UK National Archives DEFE 3 on Normandy

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UK National Archives DEFE 3 on Normandy

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Those who are interested in the Germans in Normandy may be interested in the following material, reproduced from one of the appendices from my forthcoming 'Germans-in-Normandy source guide'. The introduction ought to be self-explanatory. The appendix includes DEFE 3 ground operations-related material from the Normandy campaign (i.e. to the end of August). I have reproduced just the section up to June 1944 (my first attempt included up to 30 June, but I discovered that the AHF limit is 70,000 characters rather than the 106,382 I required), hopefully to whet the appetite of those who might be tempted to buy a copy of my source guide when it finally appears.

(By the way, there are separate DEFE-3 based appendices for Luftwaffe operations , naval operations, and a couple of other topics. That's why stuff that a few readers might be familiar with from DEFE 3 that concerns Luftwaffe operations and some other subjects isn't included below.)

I hope a few people find this interesting and useful.


Appendix X: DEFE 3 signals about German ground operations in Normandy

This appendix summarises the content of over 2500 signals that were sent to Allied field commands by their intelligence services during the Normandy campaign, and which are preserved in the DEFE 3 and HW 5 series in the UK National Archives. It focuses on material that describes ground operations in Normandy and other parts of northern France during summer 1944, with particular attention paid to formations that were subordinated to Commander-in-Chief (OB) West and his staff (principally Army Group B, First, Seventh and Fifteenth armies, Panzer Group West – later known as Fifth Panzer Army – and their component corps and divisions). Most of the signals are concerned with combat operations (situation reports, locations of battle headquarters, formation boundaries and front lines) and the plans, intentions and movements of Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS ground forces. But there are also many references to orders of battle, logistical matters, Luftwaffe air support and intelligence reports about Allied units and their activities (see also appendices 0-0, which contain additional information about these topics).

In the table below, signals are listed in their numerical-chronological sequence, rather than according to any other criterion. Coverage starts on 6 June 1944 and continues to the end of August. Obviously enough, priority is given to describing signals that are concerned with ground operations during the Normandy campaign (deliberately defined in quite wide terms). But attention is also given to operations north of the River Seine and to events in Brittany and south of the River Loire, especially after Operation ‘Dragoon’ began in mid-August. Signals about these subjects, however, are included principally to indicate the existence of such material and most of them are not described in detail. It should be added that some information about events in the French interior and the defence of ‘fortresses’ and other locations along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines is omitted, since it seems peripheral to the subject matter of this bibliography.

Users of this appendix will notice that its contents are weighted towards the later stages of the Normandy campaign (about 1000 signals before 25 July against 1500 from then until the end of August). The main reason for this is that during the period of ‘positional warfare’ in Normandy that lasted throughout June and most of July, German communications were mostly via telephone and telegraph wires, which were inaccessible to the intelligence agencies who produced the material summarised here. During the mobile operations that began with Operation ‘Cobra’, however, the Germans were forced to make more extensive use of equipment whose traffic could be intercepted, deciphered, translated and disseminated by Allied signals intelligence services. Consequently, more material based on German transmissions was available during the final part of the Normandy campaign than during its earlier stages, and this fact is reflected in the material described here.

A conscientious attempt was made to examine each of the 12,000+ signals sent during the Normandy campaign, but it is likely that a few relevant items escaped my attention. It should also be pointed out that although my description of each signal’s content is quite specific, it is still only a summary. In many cases, inspection of the original signal(s) will reveal details that I chose not to include. Fortunately, since all DEFE 3 files listed here are downloadable free of charge from the UK National Archives website, it should be possible for researchers who want more information than I have provided here to find it quite easily.

(For additional information about the origins and contents of DEFE 3 and HW 5 intelligence records, see Chapter X, sections and

N.B. In the left-hand column of the table below, each signal is presented using either italics or bold characters as a form of emphasis [sorry, this hasn't reproduced in the AHF format, but rest assured that the original appendix includes this differentiation] . This is intended to indicate to readers whether or not the signal is referenced in F. H. (‘Harry’) Hinsley’s British Intelligence in the Second World War, Its Influence on Strategy and Operations: Volume Three, Part II (H.M.S.O., London 1988, chapters 46-48, chapter 51 and appendices 13, 17 and 18), which is the most important published source that previously made use of the material summarised here. In cases where italics are used, the signal in question was described in the book and a footnote was used by the author(s) to indicate this fact. In cases where bold characters are used, however, it was not. Judging by the information presented below, it seems reasonable to assume that readers of Hinsley’s book may be unfamiliar with the contents of at least two-thirds of the signals summarised in my own table. For students of the Normandy campaign, this indicates that despite the great value of the work carried out by Hinsley and his team, close examination of the contents of the DEFE 3 series is still likely to reveal some interesting new material.

File and signal number - Time and date signal was sent to Allied field command(s) - Summary of signal’s principal contents

DEFE 3/166

KV 6546 0132 hrs 6 June Report of dummy paratroopers used in Normandy, 2355 hrs 5 June.
KV 6547 0144 hrs 6 June Parachute landings reported at 2359 hrs 5 June, some paratroopers captured.
KV 6548 0155 hrs 6 June 319th Inf Div reports alarm state 2 along coast from Caen to Mont St. Michel.
KV 6549 0219 hrs 6 June Report of airborne landings in SE Cotentin, 0032 hrs 6 June.
KV 6573 0535 hrs 6 June At 0221 hrs 6 June Sea Defence Commandant (SDC) Normandy reports no maritime radar contacts owing to failure of apparatus.
KV 6585 0849 hrs 6 June At 0100 hrs 6 June report of fighting against paratroopers at Carentan & in Le Havre area.
KV 6586 0910 hrs 6 June SDC Normandy report 0630 hrs: enemy landings between Vire & Orne rivers; assault at Pointe du Hoc; Marcouf battery under fire.
KV 6589 1002 hrs 6 June From 0735-0840 hrs 6 June SDC Normandy reports landings near Ver-sur-Mer & Asnelles; Longues battery under fire; paratroopers in Cotentin.
KV 6593 1115 hrs 6 June SDC Normandy reports Marcouf battery, 2/HKAR 1261 (1261st Army Coastal Artillery Regt) & 6/HKAR 1261 all engaged; enemy landings on Cotentin.
KV 6607 1255 hrs 6 June Report about operational & non-operational coastal radars at 0925 hrs 6 June.
KV 6611 1332 hrs 6 June At 0930 hrs 6 June Bénouville (‘Pegasus’) bridge is reported to be in British hands. At 0950 hrs SDC Normandy reports that 7/HKAR 1261 is firing at a large naval target.
KV 6622 1526 hrs 6 June At 0915 hrs SDC Normandy reports landings on Cotentin & in Arromanches sector, paratroopers at Cherbourg & elsewhere, & Allied engagement of coastal batteries.
KV 6633 1816 hrs 6 June Early on 6 June 709th Inf Div reports landings in Cotentin, also NE of Bayeux. Provides minor detail of ops in 716th Inf Div’s sector.
KV 6634 1847 hrs 6 June From 1000-1500 hrs 6 June SDC Normandy describes air & naval bombardments & progress of landings. At 1315 hrs Admiral Channel Coast reports no landings in Seine – Somme sector & airborne forces mopped up south of Seine.
KV 6635 1850 hrs 6 June At 1500 hrs 6 June Naval Group West describes landing as a “major operation”; further attacks likely.
KV 6651 2101 hrs 6 June At 1600 hrs 6 June Naval Group West reports landings & counter-measures in Cotentin & elsewhere. Landings in Omaha Beach sector “cleaned up” except for pocket near Pointe du Hoc.
KV 6652 2113 hrs 6 June Report of large-scale glider landings in Cotentin from 1855-1905 hrs on 6 June.
KV 6655 2118 hrs 6 June Describes consideration given to possible need to evacuate Caen-Carpiquet airfield on 6 June.
KV 6657 2125 hrs 6 June At 1650 hrs 6 June Allied warships reported off Normandy coast. Morsalines lighthouse to be blown up because it is used by enemy as aiming point.

KV 6676 0001 hrs 7 June At 1955 hrs 6 June SDC Normandy reports enemy air re-supply near Vire. Also 725th Railway Artillery Battery is going into position near St-Lô.
KV 6709 0457 hrs 7 June Some flak units at Caen & in Cotentin are operating in ground support role on morning of 6 June.
KV 6714 0445 hrs 7 June At 1545 hrs 6 June 996th Flak Battalion reports Caen electricity plant destroyed by bombs.
KV 6720 0529 hrs 7 June At 2000 hrs 6 June report of continuous glider landings in eastern Cotentin.
KV 6726 0652 hrs 7 June Describes damage to Marcouf battery in bombing attack at 2015 hrs 6 June.
KV 6747 1108 hrs 7 June Flak supports ground operations in Montebourg sector at 1600 hrs 6 June.

DEFE 3/167

KV 6752 1145 hrs 7 June On afternoon 6 June 30th Flak Regt reports difficulty in using flak weapons in ground fighting owing to Allied air superiority.
KV 6755 1204 hrs 7 June From 0400-0715 hrs 7 June SDC Normandy reports details of use of German coastal artillery & of enemy reinforcements arriving by glider.
KV 6762 1312 hrs 7 June At 0830 hrs 7 June Naval Group West orders preparations for destruction of Granville harbour owing to reports of paratrooper landings nearby.
KV 6766 1336 hrs 7 June At 0900 hrs 7 June SDC Normandy reports fighting near batteries of 1261st Army Coastal Artillery Regt & at Marcouf battery.
KV 6802 1745 hrs 7 June Reports withdrawal of personnel from La Pernelle (HKAR 1261) position on 7 June.
KV 6813 1859 hrs 7 June Early on 7 June Luftwaffe reports further landings, & also attacks in Caen area.

KV 6854 0234 hrs 8 June Ground situation report at 2030 hrs 6 June describes failure of 21st Pz Div counter-attack & notes that enemy are advancing inland.
KV 6859 0246 hrs 8 June 275th Inf Div [in Brittany] is at state of readiness 2 since 1910 hrs on 7 June.
KV 6881 0532 hrs 8 June SDC Normandy report 1440 hrs 7 June: GOC 243rd Inf Div controls three divisions in Cotentin; Marcouf guns blown up; successful German counter-attacks at Ste-Mère-Église & Caen.
KV 6882 0546 hrs 8 June On 7 June SDC Normandy describes use of HKAR 1261 & Marcouf batteries; heavy fighting in Cotentin; Ste-Mère-Église again abandoned.
KV 6893 0716 hrs 8 June At 0800 hrs 7 June German intentions include counter-attack with 12th SS Pz & Pz Lehr divs, link-up with 352nd Inf Div & counter-attacks in Cotentin peninsula.
KV 6906 0830 hrs 8 June At 0800 hrs 7 June unspecified authority provides detail of front line in Normandy.
KV 6907 0819 hrs 8 June At 2100 hrs 7 June 709th Inf Div reports glider landing of U.S. troops who wear German uniforms & drive German cars.
KV 6918 1104 hrs 8 June At 0300 hrs 8 June SDC Normandy reports no further landings in Cotentin; 709th Inf Div front line also described.
KV 6919 1121 hrs 8 June On 7 June flak units are reinforcing 621st Artillery Regt & assisting ground fighting in Cotentin. See KV 6932 below.
KV 6921 1204 hrs 8 June Identifies ‘lessons learned’ from Allied landing in Normandy (especially role of coastal artillery).
KV 6932 1253 hrs 8 June Measures described in KV 6919 (see above) are to support 709th Inf Div counter-attack.
KV 6933 1313 hrs 8 June 7th Army informed by Army Group B on 7 June of new cover names for various divisions in West [implying their use in Normandy].
KV 6944 1437 hrs 8 June At 0900 hrs 8 June SDC Normandy reports German counter-attack “brought to a standstill” & describes front line in Cotentin.
KV 6958 1544 hrs 8 June 17th SS PzGr Div subordinated to 7th Army on 7 June, destination is Villedieu-les-Poêles [NE of Avranches].
KV 6998 2121 hrs 8 June Identifies 21st Pz Div elements operating east of Orne on 6 June & clarifies their tasks. Also gives locations of unspecified battle HQs.
KV 7000 2159 hrs 8 June On afternoon 8 June SDC Normandy describes shipping concentrations off Cotentin; coastal artillery activities; German counter-attacks; location of main defence line; & heavy air attack on Valognes.

DEFE 3/168

KV 7002 2127 hrs 8 June 17th SS PzGr Div is subordinated to Pz Group West & moving north at 1400 hrs 7 June.
KV 7003 2132 hrs 8 June On afternoon 8 June Naval Group West informs SDC Brittany that transport space is urgently needed for 3rd Parachute Division.
KV 7005 2135 hrs 8 June Rangefinder of 7/HKAR 1261 is reported destroyed at 1815 hrs 8 June.

