The action at Hinderhausen (December 1944)

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The action at Hinderhausen (December 1944)

Post by Stoat Coat » 15 Nov 2022 03:44

Zaloga writes the following about the action at Hinderhausen on December 23, 1944 in the Ardennes (rearguard action to defend the retreat of the St Vith defenders) between TF Boylan and the Fuhrer Begleit Brigade…
Task Force Boylan lost or abandoned two M36 tank destroyers, three M4 medium tanks, and a few M5A1 light tanks.
This is not including the later action between the two at Commanster, just east of the Salm River. At Commanster he gives further American losses as two M4s and an M36.

He also notes TF Boylan claimed three Mk IVs and a Panther at Hinderhausen, and a further Mk IV and a Panther (although the Fuhrer Begleit Brigade had no Panthers) at Commanster, while Remer stated two German losses for the action Hinderhausen; plus he claimed to capture many American AFVs just east of the Salm after they were abandoned due to the bridge at Cirreaux being blown up, blocking their escape. So I wonder in this case how do we reconcile the two? I assume I compare it with the F.B.B.s tank serviceability reports? I don’t know where to find that other than the few places Remer mentions it in his foreign military studies interview, but not for this time frame.

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