US Loudspeaker M5 Tank - 4th Armored Division - NWE 1945

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US Loudspeaker M5 Tank - 4th Armored Division - NWE 1945

Post by Richard Stone » 28 Nov 2021 05:39

The 3 attached reports discuss the M5 Light Tank equipped with a loudspeaker that the 4th Armored Division. The 4th Armored used it during the 1945 campaign to encourage Wehrmacht troops to surrender instead of fighting.

The first two reports are from the US Army Combat Notes report series. The third report is a 25 September 2006 New York Times newspaper written by the Lieutenant who commanded the tank and who later became an editor at the paper.

I believe a photo of this M5 is printed in one of Steve Zaloga’s books.
Armor - Loudspeaker Tank-3 - 15 April 1945 .png
Armor - Loudspeaker Tank-2.png
Armor - Loudspeaker Tank-3A.png
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