KV 7035 0230 hrs 9 June Report of 2100 hrs 6 June: 12th SS Pz & 21st Pz divisions probably to be subordinated to I SS Pz Corps, HQ Falaise.
KV 7040 0338 hrs 9 June At 1930 hrs 8 June SDC Normandy reports Carentan & Marcouf in German hands; tank battle near Bayeux, German reinforcements arriving; Allies advancing towards Valognes.
KV 7051 0508 hrs 9 June II. Fliegerkorps situation report 0500 hrs 8 June: 21st Pz & 12th SS Pz divisions to continue attack already begun; clarifies situation east of Orne; mentions enemy airborne operations near Lorient & Nantes.
KV 7053 0520 hrs 9 June At 1815 hrs 8 June 13th Flak Div reports enemy landing at Dives-sur-Mer; also enemy parachute forces have landed near Coutances.
KV 7065 0731 hrs 9 June Late on 8 June 13th Flak Div describes front line of 709th Inf and 91st Air-landing divs in Cotentin, & adds that there is no evidence of an airborne landing near Coutances.
KV 7105 1329 hrs 9 June II. Fliegerkorps instructed to cooperate with Pz Group West from 8 June. Urgent request for motor transport to help move elements of II Parachute Corps from Brittany.
KV 7112 1403 hrs 9 June Describes arrangements to compensate SDC Brittany for motor transport given up to 3rd Parachute Division.
KV 7113 1416 hrs 9 June Luftwaffe report late 8 June: Bayeux situation unclear, Caen area unchanged. New German defence line along River Aure east of Isigny.
KV 7134 1607 hrs 9 June At 2359 hrs 8 June SDC Normandy complains about poor quality of some elements of Marcouf battery defence forces; provides other coastal battery information; notes lack of transport capacity.
KV 7168 2043 hrs 9 June II. Fliegerkorps situation report for 8 June describes front line & notes Allied pressure south of Bayeux.
KV 7171 2044 hrs 9 June Battle HQ Pz Group West is re-located to a new site by evening of 8 June.
KV 7172 2048 hrs 9 June Describes 12th SS Pz Div front line on morning of 8 June (grid references only).
KV 7181 2134 hrs 9 June Gives location of 352nd Inf Div ammunition depot on 8 June.
KV 7187 2204 hrs 9 June Command of all German elements between Dives & Orne rivers is taken over by 346th Inf Div on afternoon of 8 June.

KV 7203 0013 hrs 10 June I SS Pz Corps battle HQ is near Tourville at 1800 hrs 8 June, with 711th Inf Div, 21st Pz Div, 12th SS Pz Div & another unit subordinated. 79th Flak Regt being brought up. See also KV 7295 below.
KV 7213 0302 hrs 10 June On 9 June 7th Army’s flivo reports increasing enemy pressure in Calvados, lists localities in enemy hands & notes that Pz Lehr Div is holding the line. West of Bayeux enemy is advancing. Isigny must be “held at all costs”. In Cotentin, continued enemy pressure to NW, some German coastal positions still holding out.
KV 7222 0434 hrs 10 June Report 1000 hrs 9 June describes front line east of Bayeux, provides details of German defences & claims German counter-attack is “developing favourably”.
KV 7225 0439 hrs 10 June Panzer Group West battle HQ is located at La Caine on evening of 9 June.
KV 7233 0545 hrs 10 June German Paris Y-service report identifies U.S. 82nd Airborne Division’s front line at 0600 hrs on 8 June and locates unknown formations at several places between Bayeux & Caen.
KV 7236 0553 hrs 10 June Allied warships ‘smashing’ German infantry between Montebourg & Marcouf; Luftwaffe help urgently requested at 1700 hrs 9 June.
KV 7244 0709 hrs 10 June At 0100 hrs 10 June 7th Army says Allies have broken through east of Montebourg; danger of further enemy landings on east coast of Cotentin. Luftwaffe support is essential if Cherbourg to be held.
KV 7247 0804 hrs 10 June Information of 8 June clarifies command authority for control of fuel reserves & issue of same in 7th and 15th Army areas. Emphasis is placed on need for conservation measures.

DEFE 3/169

KV 7256 0856 hrs 10 June Report on 8 June describes contribution of flak units to fighting in Montebourg area.
KV 7265 1031 hrs 10 June Late on 9 June Naval Group West describes gradual expansion of Allied bridgehead, enemy reinforcement by air & expectation of additional landings. Panzer forces are counter-attacking SE of Bayeux.
KV 7268 1103 hrs 10 June 13th Flak Div report late 9 June: strong Allied tank pressure against boundary between 709th Inf & 91st Air-landing divs near Montebourg. Luftwaffe air support is required.
KV 7285 1324 hrs 10 June Report on 8 June describes possible move by 9th Pz Div to a new area. See KV 7368 below.
KV 7292 1434 hrs 10 June At 1800 hrs 9 June Luftwaffe authority at Caen describes situation east of Orne (711th Inf Div is counter-attacking) & also between Caen & Bayeux. Luftwaffe is providing fuel to the Army as latter lacks its own supply.
KV 7293 1437 hrs 10 June Late on 9 June Luftwaffe authority at Caen (mis-) identifies 3rd British ‘Air-landing’ Division NW of Caen and 3rd Canadian Division west of Vire estuary.
KV 7295 1445 hrs 10 June Clarifies KV 7203; ‘unidentified formation’ is Panzer Lehr Division.
KV 7296 1454 hrs 10 June Very early on 9 June Luftflotte 3 assesses Allied intention to link-up bridgeheads at Carentan and advance north to capture Cherbourg from its landward side.
KV 7311 1602 hrs 10 June Late on 9 June II Parachute Corps has transferred to St-Lô area with corps troops, 3rd Para Div & 17th SS PzGr Division. Available flak includes 24 x 8.8cm, 21 x 3.7cm, 19 x 2cm vierling & 57 x 2cm single-barrel guns.
KV 7329 1746 hrs 10 June Identifies locations held by 352nd Inf Div on evening of 9 June.
KV 7333 1759 hrs 10 June Identifies & locates flak units involved in Cotentin ground fighting at midday on 9 June.
KV 7335 1819 hrs 10 June Unspecified authority describes front line at 1700 hrs on 9 June & early 10 June.
KV 7368 2053 hrs 10 June Clarifies KV 7285 (9th Pz Div’s movement).
KV 7382 2250 hrs 10 June At 1800 hrs 8 June LXXXIV Corps’ commander reports that 716th Inf Div has lost two-thirds of its strength. Allied airborne forces east of Orne are to be destroyed on night of 8-9 June.
KV 7387 2319 hrs 10 June At 1030 hrs 10 June C-in-C West orders thorough & immediate destruction of those parts of Cherbourg harbour not needed for naval operations.

KV 7392 0201 hrs 11 June Very severe damage to road and rail infrastructure at Alençon caused by air attack on night 7-8 June; long detours involved.
KV 7404 0340 hrs 11 June German Paris Y-service report 8 June identifies U.S. VII Corps & British XXX Corps bomb lines, artillery & air targets, & mentions which German forces have been identified by Allies.
KV 7415 0512 hrs 11 June Reference on 9 June to 2nd SS Pz Div communications with LXVI Corps if wireless silence maintained.
KV 7416 0522 hrs 11 June 7th Werfer Brigade is being brought up to Falaise area on 9 June, subordinated to Pz Group West.
KV 7429 0659 hrs 11 June Information 0500 hrs 9 June: provides details of assembly of Pz Lehr Div elements & their intention to counter-attack north. East of Orne, situation is unchanged as 711th Inf Div has not attacked & is awaiting reinforcements.
KV 7435 0849 hrs 11 June Twice on 9 June Pz Group West attempts to clarify its freedom of action & establish its responsibility for carrying out counter-attack towards the north.
KV 7442 0930 hrs 11 June On morning 9 June I SS Pz Corps quotes orders from Army Group B that the corps’ new direction of attack is northwards, with main effort on the left. Pz Lehr Div is to gain an area around Canchy & then swing east towards Vaux-sur-Seulles.
KV 7446 1012 hrs 11 June On 9 June unspecified army authority urgently requests delivery of U.S. V Corps operation order captured by 12th SS Pz Division (sic).
KV 7449 1034 hrs 11 June At 2340 hrs 10 June SDC Normandy reports Marcouf battery was evacuated at 1700 hrs the same day; various HKAR 1262 batteries being transferred to assist land fighting in Cotentin; provides information about other coastal artillery batteries; & states that denuding Fortress Cherbourg of its defences risks its security.
KV 7450 1040 hrs 11 June Information 2100 hrs 10 June: I SS Panzer Corps attack on 11 June will not take place.
KV 7451 1042 hrs 11 June Battle HQ of Pz Lehr Div probably in Château de Cordillon, 2 km NW of Hottot, at 1600 hrs 9 June.
KV 7453 1135 hrs 11 June Evening 10 June situation report states that 250th Inf Div [error – actually 352nd] is holding the Elle – Vire sector with its right wing near the SW corner of the Cerisy forest.
KV 7455 1142 hrs 11 June On morning of 9 June Pz Group West requests that 7th Army releases 21st Pz Div elements to allow a unified effort by the division, or that 711th Inf Div be subordinated [presumably to Pz Gp]. Pz Group West also asks what else is being subordinated to it, other than I SS Pz Corps?
KV 7461 1257 hrs 11 June Describes movement of three companies of 17th SS Div’s AT unit, arrival expected by 12 June.
KV 7463 1258 hrs 11 June At 1800 hrs on 9 June, 352nd Inf Div is reported to be withdrawing behind the River Elle.
KV 7464 1259 hrs 11 June XLVII Pz Corps establishes a relationship between itself & 7th Army for the first time late on 9 June.
KV 7468 1318 hrs 11 June Information 9 June: II/130th Pz Artillery Regt (Pz Lehr Div) needs fuel if it is to be committed in the Vire sector; ‘Corps Meindl’ is presumed [correctly] to be II Parachute Corps.
KV 7474 1415 hrs 11 June Report on situation in 709th Inf Div sector at 1800 hrs 10 June provides details of front line & support by flak units. Allies crossed River Vire near Isigny on evening 10 June & made tank thrust on Carentan. Also describes situation in Cotentin.
KV 7478 1449 hrs 11 June II. Fliegerkorps describes front line at 1700 hrs 10 June.
KV 7480 1554 hrs 11 June On morning 9 June 77th Inf Div is being brought up to Valognes to assist defence of Cotentin.

DEFE 3/170

KV 7506 1607 hrs 11 June Late on 9 June Pz Group West requires clarification of who commands 352nd Inf Div. 7th Army has stated it remains part of LXXXIV Corps but Army Group B order on 9 June says Pz Gp West is in charge of all forces between Orne & Vire rivers.
KV 7518 1657 hrs 11 June Report on 9 June refers to 3rd Para, 17th SS PzGr & 2nd SS Pz divs all moving, apparently to Normandy.
KV 7539 1805 hrs 11 June Detailed movements report late 9 June (completes KV 7518 above) identifies location of units belonging to 17th SS PzGr & 3rd Para divs & notes delays owing to fuel shortages & enemy air activity. Also mentions that II Para Corps elements are expected east of St-Lô on night 9-10 June.
KV 7548 1944 hrs 11 June Unidentified Operations Officer on 9 June states that assembly of Corps Meindl (II Para Corps) around Balleroy is too far to the SE. The corps’ main task is to prevent Allied forces linking up their bridgeheads south of Vire estuary.
KV 7549 2001 hrs 11 June Luftflotte 3 situation report morning 11 June focuses on situation east of Orne, where Allies have made local gains & are supported by heavy naval gun fire support. See also KV 7657 below.
KV 7550 2003 hrs 11 June Admiral Channel Coast report 9 June: On orders of 243rd Inf Div, 5/HKAR 1262 has moved to a position 4 miles NNE of Montebourg. Army transport situation strained.
KV 7555 2051 hrs 11 June On 10 June SDC Normandy warns Naval Group West of detrimental effect on morale of premature demolitions at Cherbourg. Naval Group West replies that it is essential for harbour to be unusable if it falls into Allied hands.
KV 7557 2118 hrs 11 June At 0900 hrs 9 June an unidentified Operations Officer clarifies 709th Inf Div & 91st Air-landing Div orders of battle (including attached units) & their locations in Cotentin.
KV 7558 2121 hrs 11 June On 9 June 902nd Assault Gun Brigade is heading to Normandy, but is immobilised by lack of fuel in Forêt de Fougères.
KV 7562 2123 hrs 11 June 352nd Inf Div is withdrawing at 1830 hrs 9 June behind River Elle, new defence line is to run from Airel to SW tip of Cerisy forest.
KV 7566 2348 hrs 11 June On 9 June GenLt Hellmich urgently requires artillery & AT ammunition, & fuel for his battle group.
KV 7587 2354 hrs 11 June 2nd SS Pz Division is told on 11 June that its loading place is at Périgueux [ENE of Bordeaux].

