LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Piotr Kapuscinski » 13 Jan 2011 12:09

Harro - I think Allgemeine SS were listed only if they were not in Waffen SS at the same time.

Xristar - it seems they were listing also members of Allgemeine SS who died while serving in Wehrmacht. But if these members of Allgemeine SS were indeed included, it seems that the report is hardly close to complete regarding casualties of Allgemeine SS since there were a lot of Allgemeine SS-men serving in Wehrmacht.

By the time of the Polish Campaign of 1939 (according to Himmler's calculations from January of 1940) 175,000 out of the total of 250,000 "enlisted members" of Allgemeine SS served in Wehrmacht - I'm not sure though if this includes entire Wehrmacht or only those units which invaded Poland had 175,000 Allgemeine SS-men in their ranks.

Vast majority of those 175,000 served in Wehrmacht's ground forces (Heer) of course.
Thanks, very interesting, and surprising: I believed them to be quite lower.
These numbers are from divisional history by F. J. Strauss (as well as those for Kybfels and Marburg).

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by xristar » 11 Nov 2011 13:26

Hi there,
I recently bought Karl-Heiz Golla's book "Der Fall Griechenlands 1941" and I found out possibly a fact that I had been specualting: that the LSSAH didn't fight alone but together with a detachment from 9. Panzerdivision.
This fact is clear in Golla's description of the events up to the battle of Vevi on 12 April. Vorausabteilung Apell from the 9th Panzer consisted apparently from the staff of the 9th Schutzen brigade, the 9th recce battalion, the II/9 schutzen battalion, the II/102 artillery btn (minus a battery) and other smaller elements.
The problem is that this unit apparently disappears afterweards. Not only that, but the provided description of the battle of Kleisoura on 13 and 14 April does not match the Greek description.

Basically, while the Greek sources make it pretty clear that the Germans arrived from two directions, and attacked in force in the afternoon of 13 April, destroying the Greek I/87 infantry battalion, with the Greeks losing 50 killed and unknown number of wounded and prisoners, Golla's description gives the impression that the action was fought more or less on 14 April alone (literally).

Assuming that Lehmann's history of the LSSAH (Gola's more or less only source) is complete and does not ommit actions of the LSSAH, it seems to me as likely that units NOT belonging to the LSSAH (Vorausabteilung Apell?) engaged the Greeks agressively on 13 April in the area of Lehovo, north of Kleisoura.
To that compounds the fact that LSSAH's recorded casualties apparently are only 9 killed and 18 wounded on 14 April, when from the Greek side there seem to have been at least a few hundred on 13 and 14 April (a Greek magazine's article estimated the Greek casualties as around 300 killed and wounded).

I wil not go into the 15 April battle for Kastoria, because the description is again confused, there are no casualties mentioned and again the only source provided is Lehmann.

PS Golla's footnotes give as a source LSSAH's history by Lehmann as well as Heinz Richter's book (itself not a detailed operational account but rather a conventional summary).

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Lannes » 13 Nov 2011 23:20

That's an interesting idea. The 9. Panzer was passing through the Leibstandarte on the 13th, so it's quite possible.
If it's not an indiscrete question, does Golla's book mention 9PD's KG v. Koeppen and it's actions on the 13th?
best regards
Aris Kosionidis

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by xristar » 14 Nov 2011 11:24

The Vorasuabteilung Apell was detached forward from the bulk of 9. PD and fought next to LSSAH at Vevi. It's clearly the "two battalions" that the Greek official history mentions attacking the Greek I/88 battalion, as both (Greek and Golla's German) descriptions of the action agree. For the next day however the actions of the Vorausabteilung are not explained. The Vorausabteilung Apell as well as various of its constituend elements appear later on 14 April, fighting togetehr with the bulk of the 9. PD. (Golla's practice is to describe the action by time order rather than topically. So you'll have the action of 11-12 april as one chapter, 13-15 another. Following units through the narrative can be difficult.)

Golla's book is excellent when it comes to describing the German-British actions. If you understand German I advise you to buy the book.

