Adolf Diekmann Noyers France

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Adolf Diekmann Noyers France

Post by Texbow » 25 Feb 2020 20:11

Infamous for the massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane. I'm trying to pinpoint his actually death location on June 29,30 1944 somewhere near Noyers-Bocage. The 1st Battalion of the Der Fuhrer SS Regiment 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich which Diekmann was in command was somewhere near Noyers-Bocage on June 29th.

My research tells me he was outside his command bunker and was hit in the head by either artillery fragments or by a sniper. He walked outside his bunker without his helmet. Some research states that he was near suicidal over the fact he was facing court martial for his actions at Oradour. I'm trying to locate his command post location on the 29th of June. The actually location of his death.

Division commander (late June 1944) Stadler started court martial proceedings against Diekmann and actually had a Divisional court proceeding sometime between June 10th and June 29th. Given the intense battle during that time (Operation Epsom, Dauntless etc) it seems it must have been a very serious matter for the German high command. Or maybe it was just for show. Regardless Diekmann was said to be distraught over the matter at the time of his death. Prior to the massacre at Oradour Diekmann was said to be the Soul of the 2nd SS Panzer Division and in high favor. Seems to me that more would have been recorded of his death and transport to an aid station or transport of his body etc. He was initially buried in a temporary grave at Banneville and in 1967 his body was moved to the cemetery at La Cambe Normandy. Sense Banneville is some distance south of Noyers Bocage and his body was buried there temporarily does this indicate that an aid station was in or near Banneville ? Given his rank and recent incident at Oradour I would expect more details of this death. There may be more info and I have just not been able to locate it or it's only recorded in French or German language.

If anyone has details of his command post location or location of death I would be most appreciative .

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Re: Adolf Diekmann Noyers France

Post by lastenausgleich » 10 Dec 2022 12:45

Bonjour! No specific info re Diekmann's command post but the probably most complete info on his career, including copies of two documents re his death which mention two different places, most likely erroneous identified in the "chaos" of those days. If you are interested please write to my private e-mail:
However, my text is writen in German

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