KV 7591 0108 hrs 12 June Provides front line (partly locations, partly map references) for 352nd Inf Div at 1300 hrs 11 June. Also notes 3rd Para Div elements are now engaged & clarifies the division’s intentions. 17th SS PzGr Div is assembling, possibly to carry out mobile operations.
KV 7593 0124 hrs 12 June Information 11 June: 116th Pz Div subordinated to LXXXI Corps & 15th Army since 9 June. The division shot down an enemy aircraft in Elbeuf area on night 9-10 June.
KV 7596 0209 hrs 12 June On 9 June General Meindl (II Para Corps) requests that the Parachute Army takes over welfare responsibility for 3rd & 5th Para divs.
KV 7597 0105 hrs 12 June Appreciation on afternoon 11 June by unidentified intelligence officer identifies Allied forces east of Orne & indicates the total number of enemy divisions west of the river.
KV 7599 0229 hrs 12 June Reports on 9 June identify some Allied units in Normandy.
KV 7601 0310 hrs 12 June 7th Werfer Brigade, plus 37th & 79th Flak regiments, is subordinated to an unspecified corps on 11 June.
KV 7618 0418 hrs 12 June Locates several German divisional battle HQs on evening 11 June. See also KV 7648 and KV 7728 below.
KV 7622 0503 hrs 12 June Identifies German strongpoints on both sides of the River Orne at 1730 hrs 11 June.
KV 7624 0550 hrs 12 June On afternoon 11 June an unknown authority identifies some Allied forces in Normandy. It claims “main body” of U.S. 101st & British 6th Airborne divisions, plus Royal Marine commando units, have been “annihilated”.
KV 7626 0532 hrs 12 June Early on 10 June 716th Inf Div reports German reinforcements are being brought up to counter Allied thrust near Bayeux; also further airborne landings evening 9 June. Also report at 1730 hrs 11 June: Allied tank breakthroughs at Norrey-en-Bessin, Le Mesnil Patry & Point 103 [all between Caen & Bayeux].
KV 7638 0651 hrs 12 June Late on 11 June 2nd SS Pz Div reports its intended move to Poitiers on 12 June & dispersed movement once across the River Loire.
KV 7645 0714 hrs 12 June 2nd SS Pz Div is told on 11 June that main effort is bringing up of the division’s rear echelons. This depends on provision of motor transport & until then participation in anti-guerrilla ops is unavoidable.
KV 7648 0846 hrs 12 June Clarifies KV 7618 (see above).
KV 7657 1040 hrs 12 June Clarifies KV 7549 (see above).
KV 7662 1101 hrs 12 June Information very early 12 June: 17th SS PzGr Div will attack the same day to recapture Carentan.
KV 7668 1234 hrs 12 June Clarifies situation in Carentan area; notes town abandoned by Germans on 11 June.
KV 7671 1316 hrs 12 June Air support request for Carentan counter-attack, which is probably to begin at 1500 hrs 12 June. See KV 7693 below.
KV 7674 1349 hrs 12 June Unspecified naval authority on 10 June claims Allies have already lost three airborne divisions, three armoured brigades and some artillery units in Normandy.
KV 7678 1419 hrs 12 June Situation report 1000 hrs 12 June identifies German forces in U.S. sector of Normandy & their corps boundary. See also KV 7913 below.
KV 7681 1433 hrs 12 June At 2100 hrs 10 June III Flak Corps reports Pz Group West HQ out of action, its COS, Ia & Ic killed & the GOC wounded. I SS Pz Corps is entrusted with the group’s command tasks.
KV 7693 1504 hrs 12 June At 1100 hrs 12 June attack on Carentan (see KV 7671 above) is postponed to morning of 13 June. Air support still requested.
KV 7699 1603 hrs 12 June Situation report evening 11 June describes German front line in most of Normandy, Allied pressure, & assembly of 17th SS PzGr Div near Carentan.
KV 7705 1642 hrs 12 June Describes front line of 12th SS Pz Div early on 12 June (grid references).
KV 7706 1703 hrs 12 June On evening 11 June 13th Flak Div describes employment of flak units as support for ground fighting in Cotentin.
KV 7707 1701 hrs 12 June According to XLVII Pz Corps, 2nd Pz Div was marching to assembly area 20 km south of Falaise on night of 11-12 June. See also KV 7861 below.
KV 7710 1724 hrs 12 June Clarifies identity of unit mentioned in KV 7558 (see above).
KV 7728 2019 hrs 12 June Clarifies & corrects KV 7618 (battle HQ locations).
KV 7737 2142 hrs 12 June Move of Pz Lehr Div battle HQ is planned for night 12-13 June. Also provides map reference for location of 346th Inf Div Operations Section.
KV 7738 2159 hrs 12 June Describes plan for 17th SS PzGr Div’s counter-attack to recapture Carentan on 13 June.
KV 7741 2233 hrs 12 June Late on 9 June, railway authority with 7th Army reports that an assault gun unit [possibly II Parachute Corps’ assault gun brigade] which was due to leave a particular station that evening, could not reach the station owing to blocks on the railway.
KV 7743 2258 hrs 12 June At 1230 hrs 12 June LXXXIV Corps’ flivo reports death of Gen der Artillerie Marcks in a fighter-bomber attack, & describes situation in sectors of Group Hellmich & II Para Corps.

DEFE 3/171

KV 7754 2350 hrs 12 June At 1530 hrs 12 June 17th SS PzGr Div states that air supply of 6th Parachute Regt has not taken place as promised.

KV 7762 0033 hrs 13 June By afternoon 12 June LXXXIV Corps identifies U.S. 2nd Infantry Division & 19th Division [sic – actually XIX Corps] in Normandy.
KV 7763 0104 hrs 13 June Late on 12 June LXXXI Corps’ intentions for the following day include an attack on Sallenelles.
KV 7764 0157 hrs 13 June LXXXI Corps situation report late 12 June identifies Allied main effort in Bois de Bavent & provides other details of situation & front line east of River Orne.
KV 7766 0223 hrs 13 June By morning 10 June German Y-service identifies several British formations in Normandy, plus a corps boundary.
KV 7768 0307 hrs 13 June On morning 12 June II. Fliegerkorps identifies an Allied airfield between Bazenville & Crépon, as well as other enemy facilities.
KV 7795 0509 hrs 13 June Links XLVII Pz Corps to 7th Army on 11 June.
KV 7798 0547 hrs 13 June On afternoon 12 June 2nd SS Pz Div is en route towards Tours.
KV 7799 0610 hrs 13 June Late on 12 June III Flak Corps reports Allied tanks concentrating NW of Caen, plus increasing enemy pressure south of Tilly-sur-Seulles.
KV 7813 0718 hrs 13 June Identifies [Fritz] Witt as commander of 12th SS Pz Div on 12 June.
KV 7830 1014 hrs 13 June According to XXV Corps [in Brittany] on 12 June, Gen Fahrmbacher has left to take over command of LXXXIV Corps. Successor is GenLt Duevert, former commander 265th Inf Div. Arrangement is temporary.
KV 7834 1011 hrs 13 June At 2330 hrs 8 June 7th Army reporting centre is 2 km west of Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, with HQ 605th Supply Battalion.
KV 7837 1045 hrs 13 June Provides details of plans for attempt to run motor transport supply columns through to Cherbourg via Granville on 11-12 June. See also KV 8034 below.
KV 7839 1054 hrs 13 June On 12 June 12th SS Pz Div’s intentions for the next day are “offensive defence” to hold the line.
KV 7844 1217 hrs 13 June Describes 21st Pz Div’s front line east & west of the River Orne at 2100 hrs 12 June.
KV 7845 1233 hrs 13 June At 1200 hrs 12 June Naval Group West relays C-in-C West’s order for determined defence of Cotentin, with Cherbourg “held to the last”, & states that orders apply even to the smallest naval units.
KV 7851 1250 hrs 13 June Describes 30th Flak Regt elements supporting ground fighting near Montebourg & elsewhere in Cotentin at 2000 hrs 12 June.
KV 7853 1305 hrs 13 June Provides list of serviceable AFVs in 12th SS Pz Div on morning 11 June. See also KV 8518 below.
KV 7854 1308 hrs 13 June Request for re-subordination of II/130th Pz Artillery Regt (Pz Lehr Division) to its parent formation on morning 11 June. See also KV 8731 below.
KV 7861 1414 hrs 13 June Information late on 11 June shows 2nd Pz Div is approaching the battle area. See KV 7707 above. Also makes minor correction to KV 7853 above
KV 7863 1425 hrs 13 June Report 2100 hrs 12 June identifies front line for 12th SS & Pz Lehr divisions & notes that latter has made contact with 2nd Pz Div. Intentions for 13 June are to hold positions already reached.
KV 7864 1428 hrs 13 June On evening 11 June an unidentified intelligence officer predicts further Allied attacks to capture Cherbourg or at least seal off Cotentin, plus extension of enemy operations in Caen area.
KV 7871 1454 hrs 13 June Argentan is reported at midday 8 June to have been “destroyed”, with east – west route through the town “impassable”.
KV 7874 1528 hrs 13 June At 1200 hrs 12 June SDC Normandy describes the situation at the Marcouf battery & complains of motor transport shortage owing to need to assist the army.
KV 7875 1533 hrs 13 June At 1200 hrs 11 June SDC Normandy reports deteriorating situation in Cotentin near Montebourg. At 0100 hrs 12 June same authority reports that most HKAR 1262 batteries have been withdrawn from west Cotentin to support land fighting; only 1st, 2nd & 3rd batteries remain.
KV 7891 1626 hrs 13 June Identifies some British & U.S. units encountered by Germans in Normandy.
KV 7907 1801 hrs 13 June Provides information about strength & whereabouts of Parachute Lehr Regt [part of 6th Para Div] on 12 June.
KV 7912 2005 hrs 13 June Identifies units subordinated to I SS Pz Corps on 11 June & clarifies boundary with LXXXIV Corps.
KV 7913 2006 hrs 13 June Clarifies some details in KV 7678 (see above).
KV 7921 2027 hrs 13 June Locates HQs of two battalions of Para Replacement & Training Regt in western France (one at Cherbourg).
KV 7925 2107 hrs 13 June Provides detailed description of role & deployment of 30th Flak Regt units in Cotentin on 12 June.
KV 7926 2108 hrs 13 June On evening 12 June Luftwaffe authorities report enemy attack expected north of Caen, & commitment of ‘Tiger’ tanks against enemy at Caumont.
KV 7927 2124 hrs 13 June Report of mines being brought up for use between Caen & Thury-Harcourt [on River Orne S of Caen].

KV 7942 0342 hrs 14 June On 13 June Luftflotte 3 directs that as long as Pz Group West is out of action, III Flak Corps should cooperate directly with 7th Army. 30th Flak Regt is subordinated to III Flak Corps “with immediate effect”.
KV 7973 0328 hrs 14 June At 1715 hrs 13 June task of an unspecified formation is to close gap between I SS Pz Corps (Pz Lehr Div) & LXXXIV Corps (3rd Para Div). [Probably refers to XLVII Corps or 2nd Pz Div (or both)].
KV 7974 0334 hrs 14 June On morning 9 June C-in-C West states that II Para Corps’ battle HQ is at Ducey, SE of Avranches. It adds that 1st SS Pz Div, 17th SS PzGr Div, 902nd Assault Gun Brigade, motorised elements of Suippes & Autun artillery schools & Harko 309 are all subordinated to Army Group B.
KV 7976 0423 hrs 14 June On 13 June II Para Corps complains that operations are “very adversely influenced” by lack of transport capacity, & requests measures to remedy the situation.
KV 7978 0418 hrs 14 June At 1100 hrs 13 June 2nd SS Pz Div makes request for urgent provision of fuel from a specific depot.
KV 7982 0514 hrs 14 June Report on afternoon 13 June notes deployment of 116th Pz Div into area south of River Somme & location of its battle HQ, arrival of two parachute regiments near Abbeville, & that 85th Inf Div is to occupy its “old area” north of the Somme.
KV 7986 0524 hrs 14 June On 10 June C-in-C West describes command arrangements for several formations & movements of forces. Among other things, he mentions 116th Pz Div’s subordination to LXXXI Corps. See also KV 7987 below.
KV 7987 0535 hrs 14 June Continues C-in-C West report of 10 June (see KV 7986 above). Locates battle HQs of 346th Inf, 21st Pz, 12th SS Pz & 352nd Inf divs. Also identifies formation boundaries & clarifies movement of numerous units towards Normandy battle area (17th SS PzGr Div, elements 265th & 275th Inf divs, 77th Inf Div, 3rd Para Div, 2nd Pz Div, & 7th Werfer Brigade). See also KV 8024 below.
KV 7992 0601 hrs 14 June Information of 13 June identifies an unspecified divisional HQ & two ammunition depots in Normandy.
KV 7993 0645 hrs 14 June By evening 11 June interrogations reveal an operational Allied airfield east of Bayeux.
KV 7994 0659 hrs 14 June By evening 11 June interrogations identify British armoured units in Tilly – Lingèvres area.
KV 7996 0647 hrs 14 June On morning 13 June 2nd Pz Div (minus its tank regiment) is in Normandy, subordinated to XLVII Pz Corps.

DEFE 3/172

KV 8008 1028 hrs 14 June German intentions at 1530 hrs 13 June include counter-attacks with elements of II Para Corps, 77th Inf Div, battle group 265th Inf Div & 17th SS PzGr Div. Success is doubtful because of slow arrival of forces, which means concentrated attack is impossible.
KV 8022 1233 hrs 14 June Describes 2nd Pz Div’s front line at 2100 hrs 13 June.
KV 8024 1256 hrs 14 June Continues C-in-C West report of 10 June (see KV 7986 & KV 7987 above). As response to alarm state 2 in France, Belgium & Holland, 1st SS Pz Div & two flak battalions to be brought up to former position of 19th Luftwaffe Field Div.
KV 8033 1423 hrs 14 June Allied thrust throws back covering forces of 100th Panzer Replacement & Training Battalion west of River Douve.
KV 8034 1358 hrs 14 June Provides details of size & composition of forces to be sent in naval transport column described in KV 7837 (see above).
KV 8038 1427 hrs 14 June 7th Army’s flivo reports that on 13 June 2nd Pz Div’s reconnaissance battalion is linking up with Pz Lehr Div. Also provides details of U.S. penetration across River Elle & further enemy advances in Cotentin.
KV 8057 1759 hrs 14 June Describes difficulty of moving Heavy Panzer Bridging Column 8/44 (associated with Pz Lehr Div) towards Normandy on 13 June. See also KV 8208 below.
KV 8063 1921 hrs 14 June Among other things, notes loss “to enemy action” of 81 mortars in transit to 3rd & 5th Para divs around 9 June, & requests replacements.
KV 8067 2050 hrs 14 June On 14 June SDC Normandy complains that withdrawal of 4/ & 9/HKAR 1261 to support land operations leaves no coastal batteries along east coast of Cotentin.
KV 8068 1945 hrs 14 June Generalleutnant Wilke is named as GOC 5th Para Div by 10 June.
KV 8099 2340 hrs 14 June At 1830 hrs 14 June LXXXI Corps’ intentions are the same as for 14 June.

