German aerial recon photos of Operation Citadel

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German aerial recon photos of Operation Citadel

Post by EF1943 » 12 Oct 2021 02:59

Greetings everyone,

Is anyone aware of a single source of all publicly available German aerial recon photos of the area of Operation Citadel?

I came across 2 books that have them so far: "Objective Ponyri" by Martin Nevshemal (excellent read with tons of aerial photos of different scales) and "Kursk. The battle of Prokhorovka" by Christopher A Lawrence (just started it). I find using combination of period maps and Google Maps extremely helpful when following description of battles or unit movements as it helps to put "a face to a name" so to speak. It becomes even more advantageous if a book describes events in extreme detail as in Christopher A Lawrence's "Kursk. The battle of Prokhorovka" case. He does provide great number of German and Soviet maps and some aerial photos but they are often simply not enough to follow all details of action of all the units he is able to describe and require constant interruptions in trying to find a corresponding map (and a magnifying glass!) I found a website with Soviet military map of Kursk region from 1930s that I use as an immediate reference point and being able to see heights and village as in 1943 (some of which don't exist anymore), easily zoom in and out and even superimpose it on modern Google Map helps follow the action and put things in prospective.

It is my hope that seeing aerial photos of Kursk battlefields (on top what Mr Lawrence already provides) would bring another dimension to an already fascinating read! It would be interesting to know if any of them are of the bigger scale as in "Objective Ponyri" book where one is even able to see individual tanks and tank tracks (like individual Ferdinand tank destroyers on the battlefield!), knocked Soviet tanks after being ambushed by s.Pnz.Abt 505, buildings (train station building of the famous Ponyri trains station) and various Soviet defensive fortifications and weapons. This level of visual detail made reading this book a truly fascinating and unique experience!

I understand, of course, that searching NARA is the proper way to approach this subject. My hope still, that given the subject, it was already done, hence my humble appeal to a forum members for help.


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Re: German aerial recon photos of Operation Citadel

Post by WCM2020 » 20 Oct 2021 02:21

This fascinating and thought-provoking article might prove helpful to your research. ... src=recsys

Good luck!

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