Squad level firepower comparisons

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Re: Squad level firepower comparisons

Post by Brady » 18 Apr 2022 16:25

Gary Kennedy wrote:
05 Apr 2022 20:36
Until fairly recently I would have been very sceptical of the SCR-536 in use by British units, even Airborne ones, but I have happened across a few references to the SCR-536 being earmarked to replace the No.38 set, at least in Air Landing Battalions. A post-war staff equipment table from Sep45 shows 50 SCR-536 for such a unit, plus 8 spare. The SCR-300 was also used by 6th Air Landing Brigade during Varsity, though not seemingly the SCR-536.

http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/ra ... ost-921738

If they were used by a British unit they'd have to fulfil the same role as the No.38, so primarily Platoon to Rifle Company links, and probably 3-in mortar dets. I've not seen a contemporary figure for issues of wireless to Parachute or Air Landing Battalions sadly, so everything is supposition only.

Came across these:



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