KV 8110 0110 hrs 15 June On 14 June 2nd Pz Div states it has no contact yet with Pz Lehr Div and describes its own involvement in fighting against British forces near Villers Bocage.
KV 8142 0624 hrs 15 June Army requests transport by sea [presumably to Cherbourg or Granville] of mortars and ammo stuck in Rennes on 13 June.
KV 8145 0709 hrs 15 June Describes front line across Normandy at 1900 hrs 14 June.
KV 8148 0716 hrs 15 June 2nd Pz Div assesses growing enemy strength in its sector late on 14 June.
KV 8153 0826 hrs 15 June Late on 14 June LXXXIV Corps reports Allied advance in eastern Cotentin.
KV 8174 1150 hrs 15 June At 2400 hrs 14 June 21st Pz Div intends, after receiving reinforcements, to renew attacks to “clean up” the sector east of the Orne.
KV 8192 1414 hrs 15 June I SS Pz Corps briefly summarises its position (grid references) & intentions late on 14 June.
KV 8205 1655 hrs 15 June German Paris Y-service on 12 June clarifies some of the German units identified by the Allies and notes that British I and XXX Corps belong to Second Army.
KV 8208 1644 hrs 15 June Clarifies KV 8057 (see above).
KV 8240 2238 hrs 15 June At 1600 hrs 15 June LXXXIV Corps’ flivo reports Allies’ total air supremacy; daylight movement is impossible.
KV 8250 2337 hrs 15 June Indicates 116th Pz Div’s location on 15 June.

DEFE 3/173

KV 8263 0247 hrs 16 June Describes part of the Normandy front line at 1700 hrs 15 June.
KV 8271 0442 hrs 16 June On morning of 15 June a corps [XLVII Pz Corps] comprising 2nd Pz Div & 2nd SS Pz Div is stated to be subordinate to 7th Army. Report also describes its front line.
KV 8278 0543 hrs 16 June Describes intention to launch air attacks to screen counter-attack by ground forces in Troarn area on 16 June.
KV 8301 1019 hrs 16 June Reviews location & composition of XLVII Pz Corps from 10-15 June, according to various decrypts.
KV 8303 1020 hrs 16 June At 2300 hrs 15 June LXXXIV Corps states that II Para Corps intends to continue its attacks, initially to seize some high ground.
KV 8324 1432 hrs 16 June At 2300 hrs 15 June LXXXIV Corps identifies new front line (grid references) in Cotentin & notes re-organisation of forces there into ‘Group Hellmich’ (south) and ‘Group Schlieben’ (north). See also KV 8473 below.
KV 8333 1550 hrs 16 June On evening 15 June XLVII Pz Corps reports its front line & also that Pz Regt ‘Grossdeutschland’ is no longer under its command.
KV 8337 1609 hrs 16 June On evening 15 June 13th Flak Div reports withdrawal northwards of German forces in Cotentin, Allied pressure towards Périers & attacks & counter-attacks near Villers Bocage.
KV 8367 2023 hrs 16 June Clarifies that 30th Flak Regt is under command of Battle Group Schlieben on 15 June.
KV 8372 2042 hrs 16 June On 13 June I SS Pz Corps is arranging collection of 35 ‘armoured cars’ from Germany for 12th SS Pz Div. See also KV 8518 below, which corrects type of vehicle involved.
KV 8373 2035 hrs 16 June Locates new HQ of 116th Pz Div on 15 June. See also KV 8527 below.
KV 8376 2051 hrs 16 June Provides information about 2nd SS Pz Div’s movement towards Normandy battle area on 15 June.
KV 8389 2201 hrs 16 June At 1230 hrs 16 June SDC Normandy reports situation in Cotentin “growing more critical”. Group von Schlieben is preparing to withdraw into Fortress Cherbourg & enemy broke through front west of Ste-Mère-Église in direction of Ste-Sauveur-le-Vicomte. Transport situation is very strained.
KV 8392 2022 hrs 16 June Describes 21st Pz Div’s intentions for counter-attack east of the Orne on 16 June. See also KV 8482 below.
KV 8393 2310 hrs 16 June On 15 June 7th Army asks Naval Group West if it can transport up to 6000 tons of supplies per day by sea from Bordeaux to Granville, Cherbourg or another port in the battle area.
KV 8396 2248 hrs 16 June Associates 101st SS Heavy Tank Battalion with I SS Pz Corps & provides a field post office number.
KV 8401 2305 hrs 16 June At 1200 hrs 16 June III Flak Corps reports progress of a German attack that began late the previous night to re-take the Bois de Bavent (east of the Orne). Also describes British advance in Tilly-sur-Seulles sector, & initiation of German counter-measures.

KV 8425 0238 hrs 17 June On 16 June 30th Flak Regt is instructed to cooperate with Fortress Cherbourg commander & LXXXIV Corps. Also report about scarcity of flak ammunition.
KV 8450 0610 hrs 17 June At 2200 hrs 16 June SDC Normandy reports that contact with 243rd Inf Div & 709th Inf Div was broken at 1500 hrs without prior notice. 243rd Inf Div has ordered withdrawal of 2/HKAR 1262 for operations on land front. Radar station at Carteret is blown up 2130 hrs 16 June.
KV 8451 0529 hrs 17 June At 0100 hrs 17 June Germans aware of Allied planes landing on airfield near St. Vaast the previous afternoon.
KV 8456 0635 hrs 17 June On 16 June LXXXVIII Corps reports withdrawal of 16th Luftwaffe Field Division & that other units are taking over its coastal defence sector in Holland.
KV 8457 0638 hrs 17 June At 1330 hrs 16 June 12th SS Pz Div reports withdrawal of part of its front line, after which enemy heavily bombarded & then moved into the evacuated area.
KV 8463 0723 hrs 17 June 30th Flak Regt situation report 16 June.
KV 8465 0731 hrs 17 June On 16 June II Para Corps lists deficiencies in numbers of motor vehicles & weapons among 3rd Para Div & 6th Para Regt units fighting in Normandy, & also shortage of ammo & hand grenades.
KV 8473 1005 hrs 17 June Late on 15 June LXXXIV Corps reports its new main defence line (grid references) & boundary between Group Hellmich & Group von Schlieben. See KV 8324 above.
KV 8476 1017 hrs 17 June 6th Para Div is being set up under LXVII Corps on 16 June, under command of GenLt von Heyking. Total of five divs under this corps.
KV 8481 1143 hrs 17 June At 0830 hrs 17 June Naval Group West orders that no more land transports are allowed through to Cherbourg.
KV 8482 1144 hrs 17 June At 2359 hrs 16 June III Flak Corps reports that German attack east of Orne has made no further progress, despite support by flak units in artillery role. Attack is to resume on 17 June. See KV 8392 above. Meanwhile, enemy tank penetration further west not yet eliminated.
KV 8484 1201 hrs 17 June 1st SS Pz Div reports on air raids in Belgium [implying its continued presence there].
KV 8497 1332 hrs 17 June At 2000 hrs 16 June I SS Pz Corps reports heavy losses to Allied artillery fire & identifies forward airfield used by enemy artillery observation aircraft. Corps requests air support against artillery positions.
KV 8499 1341 hrs 17 June Provides information about the movement on 15 June of LXXXVI Corps & an infantry division as part of “large operations”. See also KV 8680 below.

DEFE 3/174

KV 8501 1419 hrs 17 June Provides details of 1st Parachute Replacement & Training Regt’s involvement in the Cotentin fighting on 12-13 June.
KV 8504 1426 hrs 17 June At 0530 hrs 17 June SDC Normandy states withdrawal of navy and air force units into Cherbourg fortress is ordered “with immediate effect”.
KV 8514 1542 hrs 17 June On 11 June Foreign Armies West identifies several Allied units in Normandy, speculates on possible employment of British 1st Airborne Division near Caen & mentions landing by what may be elements of U.S. XIX Corps, already known about through captured documents.
KV 8518 1635 hrs 17 June Clarifies type of vehicle meant in KV 7853, KV 7943 & KV 8372 above.
KV 8527 1716 hrs 17 June At 1830 hrs 16 June Major iG Guderian confirms that 116th Pz Div (army reserve) is subordinated to LXVII Corps (part of 15th Army). Div GOC identified & location of HQ given in KV 8373 (see above) is repeated.
KV 8528 1754 hrs 17 June On morning 17 June 13th Flak Div confirms enemy concentration near Tilly, attack expected. U.S. attacks near St-Lô on 16 June, also in Cotentin, where Ste-Sauveur-le-Vicomte fell into enemy hands. Main defence line is withdrawn to Vire – Taute Canal. Mentions German attacks east of River Orne.
KV 8540 2019 hrs 17 June On 13 June an unspecified corps [actually I SS Pz Corps] requests 17cm ammunition supply by air, also spare parts for Tiger tanks.
KV 8563 2136 hrs 17 June Intelligence report by unspecified authority on morning 16 June states there are two Allied armies, with elements of about 20 divisions (& new forces arriving) in Normandy. Describes Allied pressure SW of Bayeux & NW of Carentan & says Allied aim is to cut off Cotentin.
KV 8568 2228 hrs 17 June Briefly describes activities of 17th SS PzGr Div’s reconnaissance unit in southern Cotentin on 16 June.

KV 8579 0201 hrs 18 June Describes withdrawal of flak units in Cotentin into Fortress Cherbourg in conformity with withdrawal of Group von Schlieben during night 17-18 June. See also KV 8628 below.
KV 8585 0248 hrs 18 June 16 June report of intensive use of an enemy forward airfield in Normandy.
KV 8589 0304 hrs 18 June Provides grid reference location for LXXXIV Corps’ battle HQ from morning of 17 June.
KV 8590 0313 hrs 18 June Describes part of the German front line east of the River Orne at 1800 hrs 17 June.
KV 8591 0330 hrs 18 June Flivo reports on evening of 16 June describe disintegration of German position in Cotentin (Groups Hellmich & von Schlieben) & withdrawal of II Para Corps’ right wing in conformity with a withdrawal by its right-flanking formation [2nd Pz Div].
KV 8593 0354 hrs 18 June Information about 2nd SS Pz Div on 17 June.
KV 8598 0528 hrs 18 June Provides location (grid reference) of LXXXI Corps’ HQ at 2230 hrs 17 June.
KV 8600 0620 hrs 18 June On 15 June an unspecified German division identifies British formations opposing it in its own sector.
KV 8602 0603 hrs 18 June Describes situation between west bank of River Vire & eastern end of XLVII Pz Corps’ sector at 0930 hrs 17 June. Also describes 2nd Pz Div’s front line, fighting on 3rd Para Div’s front, use of 943rd Grenadier Regt battle group, & engagements involving 352nd Inf Div & part of 17th SS PzGr Div.
KV 8603 0648 hrs 18 June Very late on 17 June LXXXI Corps intends to hold its present line.
KV 8606 0727 hrs 18 June Early on 17 June LXXXIV Corps doubts its ability to hold present positions, owing to weakness of what remains of 352nd Inf Div.
KV 8615 0908 hrs 18 June Identifies elements of 1st Para Replacement & Training Regt involved in Cherbourg fighting on evening of 16 June.
KV 8618 0950 hrs 18 June GOC of Fortress Cherbourg complains to 7th Army at 2230 hrs 17 June about von Schlieben’s conduct of the fighting. West half of peninsula is open after withdrawal of 77th Inf Div & attack on Cherbourg is expected at any moment. Describes forces available in fortress land front.
KV 8619 0951 hrs 18 June An unidentified corps identifies location of four Allied forward airfields in eastern part of Normandy battle area on 16 June.
KV 8622 1047 hrs 18 June By 0400 hrs 17 June XLVII Pz Corps is ready to re-start its counter-attack. Identifies location of an SS battle group & some Allied forces.
KV 8628 1133 hrs 18 June Describes orders on evening 17 June for employment of flak units in Cotentin (revision to order in KV 8579 above).
KV 8631 1252 hrs 18 June Suggests than GenLt von Choltitz has taken over command of XXV Corps [in Brittany] by 16 June, at least for time being.
KV 8636 1324 hrs 18 June Identifies area occupied by 2nd Para Div in Brittany [XXV Corps zone] on evening 17 June.
KV 8638 1334 hrs 18 June German attacks east of River Orne are held up by concentrated naval gun fire, according to Naval Group West on 17 June.
KV 8640 1355 hrs 18 June At 2345 hrs 17 June Germans appreciate that Allies have set up their first land-based radar in Normandy, near Port-en-Bessin.
KV 8646 1525 hrs 18 June Late on 17 June I SS Pz Corps newly identifies British 49th Inf Div in its sector; attack expected early on 18 June. U.S. 18th Inf Regt identified SW of Caumont on morning 17 June.
KV 8657 1821 hrs 18 June On evening of 17 June I SS Pz Corps uses prisoner statements to identify some British units in its zone of responsibility.
KV 8678 2015 hrs 18 June Western oddments include information about personalities in 709th Inf & Pz Lehr divs, availability of some weapons for parachute units in Normandy, & supply of command tanks to 2nd SS Pz Div.
KV 8680 1753 hrs 18 June Describes insertion into the German line in Normandy of LXXXVI Corps, which will operate at eastern end of the beachhead. Identifies boundaries with LXXXI Corps (& 15th Army) on its right & I SS Pz Corps on its left. See KV 8499 above & KV 9205 below.
KV 8684 1909 hrs 18 June Normandy situation report issued 2300 hrs 17 June describes fighting across entire front: Allied penetrations mopped up or repulsed at several locations; U.S. troops advancing SW & NW from Ste-Sauveur-le-Vicomte; attack on 2nd Pz Div’s right wing (assisted by elements 3rd Para Div) made some progress.
KV 8686 2022 hrs 18 June By 12 June Y-service has identified some British units, but still hasn’t detected any British wireless nets.
KV 8695 2006 hrs 18 June At 2100 hrs 17 June an unspecified authority describes an enemy break-through near St-Lô on the evening of 16 June. 3rd Para Div’s casualties on 17 June are heavy, successful defence doubtful in view of weakness of available forces.
KV 8697 2033 hrs 18 June On 17 June I SS Pz Corps states that 441st & 642nd Ost battalions were a “complete failure” on 6-7 June, either fleeing from their positions or deserting en masse. Remnants have been disarmed & are with supply troops.
KV 8702 2110 hrs 18 June At 1530 hrs 18 June I SS Pz Corps describes Allied break-through at Tilly, counter-measures in progress.
KV 8703 2055 hrs 18 June 363rd Inf Div is reported at 0900 hrs 18 June as being subordinated to LXXXIX Corps & billeted in Belgium. Command post located & GOC & Ia identified.
KV 8705 2102 hrs 18 June At 1500 hrs 18 June I SS Pz Corps identifies locations of Allied artillery positions & requests air attacks against them.
KV 8707 2127 hrs 18 June At 0800 hrs 18 June LXXXIV Corps reports 2nd SS Pz Div is assembling that morning in area Torigny – St-Lô – Canisy – Percy. The corps’ intentions are unchanged.
KV 8713 2230 hrs 18 June On afternoon 18 June SDC Normandy hands over responsibility for defence of Jobourg peninsula [NW Cotentin] to CO 1/HKAR 1262. Describes troops available for defensive purposes.
KV 8714 2231 hrs 18 June Very early on 18 June 2nd Pz Div reports that bombing attack on Bois du Homme at 1830 hrs on 17 June caused no losses.
KV 8721 2352 hrs 18 June LXXXIV Corps situation report 0800 hrs 18 June describes forward movement in 2nd Pz Div sector, identifies forces in defensive positions in southern Cotentin & mentions death of GenLt Hellmich in enemy air attack.
KV 8726 0232 hrs 19 June At 1200 hrs 18 June Naval Group West states that only a little ground could be gained east of the Orne owing to Allied naval gun fire. Germans achieved defensive success NE of St-Lô though both sides suffered heavy losses. An encircled enemy group was destroyed & enemy advance west of Ste-Sauveur-le-Vicomte was “intercepted”.
KV 8728 0304 hrs 19 June On 18 June I SS Pz Corps states that it wants army artillery & anti-tank forces arriving in the battle area to be sent to Évrecy sector.
KV 8731 0244 hrs 19 June On 18 June I SS Pz Corps wishes to know where II/Pz Arty Regt (Pz Lehr Div) is & why it has not yet arrived. See KV 7854 above.
KV 8734 0252 hrs 19 June At 1900 hrs 18 June LXXXIV Corps intends to create a new defensive front in the Cotentin.
KV 8741 0344 hrs 19 June On 18 June LXXXIV Corps reports 77th Inf Div’s intention to reach the La Haye-du-Puits area, states that some of the division’s artillery was in Barneville on evening 17 June, & that its rearguards were unable to escape south owing to U.S. forces blocking their path.
KV 8743 0411 hrs 19 June On 18 June 716th Inf Div urgently requests guns for its artillery regt & II Para Corps requests small-calibre artillery ammunition.
KV 8746 0442 hrs 19 June Provides details of 30th Flak Regt’s support in battle for Fortress Cherbourg, as ordered by 13th Flak Div on evening 18 June.

