Criticism of British Infantry during Op Epsom

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Re: Criticism of British Infantry during Op Epsom

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 11 Jan 2023 13:17

Sheldrake wrote:
07 Jan 2023 17:47
There is no easy DS solution to an attack on a reverse slope position, whether in Napoleonic or C20th times. The solution adopted by the British in WW2, using a creeping barrage to support the infantry is as good as any.

Yep. Thats where the skill of your battalion & brigade commanders/staff is important. If they can coordinate the mortars, artillery, air support, covering fire by battalions elements, covering & enfilading fire from other units they are worth their pay. Reading back through this thread I have to think the problem is not the amongst the rifle companies, but a bit higher up in the hierarchy.

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