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Paladin Group

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 15 Mar 2021 15:39

Gentlemen. The Paladin Group was created in the 1960's by Otto Skorzeny in the Albufereta neighborhood of Alacant,Spain. Skorzeny envisoned the Paladin Group as "an international directorship of strategic assault personnal that would straddle the watershed between para-military operations carried out by troops in uniforms and the political warfare which is conducted by civilian agents. Including in the group were many former SS members. This information I have gotten from Wikipedia. I need some more clear information of the groups' actions and people.

Edward L. Hsiao

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Re: Paladin Group

Post by Tamari » 15 Mar 2021 17:34

Hi Edward,

the Paladin Group was also mentioned in the Skorzeny biography of Stuart Smith "The devil's disciple" on the pages 313 - 314 and 319.

There are the same names and organizations mentioned like in the article below; South-African BOSS, French OAS , the Greek military junta, Col. Muammar Gaddafi, the Marxist Wadi Haddad, the Spanish Intelligence and Security services and their opponents of the Basque ETA: ... b.html/amp

It is interesting that the article highlights the who-is-who of European's facist scene with Junio Borghese of Decima MAS and Stefano Della Chaie and that a French Paratrooper officer was possibly the backbone of Skorzeny's mercenary business.

I have checked the CIA archive for PALADIN but haven't found anything specific. Maybe you can find something more concrete in the Skorzeny files:

Maybe you can also type in the names of former Skorzeny comrades like Werner Göttsch and have a look if the CIA had linked them with Skorzeny's post-war business activities and political adventures. Göttsch was helpful to Skorzeny while he was in Spain.

I think it is like in most cases with Skorzeny. There are a lot of rumors and well-placed stories with some proofable facts but the truth is safeguarded by bodyguards of lies.

Best regards

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