18 Aug 2018 11:28

Thanks Jarkko! I will definitely add it to my collection.

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Re: Recommended books on the Winter War & Continuation War

Post by Lotvonen » 26 Dec 2018 09:56

Here is an old book :

Kaarlo Simojoki
Taipale "Tavanmukaista tykistötulta"
Otava, Helsinki 1941
202 p in Finnish

The author was an infantry Platoon leader, then a Company commander at Taipale about 15 to 22 February 1940.
I did not (yet) bother to find out which Regiment it was.

The story spans five days the author's platoon held at Koukunniemi field stronghold no.4. What is unique in the story is the "nuts-and-bolts" description of what he did. To begin with 2nd Lt. Simojoki tells the reader what the inside of the dugout looked like when the Company received orders to take over the front line at Koukunniemi. He then describes what he was wearing, how it felt like to get from a warm dugout into very cold night,...In brief, the reader gets an excellent idea what it was like to be a Platoon leader and what his duties were. On the fourth day the Company CO is killed in a counterstrike and 2nd Lt Simojoki is ordered to take over the Company. His unenviable task now is to defend half a kilometer of front line, trenches all smashed up, with a Company - comprising less than 70 (seventy) tired and badly fed men...
Finally he is able to hand over the front line to an outfit comprising inexperienced hastily trained men led by an incompetent officer.

Certainly worth reading.

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Re: Recommended books on the Winter War & Continuation War

Post by kuuskajaskari » 12 Jan 2019 15:54 ... mg_692.jpg

This book, has anyone read it ?

I`m looking for any info of the troops at Punnus-sector under Winter War. Finnish troops were mostly JR5.

regards Jukka

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Re: Recommended books on the Winter War & Continuation War

Post by krp13 » 23 Oct 2019 20:45

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