SS-Officer (training-)School Landshut/Oberbayern

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Jochen S.
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SS-Officer (training-)School Landshut/Oberbayern

Post by Jochen S. » 26 Jul 2002 22:20


I am searching information on a SS-Officer School in Landshut/Oberbayern, Germany!
Possible name, History...
Any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Jochen.

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Post by Xanthro » 26 Jul 2002 22:47

I'll check my Landshut history book, but I don't remember any such school. There was a POW camp in Landshut.

Plus, I'll be going back there again later this year. My wife's family lives in Landshut and Altfrauhofen, so if there is any information you want me to look up, just give the word.


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