DEFE 3/175

KV 8754 0540 hrs 19 June III Flak Corps reports Allied tank concentration near Fontenay-le-Pesnel at midday 18 June. Also air reconnaissance report of road movement east of Orne.
KV 8759 0616 hrs 19 June On morning 18 June a considerable rise in “terrorist” activity, supported by Allied air supply, is reported in Brittany.
KV 8760 0703 hrs 19 June Describes 7th Army’s orders for defence of Fortress Cherbourg, as reported to SDC Normandy on afternoon 18 June. Command by GenLt von Schlieben, NW corner of Cotentin to be included in defended area.
KV 8774 1107 hrs 19 June Describes consideration being given to using boat crews as part of Cherbourg defensive garrison on 18 June.
KV 8776 1117 hrs 19 June On morning 18 June 243rd Inf Div [mostly in southern Cotentin] is subordinated to ‘Group Koenig’, with intention to hold its positions. The div has no reserves & Colonel Klosterkemper seems to be its senior officer.
KV 8790 1415 hrs 19 June Contains directives from Hitler, Rommel (Army Group B) & 7th Army all demanding maximum effort in defence of Cherbourg. Describes land front (including NW Cotentin) & command authority for defence (CO 709th Inf Div). Wounded to be evacuated by sea.
KV 8791 1405 hrs 19 June Incomplete information on 18 June indicates importance of 21st Pz Div being “available with all elements” for I SS Pz Corps to accomplish an unspecified task.
KV 8792 1431 hrs 19 June On 18 June II Para Corps orders 2nd Para Ersatz & Training Regt [in Brittany] to send 1000 men to Avranches [presumably as casualty replacements].
KV 8800 1514 hrs 19 June On 18 June 7th Army’s Chief Quartermaster is informed that 352nd Inf Div will expend all its ammunition by end of 19 June.
KV 8801 1517 hrs 19 June On 18 June II Para Corps reports arrival of 15 ‘Puppchen’ anti-tank weapons.
KV 8803 1529 hrs 19 June Provides details of break-through by survivors of 77th Inf Div to southern Cotentin on 18-19 June, apparently under command of Oberst Bacherer.
KV 8809 1954 hrs 19 June Late on 18 June 21st Pz Div, attacking east of Orne, makes contact with its right neighbour [probably 346th Inf Div].
KV 8814 1740 hrs 19 June Information 18 June reveals that 17th SS PzGr Div’s commander has been seriously wounded.
KV 8815 1726 hrs 19 June At 0800 hrs 18 June 243rd Inf Div is holding a line in southern Cotentin while 709th Inf Div does likewise south of Cherbourg.
KV 8820 1811 hrs 19 June Very early 19 June SDC Normandy summarises number of guns available to HKAR 1261.
KV 8830 2026 hrs 19 June Clarifies KV 8713.
KV 8835 2112 hrs 19 June Information of 1400 hrs 19 June provides details of command arrangements across western half of German front in Normandy & identifies components of ‘Group Koenig’ in southern Cotentin. Latter is resisting Allied attacks at midday 19 June.
KV 8837 2127 hrs 19 June On 14 June a senior German intelligence authority identifies many Allied units fighting in Normandy.
KV 8840 2152 hrs 19 June On 18 June 30th Flak Regt identifies Luftwaffe units (not just from its own regiment) fighting or located in the north Cotentin.
KV 8849 2312 hrs 19 June At 1800 hrs 18 June I SS Pz Corps is attempting to recapture Parc de Bois Londe [SE of Bayeux]. At 0600 hrs 19 June 12th SS Pz Div ceases its attacks owing to enemy artillery superiority. At 1500 hrs 19 June LXXXI Corps is intending to move its battle HQ three hours later to another location (see KV 8905 below).
KV 8855 2350 hrs 19 June Late on 19 June 12th SS Pz Div’s intentions were as for 19 June. Late on 15 June 2nd SS Pz Div is informed that 17 ‘Panther’ tanks have arrived (probably at Montauban) & arrangements are being made to send them to the division.

KV 8857 0004 hrs 20 June At 1230 hrs 19 June LXXXIV Corps states divisional boundaries are unclear as changes are in progress. At 1500 hrs 17th SS PzGr Div requests bombing of enemy tank concentrations & other targets. Signal identifies ‘Battle Group Heintz’ & 802nd Construction Engineer Battalion in LXXXIV Corps’ area.
KV 8878 0503 hrs 20 June At 1800 hrs 19 June SDC Normandy reports Cherbourg is under artillery fire from its landward side for the first time.
KV 8881 0517 hrs 20 June At 1300 hrs 19 June 7th Army’s Ia informs 1st SS Pz Div that it will be subordinated to I SS Pz Corps (HQ at Baron). Also gives 1st SS Pz Div’s tank strength on 25 May (from KV 6705).
KV 8883 0534 hrs 20 June From 1200 hrs 19 June II Para Corps is subordinated directly to 7th Army [i.e. no longer to LXXXIV Corps].
KV 8884 0550 hrs 20 June Provides I SS Pz Corps’ proforma tank return for morning 15 June (Pz Lehr Div, 12th SS Pz Div & 101st SS Heavy Tank Bn). Signal comments on likely meaning of proforma & refers to previous strength returns for 12th SS Pz & 21st Pz divs in KV 6705 & KV 6799.
KV 8885 0559 hrs 20 June On 19 June Army Group B orders withdrawal of most of 716th Inf Div the following day & that it should be sent to 1st Army [south of France]. Provides details of intended movement.
KV 8886 0624 hrs 20 June At 0045 hrs 20 June SDC Normandy reports that withdrawal into Fortress Cherbourg has begun. Some coastal batteries demolished & abandoned, others providing harassing fire against roads to Cherbourg. SDC’s HQ & Cherbourg railway station under artillery fire. Artillery ammo to be delivered by E-boats.
KV 8889 1015 hrs 20 June At 2200 hrs 19 June OKW provides instructions to GenLt von Schlieben regarding defence of Cherbourg, emphasising need for it to be protracted. At 0100 hrs 20 June von Schlieben is told that according to a “sure source” [probably wireless intercept], U.S. VII Corps intends a swift concentration of forces for advance on Cherbourg.
KV 8900 1041 hrs 20 June At 2359 hrs 19 June von Schlieben provides a situation report on the withdrawal – under enemy pressure – to Cherbourg. At 2100 hrs 20 June he provides another report, noting that German units are taking up their new positions in the fortress land front.
KV 8903 1053 hrs 20 June According to LXVII Corps, Rommel is visiting 116th Pz Div on 19 June.
KV 8905 1122 hrs 20 June By 2300 hrs 19 June LXXXI Corps’ HQ reaches the location it occupied before the Normandy campaign began. See KV 8849 above.
KV 8908 1259 hrs 20 June On morning 19 June 17th SS PzGr Div reports location of an airfield used by enemy artillery observation aircraft, as well as glider landings north of Carentan. It adds that enemy air activity is seriously hindering supply & troop movements. This is much alleviated by appearance of German fighters on 19 June. II. Jagdkorps is asked to do more of this.
KV 8911 1309 hrs 20 June On 15 June XLVII Pz Corps’ battle HQ is at Lassy, 18 km NE of Vire.
KV 8913 1350 hrs 20 June At 0800 hrs 20 June 709th Inf Div reports that enemy is tentatively feeling his way forward. German withdrawal into new positions is successful although rearguard under Hauptmann Weng (206th Pz Abteilung) was involved in heavy fighting near Valognes.
KV 8917 1359 hrs 20 June Provides details of 15 June request by XLVII Pz Corps for an artillery observation unit to be provided to support 2nd Pz Div. The response clarifies that Harko 309 is involved.
KV 8924 1552 hrs 20 June On 11 June II Para Corps’ battle HQ is at Dangy, 12 km SW of St-Lô.
KV 8937 1731 hrs 20 June On 15 June I SS Pz Corps reports identification of 7th & 9th [sic] British Armoured divs, & 50th Inf Div, in its sector.
KV 8945 1931 hrs 20 June On 19 June 2nd Pz Div’s flivo reports arrival of the division’s tracked elements [tank regiment], meaning the div is up to strength again.
KV 8950 2220 hrs 20 June Includes results of SDC Normandy’s enquiry into effectiveness of radars in giving warning of D-Day landings. Notes effectiveness of Allied jamming, but that from 0020 hrs 6 June approach of enemy forces in Orne sector was known. Parachute & amphibious landings were main indications that invasion had begun. See also KV 9207 below.
KV 8951 2059 hrs 20 June Provides details of intended aerial re-supply of Cherbourg garrison on night 20-21 June.
KV 8952 2124 hrs 20 June On 20 June Hitler wants to know which elements of 243rd Inf, 77th Inf & 91st Air-landing divs are in Fortress Cherbourg. See KV 8986 below. GenLt von Schlieben also reports Cap de la Hague area is integrated into fortress defences.
KV 8956 2227 hrs 20 June Provides detailed order of battle, including personnel strength & fighting strength, of Group von Schlieben & its subordinate units on 17 June.
KV 8960 2239 hrs 20 June On 19 June I SS Pz Corps identifies two battalions from British 50th Inf Div in its sector.
KV 8962 2246 hrs 20 June On 20 June 6th Para Div’s field replacement battalion is ordered to release 500 men to bring Pz Lehr Div [in Normandy] up to strength.

KV 8968 0048 hrs 21 June At 2100 hrs 20 June Fortress Commandant Cherbourg changes location of air re-supply drop zone owing to proximity of enemy forces.
KV 8974 0146 hrs 20 June Early on 17 June a new battle HQ (probably 352nd Inf Div) was at a group of houses near St-Lô’s eastern cemetery.
KV 8986 0424 hrs 21 June Reply to enquiry in KV 8952 (see above). It is impossible to tell as units are very mixed up.
KV 8997 0647 hrs 21 June On 17 June LXXXIV Corps notes that Rommel is asking for reports of D-Day operations from divs that were attacked, for onwards transmission to Hitler. Questions of surprise & reasons for enemy’s rapid penetration are to receive particular attention.

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Re: UK National Archives DEFE 3 on Normandy

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And this is the rest of June!

