Officers in Kaminski Brigade/29th Russian Div. SS

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Officers in Kaminski Brigade/29th Russian Div. SS

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I am new to this forum and have been trying to compile a list of officers that are known for this particular unit with birth/death and their capacity in this unit. I think it would be more beneficial to have one thread that pertains to this and have found errors in other sites like Frolov being named Yuri and dying in Warsaw in 44' and Major Tarasov being in Kaminski Brigade, Doctor F.N. Zabora being Sabora and first name Philip, Major Proshin being N.I. Proshina. Then trying to research some of these names unable to find the first names, roles in unit, and birth/death dates of them. I see that original roster Autumn 1943 was:

1st Rifle Rgt. Oberstleutnant Galkin
2nd Rifle Rgt. Oberleutnant Golyakov, previously Major Tarasov (from Kaminski Brigade book by Michaelis)
3rd Rifle Rgt. Major Turlakov
4th Rifle Rgt. Major Proshin
Guards Btl. Armoured Company Hauptmann Samsonov.
Oberleutnant Alexei Bagaturia platoon co. in transport co. went to ROA.

Of these above names not one of them found sourced being into Waffen-Sturmbrigade der SS RONA with exception being Obersturmbannfuhrer Yuri Samsonov.

Here is what I compiled for the transformation into SS.

Brigadefuhrer Bronslav Vladislavovich Kaminski B. 16.06.1899 Vitebsk. D. 24.08.1944 Poland

Sturmbannfuhrer Ivan Denisovich Frolov B. Svinuha, Saratov Province. D. 1946 Moscow (executed) Chief of Staff

Sturmbannfuhrer B.A. Kostenko co. SS Aufkl. Abt. 29

Obersturmbannfuhrer IIya Shavykin died with Kaminski 08.44

Obersturmbannfuhrer Pavel Petrovich Strogov

Obersturmbannfuhrer R.K. Belay

Haupsturmfuhrer Bacshanskij

Haupsturmfuhrer Dimitri Chaikowsky

Haupsturmfuhrer Jakitowitz

Haupsturmfuhrer Kapkajew

Haupsturmfuhrer Tamila

Haupsturmfuhrer Dr. F.N. Zabora or Sabora (Philip) died 8.44

Haupsturmfuhrer Michali Serafinowits

Haupsturmfuhrer Juri Woskoiboinik

Haupsturmfuhrer Zulow

Haupsturmfuhrer Nochevkin

Obersturmfuhrer Yuljus Mirenowitz

Untersturmfuhrer Johan Gralewski

Untersturmfuhrer Leo Koserew

Untersturmfuhrer Wladimir Missuik

Untersturmfuhrer Wanura

Untersturmfuhrer Mikhalchevsky

A.C. Perkhurov co 1st Rgt. ?

P.R. Mayorova

Translator G. Sadovsky died 8.44

Sturmbannfuhrer Romanov chief of staff Sept. 44?

I really appreciate anyone assisting me to putting the personnel roster together and as accurately as possible.

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