12th Infantry Division & Dialects

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12th Infantry Division & Dialects

Post by Andy H » 31 May 2002 19:47

Just skim reading through P.Adair's book "Hitlers Greatest Defeat" and I came upon this... "Most soldiers came from Mecklenberg & Pomerania, and orders were given in a dialect that the men could understand"

Was the dialect of Mecklenburg & Pomerania so unusual in anyway that anyone issuing instructions in a another dialect would have truoble making themselves understood and vica versa. Was this a common practice amongst other units that orders were given in a particular dialect?

:D Andy from the Shire

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Post by Kurasier » 31 May 2002 20:22

The dialect of these people is a little bit difficult to understand. But the only difficulties I see is if a officer, who comes from Meckleinburg+ Pommernia gives orders, because someone who speaks dialect can normaly understand someone, who speaks "Hochdeutsch" (don't know the english word for this).


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