LVI Panzer Corps VO AWiFü Situation Report, July 1944

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LVI Panzer Corps VO AWiFü Situation Report, July 1944

Post by Vasilyev » 07 Feb 2023 00:52

Been diving into the Army Economy Leader 4th Panzer Army files! Here's LVI Panzer Corps' labor situation report for July, 1944:
Liason of the AWiFü at LVI Panzer Corps

Situation Report for the Period July 1-31, 1944

During the reporting period, the further evacuation as well as the enlistment of civilians to ZADAs [Civilian Labor Service Detachment, civilian labor assigned directly to divisions] and the evacuation of families capable of Reicheinsatz [Forced labor in Germany] was carried out. The entire corps area east of the Bug was earmarked for this. Due to military events, the commanded action could only be completed up to about 60 percent.

For Reicheinsatz from 7/1-17, 1944:

662 people, including 60 of strength for "Aktion Knappe" [Forced conscription of workers for mining and ammunition production]

Incorporated into ZADAs: 890 people.

Repatriated west over the Bug and resettled: unfit population: 7,460 people.

The ZADAs deployed in the corps area up to July 19, 1944 in the individual divisions with forces around 10,500 could only be moved to a small extent across the Bug, despite the order being given. The heavy bombing raids in the period from 13th to 19th east, and the further up to 7/23, 1944 west of the Bug meant that these forces used these attacks to move away from work sites. Closed work detachments have completely burst.

After the withdrawal over the Bug, further combing out was impossible due to the situation. Only in Chelm could several thousands of civilians be voluntarily moved to the western part of the GG [General Government] by several trains.

With the withdrawal across the Vistula, measures are taken within the corps area which provide for the evacuation of the population within the 5 km zone and, in addition, order the mobilization of the work-capable population in the area of ​​the battlefield. The people required for the new formation of the ZADAs are immediately gathered at the Divisions and the forces intended for use in the Reich are sent to the reception center of the GBA for further transport.

In addition to the GBA staff the employment offices, some of which are still based here, have been called in to provide support.
NARA RG-242, T-77, Roll 1132, Frame 211.

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