DEFE 3/176

KV 9001 0722 hrs 21 June Early on 21 June von Schlieben describes attempts to organise defence of Cherbourg land front. Four regimental sectors allocated. 709th Inf Div is exhausted, immobile & lacks anti-tank equipment & mines. Attitude of Ost formations variable. Some morale problems, not least as Allies treat prisoners well. Severe shortage of officers. Enemy attack expected 21 June, mainly from SW with diversions SE of Cherbourg.
KV 9009 0824 hrs 21 June On evening 18 June 7th Army identifies its reserve as 2nd SS Pz Div in area Torigny – Canisy – Villebaudon – Tessy-sur-Vire. Div is concentrating for counter-attack north or NE. 353rd Inf Div (minus elements already committed) to be brought up by LXXXIV Corps to Périers area for counter-attack to NE & N.
KV 9013 0956 hrs 21 June Report on evening 18 June clarifies boundaries, fronts & tasks of II Para Corps & LXXXIV Corps. Tasks are all defensive or at least “offensive defence”.
KV 9058 1858 hrs 21 June I SS Pz Corps’ right boundary at 1430 hrs 20 June is the River Orne. 1st SS Pz Div is subordinated to the corps “with immediate effect” & is moving up.
KV 9060 1907 hrs 21 June Identifies SS Standartenführer [Kurt] Meyer as CO 12th SS Pz Div from 15 June. Also provides some information about 100th Pz Replacement & Training Battalion.
KV 9067 2027 hrs 21 June On 11 June LXXXIV Corps complains that ammo supply for next few days is seriously endangered as result of loss to enemy action of divisions’ transport capacity. A daily delivery of at least 300 tons, if necessary by air, is required, as well as an allotment of fuel.
KV 9070 2158 hrs 21 June Provides details of intended aerial re-supply of Cherbourg garrison on night of 21-22 June.
KV 9073 2104 hrs 21 June At 1800 hrs 20 June 12th SS Pz Div’s intention is “offensive defence”. XLVII Pz Corps unable to continue with its operation owing to enemy strength. On evening 20 June Pz Lehr Div’s HQ is at Monts [near Villers Bocage].
KV 9075 2146 hrs 21 June LXXXIV Corps’ flivo provides detailed summary of the corps’ units, their areas of responsibility & boundaries at 1145 hrs 20 June. Among other things, notes that 353rd Inf Div is moving up & partly already engaged.
KV 9076 2152 hrs 21 June 7th Army’s “Report Centre” is at La Chapelle on afternoon 20 June.
KV 9080 2217 hrs 21 June Provides details of intended aerial re-supply of Cherbourg garrison on night of 21-22 June.
KV 9091 2316 hrs 21 June Prisoner statements & captured documents locate HQ of U.S. 9th Inf Div on 17 June.
KV 9094 2318 hrs 21 June Describes fighting between Germans & resistance groups in Brittany on 20 June.

KV 9097 0010 hrs 22 June At 1000 hrs 20 June LXXXIV Corps reports that GenLt Choltitz has taken over command of the corps. Up to 1400 men from 77th Inf Div fought their way south to the new defensive line, taking about 80 prisoners as they did so. A German battle group is surrounded near Besneville. 17th SS PzGr Div anticipates U.S. attack west of the River Vire.
KV 9114 0240 hrs 22 June On 21 June 21st Pz Div complains that 50% of the div’s supplies are being lost to air attack while en route & wants to know what II. Jagdkorps is doing about it.
KV 9118 0259 hrs 22 June Provides tactical intelligence from 21st Pz Div, 12th SS Pz Div & 17th SS PzGr Div about Allied strengths & dispositions on 20-21 June.
KV 9119 0303 hrs 22 June 32 supply containers containing ammo & grenades, probably intended for Cherbourg, were dropped on Channel Islands on night 20-21 June. See also KV 9208 below.
KV 9120 0335 hrs 22 June Describes boundary between XLVII Pz Corps & I SS Pz Corps at 1900 hrs 21 June (see KV 9142).
KV 9124 0408 hrs 22 June On evening of 21 June I SS Pz Corps is expecting an attack on its left wing.
KV 9125 0413 hrs 22 June Identifies location of 116th Pz Div’s battle HQ on afternoon 21 June.
KV 9134 0612 hrs 22 June On evening 20 June Pz Lehr Div reports recapturing Hottot & the old defence line using its last reserves & at heavy cost to enemy. Describes front line at 1100 hrs 21 June.
KV 9136 0704 hrs 22 June Identifies location of battle HQ of 3rd Para Div’s Ib on 19 June & of Ost Battalion Huber on 20 June. At Bois de Limors, German troops withdrew to improve field of fire 21 June. Allied probing attacks on Cherbourg land front thrown back, but Cherbourg electricity plant is knocked out by artillery & city’s water supply cut off.
KV 9140 0848 hrs 22 June Describes tactical transfers of 3rd Para Div units on 19 June.
KV 9141 0850 hrs 22 June Late on 21 June GenLt von Schlieben complains of his own troops’ conduct “because they are too old”.
KV 9142 0917 hrs 22 June Clarifies KV 9120.
KV 9144 1006 hrs 22 June On 19 June II Para Corps urgently requests fuel for 8th Werfer Brigade.
KV 9152 1141 hrs 22 June Late on 21 June I SS Pz Corps intends to defend in its eastern sector & prepare to attack in western area. But see KV 9160 below, which changes meaning considerably.
KV 9160 1307 hrs 22 June Corrects KV 9152 to show that assessment is of Allies’ intentions, not I SS Pz Corps’.
KV 9167 1408 hrs 22 June At 2300 hrs 21 June von Schlieben reports to Rommel that 709th Inf Div is “numerically & spiritually exhausted”. Fortress garrison is numerous but of low quality & poorly equipped. Heavy officer casualties. Leaderless elements of 77th Inf & 243rd Inf divs cause problems. “Employability of Russians in France for Germany against America at most very dubious”. Reinforcements essential if task deemed by Hitler as “essential” is to be fulfilled.
KV 9171 1551 hrs 22 June I SS Pz Corps’ situation report late 21 June mostly describes Allied dispositions & activity. 101st SS Artillery Abteilung produced harassing fire against enemy fleet & landing areas.
KV 9173 1538 hrs 22 June Quotes Hitler’s directive to von Schlieben at 1800 hrs 21 June, in which the latter is told to fight to the last round &, if necessary, leave the port in an unusable condition. Schlieben replies that “he would do his duty”.
KV 9177 1533 hrs 22 June 7th Army’s Abwehr officer reports on 21 June that captured documents provide U.S. passwords & replies for period 20-25 June.
KV 9179 1719 hrs 22 June Artillery HQ zbV 761 is employed as 3rd Para Div’s artillery HQ on 21 June. II Para Corps requests an Arko to be provided. Describes some Pz Lehr Div personnel matters on the same day.
KV 9192 1907 hrs 22 June Identifies various Allied forces in Normandy, based on Y-service intercepts, prisoner interrogations & captured documents from 10-21 June.
KV 9194 1902 hrs 22 June On morning 21 June Naval Group West states there are 4100 Kriegsmarine personnel in Cherbourg.
KV 9200 1952 hrs 22 June At 1200 hrs 22 June 2nd Pz Div identifies XLVII Pz Corps’ boundary towards the NE.
KV 9205 2033 hrs 22 June On 22 June report that LXXXVI Corps took over Seine – Orne sector by 0600 hrs 20 June. For intention to do so see KV 8680 above.
KV 9207 2047 hrs 22 June On 21 June SDC Normandy adds to content of KV 8950 (see above), reporting use of German radar on D-Day. Clarifies effectiveness of Allied jamming & describes achievements of radar operators.
KV 9208 2117 hrs 22 June On night 21-22 June containers containing panzerfausts intended for Cherbourg were dropped on the Channel Islands. See also KV 9119 above.
KV 9214 2141 hrs 22 June Clarifies number of replacements (1500 men) either sent to or available for 3rd Para Div & 6th Para Regt in Normandy by 20 June.

KV 9228 0237 hrs 23 June Landing of airborne troops reported from Gavray (near Granville) afternoon 22 June. Naval authorities recognise possibility of amphibious landings in same general area. Coastal patrols to be arranged immediately. See also KV 9248 & KV 9261 below.
KV 9229 0236 hrs 23 June At 1900 hrs 22 June 21st Pz Div intends to hold its present positions.
KV 9236 0341 hrs 23 June Reports of air attacks on and near HQs of 12th SS Pz Div, 21st Pz Div & LXXXIV Corps on 22 June. Latter’s wireless station hit.
KV 9241 0417 hrs 23 June Provides boundaries between German formations in I SS Pz Corps’ sector on 22 June, & clarifies boundary with adjacent XLVII Pz Corps.
KV 9248 0507 hrs 23 June Report of airborne landing at Gavray (in KV 9228 above) was by 752nd Regt zbV. See KV 9261 below.

DEFE 3/177

KV 9254 0644 hrs 23 June Western miscellany covering June 1944. On 11 June, I/GR 1050 is being pulled out of LXXIV Corps’ sector [in Brittany]. On 15 June XLVII Pz Corps says that 4th SS PzGr Regt is subordinated to 2nd Pz Div until other parts of 2nd SS Pz Div arrive in Normandy. On 15 June Oberst Stefasius is identified as 7th Army’s Artillery Officer. On 18 June Army Coastal Battery 6/HKAA 1255 is brought up east of River Orne. On 19 June report of increased guerrilla activity in Brittany.
KV 9255 0635 hrs 23 June All Fortress Cherbourg reserves in action by 2100 hrs 22 June.
KV 9256 0809 hrs 23 June On 22 June Cherbourg garrison complain of no air-dropped supplies being received the previous evening at the correct place, although a few containers fell elsewhere. Further supply efforts requested.
KV 9258 0741 hrs 23 June On afternoon of 22 June Battle Group von Luck [21st Pz Div] requests immediate employment of a regiment of III Flak Corps in support.
KV 9261 0818 hrs 23 June At 0001 hrs 23 June naval authorities at Granville report no airborne landing at Gavray. Supply parachutes (presumably for guerrillas) found, but nothing else. See KV 9228 & KV 9248 above & KV 9268 & KV 9367 below.
KV 9268 1025 hrs 23 June At 0630 23 June naval authorities at Granville confirm no airborne landing at Gavray.
KV 9270 1130 hrs 23 June At 0300 hrs 23 June von Schlieben reports several enemy break-throughs sealed off or being counter-attacked. Of six strongpoints on the Valognes road, one is still in German hands.
KV 9273 1147 hrs 23 June Describes arrangements for aerial re-supply of Cherbourg garrison on night 21-22 June.
KV 9274 1220 hrs 23 June At 0200 hrs 23 June SDC Normandy notes von Schlieben’s request for anti-tank material to be supplied using E-boats as quickly as possible.
KV 9275 1226 hrs 23 June According to 7th Army’s flivo at 2230 hrs 22 June evidence is accumulating of possible enemy intention to attack on I SS Pz Corps’ right wing “as well”.
KV 9284 1330 hrs 23 June Describes damage & casualties inflicted by Allied air attacks on a coastal battery east of Cherbourg, & another east of the Orne, both on 20 June.
KV 9298 1712 hrs 23 June On evening 22 June (see KV 9347) 7th Army reports harassing fire & naval shelling of 346th Inf Div’s positions east of the Orne, heavy fighting near west coast of Cotentin & at Varenguebec (LXXXIV Corps’ sector), & also that there were no casualties in an air attack on LXXXIV Corps’ HQ.
KV 9299 1703 hrs 23 June Provides personnel strength report for 12th SS Pz Div on 18 June, with possible interpretation.
KV 9301 1731 hrs 23 June 1st Flak Assault Regt’s battle HQ is 8 km south of St-Lô on 22 June.
KV 9307 1938 hrs 23 June Luftwaffe reconnaissance locates a total of about 180 enemy aircraft at three forward airfields in Normandy.
KV 9308 1941 hrs 23 June According to 21st Pz Div at 1000 hrs 23 June, Allies intend break-through to Caen. At 0900 hrs 23 June 12th SS Pz Div reports enemy break-through near Château de la Londe was brought to a halt & mopped up by 1400 hrs. Prisoners say attack on Caen is intended in next few days.
KV 9313 1953 hrs 23 June Early on 23 June II Para Corps agrees with LXXXIV Corps that if Allies break through NE of St-Lô, cross River Vire & reach Coutances, all efforts to hold ‘north front’ will be useless. Therefore it is essential to reinforce NE of St-Lô.
KV 9319 2112 hrs 23 June On 22 June von Schlieben reports that ration strength of 21000 men in Cherbourg (25000 on 21 June) means nothing as troops are low quality & lack of officers means “backbone is lacking”. Early reinforcement by at least a battalion is essential. Gives daily requirement of fuel, rations & ammunition, & notes shortage of MGs & mortars.
KV 9321 2202 hrs 23 June Provides detailed list of ammunition to be sent to Cherbourg from Brest using naval motor transport, according to Naval Group West order of 22 June.
KV 9323 2201 hrs 23 June 716th Inf Div’s supply return of 15 June gives ration strength of 6000 men & 1000 horses.
KV 9328 2149 hrs 23 June Provides information about condition & readiness of 89th Inf Div’s support elements on 18 June. See also XL 383 below.
KV 9333 2253 hrs 23 June On 21 June Germans use prisoners to identify two U.S. units in the Cherbourg area.
KV 9337 2304 hrs 23 June On 23 June 116th Pz Div requests update on air situation, recce results & other information, although it is not yet engaged in fighting.

