Abwehr-Einsatzgruppe (Hauptman Dr. Schmitz)

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Abwehr-Einsatzgruppe (Hauptman Dr. Schmitz)

Post by Dilettante » 29 Oct 2021 23:56

Dear connoisseur

These troops are often found in translations of documents from the Ic dept. XXVIII A.K.

- Abwehr-Einsatzgruppe (Hauptman Dr. Schmitz) at the beginning of 1942

As I understand it, these troops should refer to Abwehrkommando 304 Heeresgruppe Nord and belong to one of these groups Abwehrtrupp Nord 311, 312, 313, 317.

The question - which group did he belong to?
And is there any information about this troop?


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