SS unit in Oostmalle (belgium)

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SS unit in Oostmalle (belgium)

Post by Bunkerfreak » 17 Mar 2023 09:43

Hello all.

Near the former airfield of Oostmalle in the province of Antwerp lies a forest with some trees where SS units carved their names in the wood. Some of those carvings are still there. According to some locals there was a practice ground for the SS in this wood. I cant find anything of those troops in this wood, the only thing i find is Stamm III of the hitlerjugend that was located in oostmalle, but im not shure if this is the unit of the practice ground.

Can anyone provide me some info about this matter.

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Re: SS unit in Oostmalle (belgium)

Post by Harro » 18 Mar 2023 15:23

A lot of SS units have been in Oostmalle. An example is the schwere Kompanie, SS-PzAA1, during rest and refitting from April to early June 1944.

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