Sources on German supply system in the Ardennes?

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Sources on German supply system in the Ardennes?

Post by Cult Icon » 10 Oct 2021 15:38

I have been reading a lot of personal accounts from the 7th Army, in particular the 352.Volksgrenadier division and am curious about more information about this.

A big commonality in these personal accounts, largely from officers/ncos, was that the supply system had big problems. While the lack of fire support (artillery ammunition) is mentioned in places the most common complaint in these detailed accounts was the constant obsession with obtaining food as the fighting men at the front were not getting any for long periods of time.

This resulted in a preoccupation in ransacking civilian houses for food or living on captured American rations, motivated by a great hunger during the offensive operations.

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Re: Sources on German supply system in the Ardennes?

Post by Sheldrake » 10 Oct 2021 23:57

Try the FMS series - I access these through a subscription to Fold 3

Ardennes offensive, inadequate supply MS # B-032, p. 10 (Ger)
Ardennes MSS # ETHINT-54; A-876; A-909
Ardennes, artillery MSS # B-467; B-594
Ardennes, engineers MS # B-172
Ardennes, evaluation of units MS # A-932
352nd VG Div Ardennes MSS # A-932; B-067

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