Long-range plans of Nazi Germany for Western Europe.

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Long-range plans of Nazi Germany for Western Europe.

Post by PODS96 » 20 Jul 2022 04:52

Much has been said about the plans of the Germans for Eastern Europe, but what plans were there for Western Europe?

We could divide it into two:
1- Plans with the allies (Italy, Romania, Hungary, Finland etc...)
2- Plans with the occupied countries (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway etc...).

I have not found much information about what the Germans planned to do with these countries after defeating the USSR and probably reaching an agreement with the Anglo-Americans, so any rigorous information is welcome.

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Re: Long-range plans of Nazi Germany for Western Europe.

Post by Hans1906 » 20 Jul 2022 16:47


Is that really a serious question, did you miss the story?

Nationalsozialistische Europapläne / National Socialist plans for Europe
https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationals ... uropapläne

My mother's older brother would probably be in the ranks of the Allgemeine SS, if he after a student at an NPEA, the normal career path.
A typical "desk perpetrator", indoctrinated, intelligent, blond, blue eyes, the full program.

The young man was the ideal image of the Nazis, he himself never spoke about the NPEA years, but the years were deeply formative.
A Jew was a Jew, African Americans were Negroes, that white supremacy was hammered into these boys like nothing ever before.

Often little funny in later years, what you once absorbed is inside you, even if you hide it, it is there, deep inside you...

That's exactly how it was, but the man was in control, all of which erupted very rarely.
I could write you statements you wouldn't believe.

When children and young people grow up in such a system, then all of this is normal and always present in the back of their minds.
Maybe it's good that these generations are dying out, I don't know, there are many questions...

„Im Leben gibt’s die Bösen und die Guten. Und die dazwischen, das sind die Bagaluten.“

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