81 Infantry Div.

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Grant Stephensen
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81 Infantry Div.

Post by Grant Stephensen » 03 May 2002 05:08

I have a wehrpass of a soldier in the 81 Infantry Division and want to know where it was based in both France and Russia.

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Richard Murphy
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Lexicon der Wehrmacht

Post by Richard Murphy » 03 May 2002 06:41


First off, welcome to the Forum! :D

May I recommend you try looking at http://www.lexiconderwehrmacht.de? It is in German and not all units are listed, but the Infantry Divisions commanders, composition and deployments are pretty comprehensive. I reccommend bookmarking it, as I have found it invaluable, even though I nicht sprechensie Deutsch!

Of course, feel free to come back with specific questions.

I have just checked the Lexicon and it does indeed lists all the divisions deployments, but not the CO's. These are available right here on this site at http://www.skalman.nu/third-reich/heer- ... div-81.htm.

Regards from the Park,


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Post by Polynike » 03 May 2002 17:11

just checked feldgrau.com no luck there either

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