The actions of KG Koppen on 13 April are given in pages 232 and 233.
Panzer Regiment 33, under Oberst v. Koeppen, on the morning of 13 April was concentrated around Bitola (Monastir), when it received the order to pursue the enemy along the road Vevi-Ptolemaida-Kozani. The top of the tank column arrived at Vevi at 10.00 and by 12.30 they were exiting from the Klidi Pass to the locations that until a few hours ago were occupied by British troops. Behind the tanks comes artillery battalion II/102 (my note: which was part of Vor.abt. Apell). The arriving Krad-schutzen battalion 59 goes from either side of lake Himaditis to the south. At 15.15 the tanks arrive and cross through Ptolemaida without resistance. The reconnaissance elements report that 1km to the south there is a deep and 3m wide irrigation ditch, whose road bridge is demolished. Some 2km south-east from Ptolemaida the land rises by about 300-500 meters on both sides of the road, and is occupied by the enemy. From there the enemy opens fire with machineguns and antintanks against the first vehicles that come out of Ptolemaida. Trying to find a way around the obstacle the reconnaissance finds a way west from Ptolemaida and south of the village Asvestopetra. The area is swampy and crossed by several irrigation ditches but is determined to be crossable by the Panzers. Oberst Koeppen gives the order for the tanks to follow this route at slow pace and with scouts marching on foot in front of them. One after another the vehicles come out of the swamp and take battle deployment as they come under fire. They attack toward the road Ptolemaida-Kozani and the enemy tries in vain to stop the about 30 Panzers with an AT platoon, some field guns and some cruiser and light tanks. Some Panzers are shot but the mass continues and eliminates some enemy guns and vehicles. At 19.00 attacks the KradSchutzen battalion 59 from Ptolemaida along the road toward the enemy infantry occupying the high ground around the village of Proastio. With the Panzers on their rear they were retreating already when the attack began. As darkness comes north of the village Mavropiye and less than 2km west of the road the Panzers find themsleves again in a tank battle as Cruiser tanks from the north-east are coming, but the battle is short and the Panzers prove again superior. Due to the darkness aimed fire is no longer possible and the enemy can disengage. The pursuing Panzers are forced to stop after barely 5km at the village of Pontokomi, because they have exhausted their fuel. Supply vehicles cannot arrive because the Klidi Pass is hopelessly jammed from the movement of the LSSAH and 9. Panzer division through it. Only on 14 April can the victory be assessed. Next to some wounded the PazRgt 33 has lost 2 PzIV, one Pz II and one Pz I heavily damaged. The British have next to some dead, lost 32 armoured vehicles, mostly Crusiers (also some VI light tanks and some Bren carriers) mostly from mechanical failures and not battle damage, 2 portee-2pdr and some trucks.

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Ste » 02 Feb 2012 22:12

Another one:

Nachname: van de Borght
Vorname: Waldemar
Dienstgrad: Soldat
Geburtsdatum: 11.12.1922
Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 10.04.1941

Buried at the Kriegsgräberstätte in Dionyssos-Rapendoza.

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Ste » 26 Oct 2012 12:34

Hello,I gathered all the names we have (34) of the KIA and put them in a list written in cronological order.

SS-Mann Heinz Bohn 2.12.1920 - 10.4.1941 2./AA 1
SS-Mann Waldemar van der Borght 11.12.1922 - 10.4.1941
SS-Mann Helmut Doll 29.10.19 - 10.4.1941
Oberscharführer Georg Koch 4.4.1914 - 10.4.1941 3./LAH
Rottenführer Ferdinand Koops 14.11.1920 - 10.4.1941
Soldat Egon Krischik 25.9.1920 - 10.4.1941
SS-Mann Willi Moser 10.11.1918 - 10.4.1941 2./AA 1

SS-Mann Herbert Birk 25.12.1922 - 11.4.1941 4./AA 1
SS-Mann Willi Farken 1.3.1921 - 11.4.1941 4./AA 1
Sturmmann Gerhard Füllert 11.11.1921 - 11.4.1941

Sturmmann Horst Ahrens 17.10.1921 - 12.4.1941
Sturmmann Herbert Born 13.4.1920 - 12.4.1941
Sturmmann Horst Fuhlert 17.11.1918 - 12.4.1941
Sturmmann Harald Hilmer 28.1.1922 - 12.4.1941
Sturmmann Johann Maurer 16.4.1919 - 12.4.1941
Unterscharführer Siegfried Richter - 12.4.1941 3./LAH
Sturmmann Wilfried Ropeter 11.8.1922 - 12.4.1921
Sturmmann Friedrich Schumacher 31.7.1922 - 12.4.1941 3./LAH
Untersturmfuhrer Franz Witt 21.9.1913 - 12.4.1941

