Operation Caballo (Alam el-Halfa) 30aug-04sep'42

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Operation Caballo (Alam el-Halfa) 30aug-04sep'42

Post by Oasis » 06 Feb 2007 17:53

Between Bab el-Qattara and Deir el-Munassib during the Operation and also after it, operated two columns:

(a) "Parri" column to Alam Nayil and Deep Well, comprising btn I.-II./19rgt Brescia Div, plus V.-VII./186rgt Folgore Div and group II./185rgt art. Folgore;

(b) Italo-German column to Deir Alinda and Deir el-Munassib, comprising IX.X./187 Folgore, III./185 art Folgore and two btn paratr. of "Ramcke bde".

I suppose "Ramcke" para were from Burkhardt IV./btn, and I suppose that Hubner III./btn was following on second line towards Bab el-Qattara.
Kroh I./btn and von Der Heydte II./btn were with Bologna div., the second operating a diversive on Ruweisat

Has somebody more correct figures?


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