Want to find out my Grandfather's unit

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Want to find out my Grandfather's unit

Post by Bene » 28 Apr 2002 13:38


I have a big question, I even don't know if it's possible at all.... :-)
I want to find out my Grandfather's unit !? Maybe it's not possible, but it would be great!
Now I tell you what I know:

1.) He served at the Afrika Korps under Rommel.
2.) As far as I know he was a writer or something...
3.) He was captured and came to a POW camp in Texas.
4.) His name was Karl Winkelmayer.
5.) He came from Austria (don't know - is the address important?).

This is all! :-(
I don't know when he was captured, and I don't know his rank.

Please tell me are there some lists to look at? Is there anywhere a reference about the Afrikakorps where you can find out which soldiers were in Africa?

Thanks for your help in advance!



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Grandfather unit..

Post by Christoph Awender » 28 Apr 2002 14:07

Hallo Bene!

Du solltest einen Suchantrag bei der Veutschen Dienststelle WASt. stellen. Es dauert zwar einige Zeit (mitunter Monate) aber dort liegen die Personaldokumente aller Wehrmachtangehörigen auf.

Die Adresse: http://www.com-de.com/wast/frame.htm

Klicke - Suchantrag - und gib Deine und die Daten Deines Grßvaters an.


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Re: Grandfather's Unit

Post by Rasputin17 » 28 Apr 2002 14:19

Hi Bene

The only "Austrian" unit which served in Africa that I'm a aware of is the 334 Infantry Division which was raised in Wehrkreis XVII (Wien) and XVIII (Salzburg). It arrived in Africa in January 1943 and was put under the command of the 5th Panzerarmee.

Of course it would be helpful to know from which date on your grandfather served in Africa. Do you have that info ?



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