Rottenführer Heinz Böhme 23.1.1917 - 14.4.1941 1./AA 1
SS-Mann Bernhard Furche 4.3.1922 - 14.4.1941 1./AA 1
Rottenföhrer Adolf Pohl 11.11.1918 - 14.4.1941 2./AA 1
SS-Mann Heinz Poppmüller 15.2.1920 - 14.4.1941 1./AA 1
Rottenführer Erich Quast 13.5.1918 - 14.4.1941 1./AA 1
SS-Mann Karl Rapp 14.12.1921 - 14.4.1941 1./AA 1
Hauptsturmfuhrer Rudolf Schröder 9.11.1907 - 14.4.1941 1./AA 1

SS-Mann Alois Bergler - 15.4.1941 2./AA 1
SS-Mann Günther Kinser 28.6.1920 - 15.4.1941 3./AA 1
Sturmmann Erich Krüger 21.6.1921 - 15.4.1921
Unterscharführer Hans Lölgen 9.8.1920 - 15.4.1941 4./AA 1
SS-Mann Horst Zimmermann 10.12.1921 - 15.4.1941 3./AA 1

Rottenführer Georg Schmieja 16.5.1919 - 16.4.1941

Sturmmann Paul Plociennick 2.3.1921 - 18.4.1941
Rottenführer Karl Siebert 30.1.1919 - 18.4.1941

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Ste » 23 Nov 2012 14:44

SS-Mann Martin Buse 13.1.1924 - 11.4.1941 Klidipass 2/LSSAH

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by j keenan » 14 Jan 2013 11:20

