Bailey Bridge - Examples Of Its Use In Italian Theater

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Bailey Bridge - Examples Of Its Use In Italian Theater

Post by Richard Stone » 25 Feb 2022 12:05

The attached article describes the Bailey Bridge that was used by the US and British engineer units and shows several examples of it being used in the Italian Theater.

The article is from the 1944 December issue of 'The Railway Gazette'. The Bailey Bridge was a successful British design that used adaptable modular/sectional pin and bolted steel construction; these features enabled it to be built quickly to handle a variety of loads and lengths, often under combat conditions.

The Bailey Bridge was widely used by the Allied Forces engineer units for rapid repair or complete replacement of damaged road and railway bridges in the majority of the combat theaters.

The Railway Gazette was a British magazine that discussed the British railway industry and railways world wide.

I’ve placed a duplicate of this post in the site sections 'USA 1919 -1945' and the 'United Kingdom & Its Empire and Commonwealth 1919 -1945' due to the Bailey Bridge's use by the US, British and Commonwealth units.
MRS - Bailey Bridge-1A.png
MRS - Bailey Bridge-1B.png
MRS - Bailey Bridge-2A.png
MRS - Bailey Bridge-2B.png
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Re: Bailey Bridge - Examples Of Its Use In Italian Theater

Post by Sheldrake » 25 Feb 2022 20:01

The image on P626 looks like the Bridge over the Sangro.

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