Looking for Sidi Rezegh Airfield Photographs

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Sidi Rezegh
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Looking for Sidi Rezegh Airfield Photographs

Post by Sidi Rezegh » 26 May 2005 20:36

Hello Folks-

I am working on a project covering the battles on and near the Sidi Rezegh Airfield in Libya during Operation Crusader (Nov-Dec '41) and am trying to locate as many photographs as possible of the area, specifically the Regia Aeronautica airfield itself. I have acquired several but am asking for help from anyone who might have a source for more, especialy aerials or any kind of landscape shots.

Please email me at sidirezegh@charter.net if you can help. Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Chas Argent

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Post by ducatim901 » 27 Sep 2005 10:12

try the Universaty of Keele in england, they have a huge amount of aerial photographs, and you can find them on the internet, but the site is very very very bad, maybe you can just mail them with your question, o, and by the way they cost al lot (30 Pounds)
greetings Jack

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Post by JonS » 20 Oct 2005 04:23

Hi Chas,
I think I've got some at home. Meantime, have you looked at the various volumes of the NZ OHs, available online? There must be, oh, about 15 volumes that cover the Op CRUSADER in greater or lesser detail, all of which have photos. Also, take a look at Timeframes, part of the NZ National Library. They have a fairly large selection of photos available to view on line.

Whether any of them are specifically of the airfield, as opposed to the surrounding area, I can't answer, sorry.


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Post by brummbaer » 03 Jan 2006 01:53

did you try to give a look on google earth and google maps? it's made with modern satellite pictures, not all at high definition, but can be useful! worth a look anyway.

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