Can anyone help this Researcher??

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Can anyone help this Researcher??

Post by WOLF1 » 22 Mar 2005 19:36

From another Forum I frequent ..anyone know anything or can help?


Fighting in Montepescali-Massa Marittima Area June 22-30 '44
Dear Sirs,

I am an Italian History Researcher, and I am writing the Combat History of the German Tiger Abteilung 504 (504th Tiger Tank Battalion), which fought in the Montepescali-Gavorrano-Massa Marittima area in the period June 22-30, 1944. I have many accounts from German Vets, and I am now investigating the Allied side.

As far as I know, the 1st company of the 504th Tiger Battalion was in action at Montepescali the 22nd of June, 1944, and then the 2nd and 3rd Companies fought around Gavorrano and Giuncarico to block the Route Nr 1. If you have any report of Tank fighting in the area I could exchange my infos to match them and deepen my knowledge of the fighting there.

I also have a report of an hard Tank Battle in the area Perolla-Ribolla after the Allied breakthrough at Giuncarico, where a member of the 1st Company of the 504th was awarded the Knight Cross Around the 22nd-24th June 1944. Can you help me about that or can you give me some mail address to ask?

Thank you in advance.

Federico Peyrani
Viale San Michele del Carso 20
20144 Milano, Italy

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Post by leclerc » 05 Apr 2005 21:36

hi wolf1, here a little searching, we speak over this bataillon at 22 june 1944, italian campaign!

(small indication over battle (text under two first photo))

or here this site speak over tank battalion serie 500, (501 to 510) and another heavy tank bataillon

and i have found this!

Jun44 total is 92 Tigers lost

01Jun, 8 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.502-5 writen off (stripped for parts). s.PzAbt.508-1 knocked out. III.Abt.Pz.Rgt.GD-2 knocked out (by aircraft).
07Jun, 1 Tiger is lost, s.PzAbt.507, knocked out.
13Jun, 13 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.508, 10 knocked out, blown up (most were blown up). sSS-PzAbt.101, 3 knocked out ("112","121" and "222"?) .
15Jun, 5 Tigers are lost, sSS-PzAbt.101, knocked out (4 by aircraft/bombing raid).
16Jun, 1 Tiger is lost, sSS-PzAbt.101, knocked out ("111").
22Jun, 2 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.504, knocked out.
23Jun, 1 Tiger is lost, s.PzAbt 501, blown up ("201" and other Tigers are lost, see 30Jun).
24Jun, 4 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.502-2 knocked out. sSS-PzAbt.101, 2 writen off.
25Jun, 3 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.504, blown up.
27Jun, 5 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.502-2 blown up (by other Tigers). s.PzAbt.508-2 knocked out, sSS-PzAbt.101-1 knocked out.
28Jun, 9 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.505-6 writen off. sSS-PzAbt.101-3 knocked out.
29Jun, 3 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt.505, blown up.
30Jun, 35 Tigers are lost, s.PzAbt 501-13 knocked out/blown up (6 Tigers cross the river Beresina on the 1st and 2nd of July out of the s.PzAbt 501's inventory of 20 at the start of the month. 14 Tigers are lost in 7 days from 23rd June to the end of the month). s.PzAbt.504-22 knocked out/blown up (most being blown up).

from here! ... ORUM_ID=10

and this made all we i have found,

if you would continue search, use this : sPzAbt 504 with (italy) or (1944) or (nothing)

S= Heavy
pz= tank
abt = Battaillon!


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Post by WOLF1 » 05 Apr 2005 23:08

Thanks leclerc !!! I will post your efforts (w/credits) on the other forum...geez I never thought to do a search ....brain fade I guess.

Thanks again.


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