KV 9347 0032 hrs 24 June Describes 21st Pz Div front line at 1500 hrs 23 June. Also provides location of an army ammunition depot on 18 June. Clarifies KV 9298 (see above).
KV 9354 0235 hrs 24 June Report of enemy parachute landing at Le Havre on evening 23 June.
KV 9364 0605 hrs 24 June By 18 June 27 trains carrying elements of II SS Pz Corps (including 9th SS Pz Div) have arrived in C-in-C West’s zone, among them 21 trains at Nancy.
KV 9366 0613 hrs 24 June By 0840 hrs 23 June OKW decides supply of Cherbourg by sea should cease. SDC is now free to close the harbour.
KV 9367 0620 hrs 24 June On evening of 23 June 7th Army describes unsuccessful LXXXVI Corps attempt to clean up enemy penetration at Ste-Honorine-la-Chardonne [NE of Caen, E of the Orne]. Naval gun fire & German coastal batteries in action east of Orne. In I SS Pz Corps’ sector, penetrations in 21st Pz Div’s area are cleaned up. Rest of front quiet. In II Para Corps’ area, a fruitless search for parachute troops in Gavray area was called off (see KV 9261 above).
KV 9368 0717 hrs 24 June On 20 June 7th Army’s Chief Quartermaster identifies drop zones for aerial re-supply of Cherbourg garrison.
KV 9374 0901 hrs 24 June On 22 June 7th Army agrees to II Para Corps’ request to allow battle groups from 353rd & 266th Infantry divs to remain in its area. Withdrawal of remnants of 352nd Inf Div to be investigated.
KV 9375 0952 hrs 24 June At midday 23 June von Schlieben reports that air & sea supply of Cherbourg is still possible.
KV 9378 1015 hrs 24 June Describes in some detail arrival of II SS Pz Corps trains in France by 21 June. Also describes 353rd Inf Div’s approach to the front, unloading of 276th Inf Div trains at Le Mans & Angers, & movements by 266th Inf Div battle group & 16th Luftwaffe Field Div. See also KV 9395 below.
KV 9382 1058 hrs 24 June At 1100 hrs 23 June Army Group B envisages reinforcement of Cherbourg using one parachute regt (by air) & one grenadier regt (by sea). Von Schlieben is to identify landing places. See KV 9409 below.
KV 9384 1114 hrs 24 June Report on Cherbourg situation morning 23 June. Harbour thoroughly destroyed, blowing up of roads continues. Jobourg peninsula [Cap de la Hague] in German hands. Very early on 24 June von Schlieben describes Allied pressure from all directions & failed attempts to repair enemy penetrations of the inadequate land front defences. Identifies forces in NW Cotentin & clarifies their role.
KV 9390 1257 hrs 24 June Naval Group West reports Allied losses in Normandy by 20 June as 650 tanks, 33 AT guns & 4411 prisoners.
KV 9395 1453 hrs 24 June Continues 21 June report begun in KV 9378 above. Identifies 276th Inf Div units already unloaded & artillery units approaching battle area (763rd, 1192nd, 1193rd, 1194th & 1198th battalions). Notes LXXXVI Corps’ take-over of Orne sector at 0600 hrs 20 June & provides order of battle & zones of responsibility for units under LXXXIV Corps. Clarifies corps boundaries & locates some battle HQs.
KV 9396 1444 hrs 24 June From 0930-1000 hrs 24 June Von Schlieben describes German disintegration at Cherbourg. But harbour is mined & main station destroyed. Stronger Allied attack expected on 25 June.
KV 9399 1649 hrs 24 June Western miscellany June 1944 includes incomplete casualty return by II Para Corps for 17 June (see also KV 9532 below). Also identifies 20 ‘Panther’ tanks available for I SS Pz Corps on 1 June & transport of some of these to Belgium on 14 June.
KV 9406 1755 hrs 24 June Describes intelligence about Allied forward airfields on 24 June in Pz Lehr Div’s & 12th SS Pz Div’s sectors, & plans for coordinated artillery & air strikes against them. See also KV 9437 below.
KV 9409 1924 hrs 24 June At 2230 hrs 23 June 7th Army states that OKW has decided to cancel sending reinforcements to Cherbourg (see KV 9382 above). C-in-C West orders defence to the last round with aim of tying down enemy forces & hampering repair of port facilities. Von Schlieben’s task “has historic importance”.
KV 9426 2153 hrs 24 June Provides grid reference for new location of LXXXVI Corps HQ at 0630 hrs 24 June.
KV 9429 2025 hrs 24 June At 1430 hrs 24 June von Schlieben reports continued U.S. attacks & German morale sinking. “Too many National List 3 [Polish Volksdeutsche] & Russians”. Command & control is disintegrating.
KV 9430 2029 hrs 24 June Describes arrangements for air supply of Cherbourg garrison night 24-25 June.
KV 9437 2143 hrs 24 June Further discussion of idea raised in KV 9406.
KV 9441 2349 hrs 24 June Provides list of main components of Cherbourg garrison on 22 June.
KV 9443 2146 hrs 24 June At 1830 hrs 24 June von Schlieben describes the deterioration in German combat power at Cherbourg & doubts that enemy attacks the next day can be resisted.

KV 9454 0008 hrs 25 June Provides supply return for I SS Pz Corps on 20 June. Among other information, identifies deficiencies & their consequences, & clarifies casualties. Corps HQ is located at Saint-Germai -le-Vasson [N of Falaise].
KV 9456 0132 hrs 25 June SDC Normandy provides Admiral Channel Coast with quite detailed ‘lessons learned’ report about experiences of coastal artillery during the invasion.
KV 9459 0104 hrs 25 June On evening of 24 June 30th Flak Regt reports all its 10.5 cm guns are destroyed & personnel of some batteries placed at von Schlieben’s disposal.
KV 9469 0308 hrs 25 June Identifies a couple of Allied units on 22 June.
KV 9471 0345 hrs 25 June On 24 June LXXXIV Corps reports shelling of several enemy airfields & identifies others.
KV 9473 0409 hrs 25 June On 18 June C-in-C West reports 9th Werfer Brigade’s arrival SW of Paris (see XL 897 below) & movement of trains carrying 1192nd & 1193rd Artillery battalions, 1st SS Pz Div’s ‘Panther’ tank battalion, & 363rd Inf & 6th Para divs.
KV 9489 0912 hrs 25 June Late on 24 June 17th SS PzGr Div’s intentions for the following day are defence.
KV 9491 1010 hrs 25 June Identifies units subordinated to LXXXVI Corps very early on 25 June (346th & 711th Inf divs, Battle Group von Luck, plus 16th Luftwaffe Field Div which is being brought up), & some of their senior officers. Also identifies corps & divisional boundaries.
KV 9492 1015 hrs 25 June Provides some information about 2nd SS Pz Div’s role & readiness on 22 June.
KV 9494 1114 hrs 25 June At 0620 hrs 25 June 12th SS Pz Div’s flivo reports an enemy penetration on the division’s left boundary about four hours earlier. Otherwise, situation is unchanged.
KV 9495 1125 hrs 25 June Describes LXXXVI Corps’ front line early on 25 June & the corps’ intentions (defence).

DEFE 3/178

KV 9501 1232 hrs 25 June At 0930 hrs 25 June von Schlieben reports imminent loss of Cherbourg & annihilation of garrison, although he still hopes for Luftwaffe support & harbour & installations have been thoroughly destroyed. It is impossible to evacuate 2000 wounded.
KV 9504 1253 hrs 25 June 1st SS Pz Div’s battle HQ is at Gouville [sic – Gouvix, half-way between Caen & Falaise, is possibly intended] at 0815 hrs 25 June.
KV 9518 1433 hrs 25 June On 22 June I SS Pz Corps reports personnel losses to date, in percentage terms: Pz Lehr Div = 15.3% (requires 1952 men from march battalions, to be sent to Thury-Harcourt); & 21st Pz Div = 16.7% (requires 2000 men from march battalions, to be sent to Breteuil).
KV 9532 1916 hrs 25 June Clarifies KV 9399 above.
KV 9539 1823 hrs 25 June On 23 June 17th SS PzGr Div is supported by 107th SS Medium Survey Battery, which is carrying out sound ranging & visual observation to north & east.
KV 9559 2127 hrs 25 June On 22 June 2nd SS Pz Div’s battle HQ is at Villebaudon [SSW of St-Lô].
KV 9563 2151 hrs 25 June At 1330 hrs 25 June no air support is available for Cherbourg as Army Group B has ordered Luftwaffe’s main effort in Caen area.
KV 9564 2110 hrs 25 June On 19 June German prisoner of war collecting stations are at Tessy & Damigny (near Alençon).

KV 9579 0020 hrs 26 June On morning of 22 June the battle HQ of XLVII Pz Corps’ Quartermaster Section is at La Rocque. The Ib of an unspecified formation is 5 km west of Brémoy.
KV 9581 0029 hrs 26 June On 22-24 June I SS Pz Corps’ Ic & another authority use prisoners to identify some British & U.S. formations in Normandy.
KV 9619 0509 hrs 26 June Describes fighting in eastern Normandy on 25 June. Covers operations east of Orne, British attack in 12th SS Pz Div’s sector & against Pz Lehr Div (Fontenay-le-Pesnel area). Also states that German forces are continuing to fight in the NW part of the Cotentin.
KV 9635 0749 hrs 26 June On morning of 25 June there are bombing attacks on HQs of 116th Pz Div & 85th Inf Div, but casualties & damage slight.
KV 9669 1351 hrs 26 June Late on 25 June report that British have advanced further in the Fontenay-le-Pesnel area, & that counter-measures are in progress.
KV 9692 1754 hrs 26 June Report on 26 June that 12th SS Pz Div counter-attack during previous night made progress. Intentions to surround & annihilate enemy at point of penetration. But assembly depends on neutralising the effect of enemy artillery spotter aircraft. At 0830 hrs I SS Pz Corps identifies enemy schwerpunkt south of Le Mesnil-Patry [SE of Bayeux] & requests air protection against low-level attacks. Also brief report about situation east of Orne.
KV 9694 1803 hrs 26 June Report on 26 June describes importance of issuing Reichsarbeitsdienst [German Labour Service] personnel with armbands indicating their combatant status; includes 2000 men with 13th Flak Div at Cherbourg.
KV 9710 2038 hrs 26 June Fairly detailed appreciation of Allied activity east of the Orne on 26 June leads to assessment that if the enemy is successful west of Caen, he intends to attack east of the Orne in order to by-pass the city.
KV 9713 2150 hrs 26 June On 22 June I SS Pz Corps requests immediate dispatch to Falaise of 101st SS Medium Survey Battery, even if not fully rested & refitted. Also provides information about the unit’s strength on 14 June.
KV 9735 2355 hrs 26 June At 1430 hrs 26 June heavy fighting in Juvigny area. Also describes I SS Pz Corps’ front line between there & Caen. Enemy tanks reached railway near Grainville [Operation ‘Epsom’]. Also an enemy attack near Hottot after artillery preparation. Extension of attacks “to whole Corps area probable”.

KV 9743 0147 hrs 27 June Clarifies boundary between 243rd Inf Div & another formation on 25 June.
KV 9750 0333 hrs 27 June A divisional HQ (possibly 17th SS PzGr) is transferring on evening 26 June.

DEFE 3/179

KV 9771 0601 hrs 27 June Situation report 2230 hrs 26 June notes continued heavy fighting in penetration area [Operation ‘Epsom’]. Tanks penetrated to railway at Mouen, 60 more assembling at Cheux. Provides approximate German front line.
KV 9789 1018 hrs 27 June At 2230 hrs 26 June 12th SS Pz Div identifies targets in ‘Epsom’ battle area for Luftwaffe air strikes.
KV 9793 1045 hrs 27 June OKW circular dated 24 June cites C-in-C West ‘lessons learned’ report about experiences during approach marches into Normandy in the face of enemy air power. Emphasises importance of energetic leadership, the need to exploit opportunities presented by poor weather, & clarity of direction when units & personnel have to make diversions or travel by secondary routes.
KV 9802 1259 hrs 27 June 17th SS PzGr Div is transferring at 0740 hrs 27 June.
KV 9806 1345 hrs 27 June Provides information about 10th SS Pz Div’s move towards the battle area on 27 June.
KV 9826 1536 hrs 27 June At 1115 hrs 27 June Pz Lehr Div’s battle HQ is 1 km north of Monts.
KV 9839 1738 hrs 27 June At 1130 hrs 27 June 12th SS Pz Div appreciates that enemy attacks only after lengthy artillery preparation, using superior tank forces. Fire control is mostly by artillery spotter aircraft. Constant enemy reinforcement in [‘Epsom’] penetration area, where three divisions are established.
KV 9840 1755 hrs 27 June Provides front line (grid references) of 12th SS Pz Div at 1130 hrs 27 June.
KV 9842 1827 hrs 27 June Provides evidence of some connection between a supply unit in Normandy & LVIII Pz Corps on 16 June.
KV 9864 2249 hrs 27 June Provides quite detailed summary of units under LXXXIV Corps’ command on evening 25 June, their allocated sectors & front line.
KV 9868 2338 hrs 27 June Provides a list of units subordinated to a battle group in the Cotentin peninsula on 23 June.

