remarks of two 1948 Bermuda Traingle Mysteries

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remarks of two 1948 Bermuda Traingle Mysteries

Post by Linkagain » 04 Jul 2021 15:23

A) Star Tiger missing 30 January 1948
1) About an hour before its last radio call Star Tiger tiger had to make a position correction which brought the flight into the part of a gale storm
2) A press account stated plane was lost 440 miles Northeast of Bermuda
3) A newspaper report was that 1 February 1948 a search plane reported sighting several boxes and an oil drum 325 miles northwest of Bermuda;

Inference is that the plane could very well have flown on for another 100 miles before it was lost at sea possibly about the time the Bermuda W/O would have tried to contact the place 1/2 hour after last position request...

B) DC-3 lost 30 December 1948

1} On its las tposition report the pilot claimed an estimated psotiion of 50 miles south of Miami Florida-however this report was not heard at Miami but from New orleans 600 Miles away
2)there is a spanis Newspaper report reports 4 Jamuary 1949 two bodies found at sea 50-60 miles south of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Inference is that the plane may have been so far off course it was actually Bay of Flordia near Cuba than Florida how else could the radio transmission be heard in New Orleans...also the fact of the two unknown found south of Cuba....

Sid Guttridge
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Re: remarks of two 1948 Bermuda Traingle Mysteries

Post by Sid Guttridge » 05 Jul 2021 17:42

Hi Linkagain,

Neither of these is even in, or close to, the so-called "Bermuda Triangle". The northern tip of this fictitious entity is Bermuda itself, which disqualifies the first one. The south-western leg supposedly rests at Miami, which disqualifies the second one. ( ... le-map.gif)

Thanks for putting this up as it perfectly illustrates how such nonsense is spread.

However, it has no place on a historical forum like this.


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