Action Reports of the Bund Deutscher Jugend

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Action Reports of the Bund Deutscher Jugend

Post by Edward L. Hsiao » 04 Mar 2021 06:43

Are there any action reports that you willing to share about this German 'stay behind' guerilla organisation called Bund Deutscher Jugend(League of German Youth)? I understand that this organisation were full of German WWII veterans from the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. There also this Technischer Diest.
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Re: Action Reports of the Bund Deutscher Jugend

Post by Tamari » 04 Mar 2021 21:19

Hi Edward,

as far as I know you will not find any "action report" about the Bund Deutscher Jugend and its subunit Technischer Dienst because both were purely designated as part of CIA's clandestine stay-behind organization in Western-Germany and had only to be activated in case of a Soviet attack and occupation of Western-Germany. The idea was to form such units before a war begin and not like the Rücklass-Netze (R-nets) of the Abwehr I Abwehr II and Abwehr III which were build up when the tide had turned against the Wehrmacht in WW II.

Cover-name of this early CIA project was LCPROWL. Here you can find a lot of documents about it:

Besides low-ranking Wehrmacht and SS-Officers were also well known SS-Officers like Franz Josef Krombholz (7. SS-Gebirgsdivision Prinz Eugen) and in Northern-Germany Eberhard Telkamp of SS-Panzerregiment 9 " Hohenstaufen" involved.

The clandestine organization had popped up due to infights between its crazy members and because of some weapon caches which were unintentionally found by youngsters and forestry workers.

There was also a planned murder complot against the former Abwehr officer Helmut Sallaba which was prevent by the CIA handlers. According to my understanding Sallaba is quite likely identical with a Leutnant Sallaba who was a former member of Frontaufklärungstrupp 203 and Frontaufklärungskommando 205 in the Eastern front under Major Friedrich Brandt. In this context Sallaba seems theoretically well-suited for stay-behind nets.

Sallaba was falsely perceived as a traitor because he had tried to join another stay-behind group of the network.

The whole organization was very problematic due to its crazy members and its plans. They had produced a death-list with names of very prominent social democratic politicians on it.

The German police in Hesse and the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz under the former resistance member Otto John had taken over the investigation against BDJ and TD. US General Lucian Truscott of the CIA was also forced to clean-up these mess.

Org Gehlen/ BND had also its own stay-behind organization which was formally led by General der Gebirgstruppe a. D. August Winter and which was named KIBITZ.

Later in a lot of European countries such more or less right-wing anti-communist stay-behind organizations had existed. Par example P-21 in Switzerland, Gladio (Roman for the short sword of the Roman legions) in Italy, in Belgium, Luxemberg and in Denmark the Thor-group and later possibly the mystic Absalon group.

The best comprehensive summary on this topic is Erich Schmidt-Eenboom's book "Partisanen der NATO".

See also Erich Schmidt-Eenboom "Spionage unter Freunden" about the Danish and the British and US stay-behind cooperation with the BND.

Best regards

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