Foughts in western poland 1945

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Foughts in western poland 1945

Post by gfmgerald » 17 Jun 2002 14:41


i have one question:
i need all informations on the wehrmacht and ss units which are fighting in 1945 in western poland!
maybe one of you have location names were the 21.pzdiv was fighting, the 17.inf.div and so on!
the reason is, i will visit this places.

thx in advance

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Post by Marcus » 17 Jun 2002 15:10

Welcome to the forum.


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Benoit Douville
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Post by Benoit Douville » 18 Jun 2002 01:10

Hi and welcome to the forum. I know that the 21 Panzer Division was destroy in april 1945 in Germany by the Red Army. That's about it. Have a nice trip!

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