Corps/Korps Insignia Wacht am Rhein

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Corps/Korps Insignia Wacht am Rhein

Post by aquarya » 24 Aug 2022 08:40

I've run a search of this and the insignia and WW2 Western Europe sections and found no mention of insignia the Wehrmacht Corps/Korps used to distinguish their assets (vehicles, equipment, etc) in Wacht am Rhein.

What is already available:
1) The insignia for the divisions.
2) The insignia for ISS and IISS Korps.

What is needed:
Insignia for the following Wehrmacht Korps:
1) 13 (XIII),
2) 53 (LIII),
3) 66 (LXVI),
4) 67 (LXVII),
5) 74 (LXXIV),
6) 80 (LXXX),
7) 85 (LXXXV),
8) 39 Panzer (XXXIX Pz),
9) 47Panzer ( XLVII Pz),
10) 58 Panzer (LVIII Pz).

Thanks to anyone who may have already gone down this road...


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