The dropping of parachutist from gliders?

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Re: The dropping of parachutist from gliders?

Post by CogCalgary » 08 Dec 2022 04:12

jwsleser wrote:
05 Dec 2022 19:44
Thank you the reply.

Yes the standard and reality can be different. 1 second between jumpers was more likely.

By 1941 the Italians were jumping with weapons and other equipment. They understood by late 1940 that pistols and grenades were not enough. There has been discussion on whether some of the FJ units jumped with weapons at Crete.

I can't speak with any authority to US or UK practice in WW2 as I haven't studied it (but have intensely studied the Italian experience), but 15 seconds between jumpers is far too long. That is a 11 km long DZ. This video states 18 men in 10 seconds at the 3:38 mark.

WW2 paratroopers weren't jumping anything like a fully loaded CWIE bag. When I was jumping in the 70s, we were butts to d***s at the door. When jumping out of C123s, you had to move fast around the wheel well to keep the stick moving as it was right next to the jump door.

Pista! Jeff
In Syria they jumped with fold up mopeds on at least one occasion.Described as a fold up bicycle with pedals and a tiny two stroke.Very small gas tank.

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