KV 9878 0024 hrs 28 June Describes arrival of reinforced 15th Para Regt as army group reserve in Raids area [SW of Carentan] on 25 June. 7th Army wants 6th Para Regt, currently subordinated to 17th SS PzGr Div, placed under II Para Corps. Latter continues to comprise 3rd Para Div & 352nd Inf Div. Describes enemy patrol activity & harassing fire. Also covers a 6th Para Regt personnel matter (see KV 9924 below).
KV 9884 0228 hrs 28 June At 1900 hrs 27 June 21st Pz Div reports having repulsed five attacks in the Château de la Londe area. Heavy losses on both sides. Luftwaffe support requested.
KV 9905 0955 hrs 28 June According to Pz Lehr Div’s flivo at 2230 hrs 27 June, schwerpunkt the following day will be on right flank.
KV 9911 1045 hrs 28 June Provides location (grid reference) of new position for Pz Lehr Div’s flivo at 2230 hrs 27 June.
KV 9918 1301 hrs 28 June At 0900 hrs 28 June schwerpunkt at Épron [N of Caen]. Allies attacking with air support, 21st Pz Div requests Luftwaffe protection. According to Germans, Allies likely to continue attacks southwards along the Orne.
KV 9921 1317 hrs 28 June Incomplete casualty report on 25 June provides data for 6th Para Regt & II Para Corps’ non-divisional personnel losses, but unclear what period is covered.
KV 9923 1340 hrs 28 June At 0400 hrs 28 June 12th SS Pz Div intends to regain “old main defence line” on railway, otherwise hold its positions.
KV 9924 1350 hrs 28 June Corrects a unit identification error in KV 9878 (see above).
KV 9932 1546 hrs 28 June At 1100 hrs 28 June I SS Pz Corps reports that German counter-attacks have achieved some success.
KV 9943 1629 hrs 28 June At 1000 hrs 28 June naval authorities at Cherbourg report central mole is still in German hands & no enemy attempt to force an entrance into harbour or begin minesweeping. Mole being shelled from land.
KV 9947 1653 hrs 28 June Describes front line, probably of Pz Lehr Div, at 1000 hrs 28 June.
KV 9954 1859 hrs 28 June At 1030 hrs 28 June I SS Panzer Corps has established a blocking front on ‘Epsom’ battlefield (line described). Appreciation late 27 June is that enemy is attacking on a three-division front from Hottot to Rots.
KV 9973 2058 hrs 28 June 10th SS Pz Div’s flivo refers to temporary suspension of communications but will be open again at 0430 hrs 29 June.
KV 9976 2135 hrs 28 June On 25 June I SS Pz Corps’ Quartermaster draws attention to logistical consequences of 24-hour fighting & requests corresponding allocation of ammunition. Despite repeated indents, no fuel has been provided for several days.
KV 9981 2204 hrs 28 June Enemy probes on 27 June on 17th SS PzGr Div’s front & also on Group Koenig’s front were repulsed. Strong enemy positions near Prétot-Sainte-Suzanne & Varenguebec. At 1700 hrs 28 June 21st Pz Div cites prisoners’ reports about Allied tank strength east of the Orne.
KV 9982 2207 hrs 28 June On 18 June Meindl (GOC II Para Corps) complains that coastal defence duties for 2nd & 5th Para divs means they are neglecting their mobile training, & asks for this to be remedied.
KV 9987 2229 hrs 28 June On 18 June II Para Corps’ battle HQ is at Château Bouillon near Le Pont Brocard [SW of St-Lô].
KV 9992 2246 hrs 28 June At 1300 hrs 28 June 12th SS Pz Div reports Allied tank concentration & imminent enemy attack. Pz Lehr Div prisoner collecting centre is 4 km west of Thury-Harcourt. According to wireless intercept, Allies have identified 1st SS Pz Div SE of Tessel-Bretteville.
KV 9999 2318 hrs 28 June Detailed I SS Pz Corps supply returns for 19, 21 & 25 June. No proforma explanation. Corps HQ is at Saint-Germain-le-Vasson [N of Falaise] on all three dates. On 19 June Corps states [supply] “situation assured” & lists deficiencies in heavy infantry guns, S-mines & close-quarters anti-tank weapons. “Motor transport accidents in night journeys mounting”.

DEFE 3/48

XL 4 2351 hrs 28 June At 1540 hrs 28 June Battle Group Keil [in NW Cotentin] is informed that two small vessels from Alderney will arrive at 2130 hrs that evening. See XL 111 below.

XL 13 0121 hrs 29 June On 25 June 6th Para Div is ordered to hasten the transport away of 16th Para Regt with all possible means.
XL 19 0305 hrs 29 June On 18 June II Para Corps asks Parachute Army to send arms & equipment allotted to 2nd Para Assault Gun Brigade to Rennes.
XL 27 0435 hrs 29 June At 2100 hrs 28 June LXXXVI Corps’ flivo reports no change in front line. Enemy tank concentration east of Orne & traffic towards the river [from the W] indicates attack soon, southwards & possibly to east.
XL 34 0523 hrs 29 June At 1300 hrs 28 June an unidentified flivo is interested in whether a second bridge has been built over River Orne at Ranville.
XL 44 0728 hrs 29 June LXXXVI Corps is subordinated to Pz Group West at 2100 hrs 28 June. 21st Pz Div is subordinated to LXXXVI Corps. Left corps boundary is railway Luc-sur-Mer to Épron to west of Caen.
XL 46 0802 hrs 29 June On basis of reports from Vichy, on 28 June French civilians say that coast from Sallenelles to Cabourg [east of Orne] will be bombarded that evening, with landings to follow.
XL 52 0911 hrs 29 June At 2000 hrs 28 June Pz Lehr Div reports enemy concentrations near Juvigny. Front line described. Intention is sealing off of Allied penetration.
XL 61 1025 hrs 29 June Late 28 June III Flak Corps reports that German counter-attack on both sides of Caen – Caumont road “came to a standstill”. Tourville evacuated. Germans re-took Gavrus. Describes construction of new defence line. Intention for 29 June is “narrowing down of penetration” [all on ‘Epsom’ battlefield].
XL 70 1325 hrs 29 June At 0500 hrs 29 June 9th SS Pz Div’s flivo reports that the division is moving up to attack that morning. Locates battle HQ. Counter-attack is against break-through west of Caen. Describes front line. At 0900 hrs attack is postponed.
XL 77 1432 hrs 29 June On 29 June XLVII Pz Corps’ flivo reports that at 0430 hrs Pz Lehr Div was subordinated to the corps. Further enemy glider landings observed near Bayeux. New right corps boundary to follow.
XL 92 1554 hrs 29 June At 2300 hrs 28 June 17th SS PzGr Div reports continuous fighter-bomber attacks on front line Périers – St-Lô & asks for bombing of enemy airfield in view of continuous landing of supplies there.
XL 95 1757 hrs 29 June At 1000 hrs 29 June Allies are exerting pressure from Baron to the south & east (latter is main effort). German attack west of the penetration has started. Report probably from I SS Pz Corps [Operation ‘Epsom’].
XL 102 1704 hrs 29 June 1st SS Pz, 9th SS Pz, 10th SS Pz & 12th SS Pz divs subordinated to I SS Pz Corps [sic – see XL 128 & XL 191] from midday 29 June. Also 7th Werfer Brigade.
XL 111 1922 hrs 29 June Efforts on night 28 June to contact Battle Group Keil by sea failed. Boat taking over urgent official correspondence on evening 29 June. See XL 4 above.
XL 113 1933 hrs 29 June On evening 28 June 17th SS PzGr Div reports heavy enemy road traffic, & shipping concentration off mouth of Vire. Lively enemy patrol activity in Group Koenig sector. Intentions unchanged.
XL 120 2013 hrs 29 June 9th SS Pz Div involved in attack since 1200 hrs 29 June.
XL 128 2106 hrs 29 June Pz Lehr Div subordinated to XLVII Pz Corps from 2000 hrs 28 June. Front line same as before, task is to hold main defence line. Div HQ transferring on night 29-30 June. Provides right boundary with II SS Pz Corps.
XL 135 2202 hrs 29 June Two small boats will attempt to bring supplies from Channel Islands to Battle Group Keil, to arrive 0300-0400 hrs 30 June.
XL 136 2203 hrs 29 June Describes 12th SS Pz Div’s front line (grid references) at 1300 hrs 29 June.
XL 137 2236 hrs 29 June At 1400 hrs 29 June II Para Corps complains of presence of Allied artillery spotting aircraft over St-Lô & for several miles to NE. “Considerable losses from Allied artillery fire. Fighters requested.”
XL 140 0258 hrs 30 June At midday 29 June III Flak Corps reports 60 enemy tanks in Baron area & unloading of 90 tanks per hour in Orne estuary. Also describes XLVII Pz Corps’ front line (grid references) at 1300 hrs 29 June.
XL 147 2329 hrs 29 June Provides data for II Para Corps’ casualties to 16 June (670 killed, wounded & missing). Also includes 2nd SS Pz Div Ib supply return dated 25 June: “supply situation assured”. Proforma return with suggested interpretations. 12th SS Pz Div claims more than 50 enemy tanks knocked out on 28 June.
XL 151 2343 hrs 29 June III Flak Corps reports that II SS Pz Corps moved up across line Bougy – ravine NW of Bougy – Brettevillette at 1000 hrs 29 June.
XL 152 2353 hrs 29 June At 1800 hrs 29 June LXXXVI Corps’ flivo states that enemy attack is anticipated east of the Orne. Urgent request for destruction of bridge near Bénouville.

XL 167 0445 hrs 30 June Provides 9th SS Pz Div’s front line (grid references) at 2100 hrs 29 June. Div requests fighter protection.
XL 170 0534 hrs 30 June Identifies Allied formations in ‘Epsom’ battle area on 29 June.
XL 175 0628 hrs 30 June At 1630 hrs 29 June II. Jagdkorps reports German troops attacking from Grainville area to NE. Bringing up of German forces across line Thury-Harcourt – St. Martin to ‘Epsom’ battlefield “considerably delayed” by enemy fighter-bombers cooperating with reconnaissance aircraft.
XL 189 1039 hrs 30 June Very late on 29 June 12th SS Pz Div’s intentions for next day are support of the fighting in collaboration with a “new” formation.
XL 191 1119 hrs 30 June At 2300 hrs 29 June 12th SS Pz Div appreciates that as a result of strong German counter-attack, enemy intends to withdraw to Caen – Grainville road.
XL 212 1444 hrs 30 June On evening 23 June I SS Pz Corps describes supply situation as “strained”. Insufficient ammunition supplied to match expenditure “caused by increased Allied pressure”. Not enough fuel. 21st Pz Div complains that failure to replenish ammo & fuel decisively weakens ability to withstand further attacks. Artillery ammo allotted 23 June will not arrive until 25 June. Identifies specific deficiencies. Corps supply return follows.
XL 221 1447 hrs 30 June Flivo, probably with 10th SS Pz Div, reports at 1730 hrs 29 June that his division moved up at noon to attack from Bougy to Gavrus. Gavrus was taken at 1500 hrs. Intentions are to attack NE to seize wood near the village. 17 Sherman tanks knocked out so far.
XL 226 1609 hrs 30 June Provides new location for LXXXVI Corps’ flivo very early on 30 June.
XL 227 1612 hrs 30 June At noon 30 June 9th SS Pz Div intends to counter-attack towards Cheux during night 30 June – 1 July.
XL 229 1651 hrs 30 June At 1200 hrs 30 June 9th SS Pz Div’s flivo reports Allied break-through & capture of Rauray. Allies using about five divisions. Describes front line. Earlier intentions to transfer 9th SS Pz Div HQ on night 30 June – 1 July cancelled. At 1000 hrs 30 June 10th SS Pz Div intends to attack at noon towards Baron.
XL 230 1714 hrs 30 June On morning 30 June Pz Lehr Div’s flivo states that gradual relief of his division by 276th Inf Div is to begin the same day.
XL 232 1745 hrs 30 June Clarifies left & right boundaries of Pz Lehr Div on morning 30 June.
XL 236 1943 hrs 30 June On 28 June consideration is given to evacuating some personnel from Channel Islands to reduce pressure to feed the garrison in the future.
XL 237 1948 hrs 30 June At 1000 hrs 30 June LXXXIV Corps reports that Allies have received reinforcements in southern Cotentin from newly landed units & as result of end of battle for Cherbourg. “Attack is expected on whole front”. German intention is defence of front line, regrouping & mobile defence of Marchésieux area.
XL 242 1951 hrs 30 June Lengthy & detailed (if incomplete) situation appreciation for period 19-25 June, by C-in-C West. Assesses enemy actions & likely intentions, especially offensive SE or E from Orne bridgehead towards the River Seine. U.S. forces focus on Cherbourg & use time to build up forces on their southern front. Lively patrolling, harassing fire, use of air power. British forces’ main effort is on their wings. Airfield construction. Allied offensives expected between start & middle of July. Precondition is gaining line Villers Bocage – River Orne north of Thury-Harcourt, capturing Caen & securing Orne bridgehead. U.S. divs released from Cherbourg can begin operations on 28 June, with main effort from 30 June. Schwerpunkt will be in Carentan area with aim to cut off & destroy forces in Périers – Lessay area before advance on Coutances. Allies are well-informed of German movements by recce & agents. Allied air power aims to interdict railway traffic to Normandy & render Germans immobile, with considerable success.
XL 244 1925 hrs 30 June Describes LXXXIV Corps’ front line at 1230 hrs 30 June. Identifies location of 353rd Inf Div’s battle HQ & its zone of activity.
XL 246 19?? hrs 30 June Abstract of undated Hitler order to C-in-C West, as relayed by SDC Dalmatia to his subordinates on 28 June. Basic purpose is to order personnel in encircled coastal strong points to fight to the last bullet, rather than withdraw, so as to buy time to facilitate recapture of coastal defences using reserves. Preparations must be undertaken to ensure all available personnel can fight effectively in coastal strong points at minimum notice.
XL 248 19?? hrs 30 June Provides location of 116th Pz Div’s battle HQ at 1130 hrs 30 June.
XL 249 1949 hrs 30 June On afternoon of 30 June 9th SS Pz Div urgently requests air support at first light on 1 July.

DEFE 3/49

XL 252 1020 hrs 30 June At 1415 hrs 30 June II. Jagdkorps tells 21st Pz Div that on 7th Army’s instructions its own schwerpunkt is in I SS Pz Corps’ area. But it will try to help anyway.
XL 254 2112 hrs 30 June At 1540 hrs 30 June SDC Channel Islands reports that Battle Group Keil’s efforts are nearing an end. Almost all artillery ammo is expended & guns have either been destroyed or are being prepared for destruction.
XL 259 2149 hrs 30 June 353rd Inf Div’s CO & Ia identified on 30 June. Pz Lehr Div’s front line is unchanged at 1030 hrs 30 June. At 1000 hrs the same day 10th SS Pz Div identifies enemy tank concentrations.
XL 266 2246 hrs 30 June 21st Pz Div reports Allied aircraft over its positions on morning 30 June. On afternoon 30 June 12th SS Pz Div describes its front line (grid references) & says there is a counter-attack by a “new formation” at midday.

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