Who can tell me...

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Who can tell me...

Post by Mister_X-2 » 08 Jul 2002 18:48

if there is a list somewhere on this planet that has ALL the German divisions that ever existed on it?

If yes, let me know where to find it. If not... let's make it!

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Christian Ankerstjerne
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Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 08 Jul 2002 19:07

http://www.feldgrau.com at least have the list. I've seen a coupld of books, but their coverage was very sparse...

Not much info on smaller units in these books...


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Richard Murphy
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Post by Richard Murphy » 08 Jul 2002 19:16

The lists here (Mostly written by Marcus and the elusive Gareth Collins.) are pretty comprehensive! Go back to the title page, click on the service arm you require (Just under Michael Skijäger :lol: ), and follow the lists through to the unit you require.
WARNING There are a lot!!

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