July 26, 1972

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July 26, 1972

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7/26/1972, Morgan Delivers Victory in Atlanta; N.L. Wins First All-Star Game in South; Aaron HR, Part 1Part 2

7/26/1972, Manager Murtaugh Comes Out of Retirement to Lead N.L. to 4-3 Win in 7th Extra-Inning All-Star Game

7/26/1972, Slugger Henry Aaron Thrills Hometown Crowd of 53,000 at All-Star Game, Play-by-Play, Part 1Part 2

7/26/1972, K.C. Royals' Cookie Rojas HR in 8th Nearly Wins for A.L.; Weaver Applauds Gibson, Palmer, & McGraw

7/26/1972, Hijacking Airliners Does Not Pay; Most Hijackers in Past Year Killed or Captured & Money Recovered

7/26/1972, British Troops Fight Gun Battles with Guerillas in Belfast During Many FuneralsMap, Belfast, Google

7/26/1972, V.P. Spiro Agnew Asserts Many Opinion Makers Delight in Denouncing Traditions & Achievements of U.S.

7/26/1972, Trade Rep. for Nixon Says U.S. Trade Deficit May Reach $4-Billion; No Incentive in Japan to Buy Foreign

7/26/1972, More than 290 U.S. Fighter-Bombers Attack Targets in N. Vietnam; 75 B-52s Support S. Viet Battles

7/26/1972, Health Dept. Study in '30s Left Syphilis Victims Untreated; Congress Reacts with Shock, Part 1Part 2

7/26/1972, Japan Fines Six Large Industrial Plants for Air Pollution Lapses; Sulfurous Gases Caused Lung Irritation

7/26/1972, Rolling Stones Rock Band Explodes with 16,000 Watts of Amplified Sound at Madison Square Garden

7/26/1972, Louisiana Launches Controversial Gator-Hunting Season to Control Over Population; Feds Protest

7/26/1972, Jane Fonda Back from Hanoi; U.S. POWs Asked Her to Work for McGovern Election; Fonda Fears Nixon

7/26/1972, Fischer Holds Edge Over Spassky in Chess-Title Match7/26/1972, Fischer-Spassky Move-by-Move

7/26/1972, U.S. Combat Ground Troops in South Vietnam Cut to 2,000; U.S. Charges N. Viets Continue to Build Up

7/26/1972, N. Viet-Held Citadel at Quang Tri Breached by "Smart Bomb"; Heavy FightingMap, Quang Tri, Google

7/26/1972, Are U.S. Voters Responsible for Immoral Viet Bombing or Will Bombing Strategy Stop Open Aggression?

7/26/1972, McGovern & Eagleton Hold Joint News Conference in Custer S.D. to Discuss V.P. Candidate's Health

Map, Custer S.D., Google7/26/1972, Earnings Report; U.S. Steel Sharp Drop; Oil Revenues Down; Airlines Up

7/26/1972, McGovern Biography; Bright, Curious, & Shy Child; B-24 Pilot in WWII, 35 Missions, Much Flak Damage

7/26/1972, Dallas Cowboys Favored in Annual Football Exhibition Against College All Stars; Pros Lead Series 27-9-2

7/26/1972, Jane Fonda Recounts Two-Week Tour of N. Vietnam; Actress Acknowledges Daily Broadcasts from Hanoi

7/26/1972; S. Viet Troops Seize Half of Quang Tri Citadel, N. Viets Hold N.W. Section; U.S. Navy Jets Hit N. Vietnam

7/26/1972, McGovern Campaign Wants Nixon to Appoint Special Prosecutor to Probe Break-in at DC Democratic HQ

7/26/1972, Looting from Battle Dead Is Way of Life for S. Viet Troops; N. Viets Appropriate Supplies from Refugees

7/26/1972, Eighty Southern Oregon Recruits Sworn into Navy on Capitol Steps at SalemMap, Salem Or., Google

7/26/1972, Boxscore, All-Star Game, Atlanta, N.L. Edges A.L. 4-3Map, Atlanta, Google7/26/1972, Standings


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