Article about the Druzhina SS Brigade

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Article about the Druzhina SS Brigade

Post by dpast32 » 14 Aug 2022 13:32

Good Morning Gents, I happened across this Article concerning an overview of the Druzhina SS Brigade's 'return to Mother Russia'. Although not too lengthy, it is nonetheless an interesting read. If this has been previously Posted, please excuse my duplicity.


Best regards, Dom P.

Za Rus
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Re: Article about the Druzhina SS Brigade

Post by Za Rus » 05 Sep 2022 21:44

Thank you for sharing this great article! This is definitely a interesting unit. I always wondered what happened to Colonel of artillery Prince Leonid Swaytipolk-Mirsky? I wonder if he ended up like Gil's second in command Pavel Bogdanov and was executed in Moscow or flat out killed if he didn't willfully go over to the Partisans with most of the Druzhina Brigade?

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