Wehrmacht supply during France Campaign 40 (Case Red)

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Wehrmacht supply during France Campaign 40 (Case Red)

Post by ladc51 » 21 Aug 2021 09:30


I am looking for any information and references regarding the supply for the Wehrmacht during the Campaign of France 1940 (especialy the second part - Case Red - as the Flandres campaign - case yellow - is widely documented...).

I am interested in many subjects :
- the locations of the primary depots serving the different army groups : were they still in Germany or were they moved forward (and where) end of may or early june 1940 before Case Red start ?
- Did the German supply chain only use supply vehicules and columns ? How the French (and Belgian ?) railway network was (repaired and) used ? Did the Luftwaffe play any role in the supply of German forces during Case Red ?
- how the forward units (especialy Panzergruppe Guderian reaching the border to Switzerland, or Hoth XV AK reaching Britany ports - Cherbourg and Brest) were supplied with fuel ? Did they receive their fuel from their supply chain, did they resupply from captured french fuel depots ?
- How the units were supplied with amunitions ? Did any divisions or army have any ammunitions supply issue ?
- Did the German army have any supply problems or issues during Case Red ?

Thank you in advance for any information or references.


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