German POW Status - 266th Inf Div (Static) - August 1944

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German POW Status - 266th Inf Div (Static) - August 1944

Post by chimodoll » 20 Dec 2021 04:05

I am researching my Father's journey as a German POW folwoing his capture at or near Brest France between August 9-11, 1944. I have his IRRC capture card that shows he was taken prisoner by American forces during that period. He was severely wounded (shot in the back by a French Partisan and left to die).

My father died many years ago and told me that he was transferred to England on his way across to the USA where he was a POW at Camp Carlisle, Pennsylvania and Camp Forrest Tennessee. He was returned to Germany on 7 July 1945.

My research issues/problems deal with his time in England ie. where, when, how long etc before his transfer to America. Any assistance is gratefully requested.
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