k.i.a. 4.41
Ahrens, Horst, d.o.b.17.10.21-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Albrecht, Hans, d.o.b. 7.4.20-11.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Bauer, Albert, d.o.b. 16.12.18, Died of wounds 12.4.41, Stab.II/Art.Rgt.1,SS-Rttf.
Beier, Rolf, d.o.b. 9.2.21-10.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Benner, Otto, d.o.b. 20.4.20, Died of wounds 4.41, 3.Kw.Kol./Nachsch.Kdo. SS-Mann
Berger, Alois, d.o.b. 21.12.21, Died of wounds 15.4.41, 2/AA1, SS-Mann
Böhme, Heinz, d.o.b. 23.1.17-14.4.41, 1/AA1, SS-Rttf.
Bohn, Walter, d.o.b. 2.12.20-10.4.41, 2/AA1, SS-Mann
van de Borght, Waldemar, d.o.b. 11.12.21-10.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Born, Herbert, d.o.b. 13.4.20-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Brandhoff, Eugen, d.o.b.25.5.17-12.4.41 or 10.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Rtff.
Buse, Martin, d.o.b.23.1.24-11.4.41, 2/LAH, SS-Mann
Ceynowa, Reinhard, d.o.b. 16.2.19-19.4.41, 6/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Uscha.
Claus, Johann, d.o.b. 6.5.13, Died of wounds 10.4.41, 1.Kp.V/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Dejonge, Heinrich, d.o.b. 6.10.19, Died of wounds 10.4.41, 6/LAH, SS-Mann
Birk, Herbert, d.o.b. 25.12.22-11.4.41, 4/AA1, SS-Mann
Doll, Helmut, d.o.b.29.10.19, Died of wounds 10.4.41, 4/AA1, SS-Mann
Engel, Harry, d.o.b. 17.1.21-18.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Farken, Willi, d.o.b. 1.3.21-11.4.41, 4/AA1, SS-Mann
Fiedler, Erhard, d.o.b. 9.11.21-15.4.41, 13/LAH, SS-Strm.
Fuhlert, Horst, d.o.b. 27.11.18-12.4.41 4/LAH, SS-Strm.
Füllert, Gerhard, d.o.b. 11.11.21-11.4.41, 10/LAH, SS-Strm.
Furche, Bernhard, d.o.b. 4.3.22-14.4.41, 1/AA1, SS-Mann
Grosse, Heinz, d.o.b. 6.1.21-11.4.41, 6/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Mann
Gotz, Werner, d.o.b. 26.9.20-13.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Strm.
Hamann, Alfred, d.o.b. 3.11.21, Died of wounds 14.4.41, 4/Art.Rgt.1,SS-Mann
Heinzmann, Karl, d.o.b. 21.6.19-12.4.41, 10/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Hempel, Kurt, 14.5.22, Killed by accident 29.4.41, 1Kp.V/LAH
Hill, Georg, d.o.b.24.4.20-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Hilmer, Harald, d.o.b. 28.1.22-12.4.41, 7/LAH, SS-Strm.
Hirsch, Hans, d.o.b.29.1.21, Died of wounds 12.4.41, 10/LAH, SS-Mann
Hockauf, Alois, d.o.b. 11.3.21-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Hoffmann, Karl, d.o.b. 9.2.19-19.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Hoffmann, Walter, d.o.b. 2.10.19-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Hülfemann(Hülsemann), Gerhard, d.o.b. 4.9.20-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Hündsdörfer, Karl-Heinz, d.o.b. 7.6.18-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Kaul,Max, d.o.b. 3.11.20-18.4.41, Stab.I/LAH, SS-Mann
Kinser, Günther, d.o.b. 28.6.20-15.4.41, 3/AA1, SS-Strm.
Klöckner, Heinz, d.o.b. 6.6.22-11.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Koch, Georg, d.o.b. 4.4.14-10.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Oscha.
Koops, Ferdinand, d.o.b. 14.11.20-4.41, 5/LAH, SS-Mann
Krainer, Leo, d.o.b. 28.6.12-12.4.41, 8/LAH, SS-Uscha.
Krischik, Egon, d.o.b. 25.9.20, Died of wounds 10.4.41, 5/LAH, SS-Mann
Krüger, Erich, d.o.b. 21.6.21-15.4.41, 13/LAH, SS-Strm.
Krupp, Leo, d.o.b. 9.4.21-12.4.4, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Kunz, Otto, d.o.b. 17.12.22-10.4.41, 2/Nachr.Abt.1, SS-Mann
Lauk, Karl, d.o.b. 20.2.20-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Lederer, Johann, d.o.b. 16.3.20-19.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Lenz, Herbert, d.o.b. 11.12.20-12.4.41, 4.Kp.V/LAH, SS-Strm.
Lienau, Walter, d.o.b. 5.6.06-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Uscha.
Lietz, Arthur, d.o.b. 26.2.21, Died of wounds 15.4.41, 2/LAH, SS-Mann
Lölgen, Johannes, d.o.b. 9.8.20-15.4.41, 4/AA1, SS-Uscha.
Mathisek, Max, d.o.b. 18.4.22-12.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Matschulat, Helmuth, d.o.b. 5.4.13-14.4.41, 6/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Maurer, Johann, d.o.b. 16.4.19-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Mohr, Siegfried, d.o.b. 5.11.15-11.4.4, 1/LAH, SS-Uscha.
Moser, Wilhelm, d.o.b. 10.11.18-10.4.41 or 11.4.41, 2/AA1, SS-Mann
Myslik, Rolf, d.o.b. 11.5.20-12.4.41or 18.4.41, 2/LAH, SS-Mann
Orlsberger, Josef, d.o.b. 21.2.19-18.4.41, Stab.I/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Peitsch, Paul, d.o.b. 15.9.20-15.4.41, 4/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Strm.
Plociennick, Paul, d.o.b. 2.3.21-18.4.41, 13/LAH, SS-Mann
Pohl, Adolf, d.o.b. 11.11.18-13.4.41, 2/AA1, SS-Rttf.
Pohl, Harry, d.o.b. 6.8.22-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Pollack, Friedrich, d.o.b. 12.2.21-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Poppmüller, Heinz, d.o.b. 15.2.20-14.4.41, 1/AA1, SS-Mann
Quast, Erich, d.o.b. 13.5.18-14.4.41, 1/AA1, SS-Rttf.
Räcke, Gerhard, d.o.b. 12.1.20-12.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Räde, Heinz, d.o.b. 10.8.19-12.4.41, 7/LAH, SS-Strm.
Rambow, Hans, d.o.b. 7.1.21-11.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Mann
Rapp, Karl, d.o.b. 14.12.21-14.4.41, 1/AA1, SS-Mann
Rath, Helmut, d.o.b. 21.1.22-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Reim, Josef, d.o.b. 13.1.22-16.4.41, 6/LAH, SS-Mann
Römpin, Joachim, d.o.b. 9.11.16-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Uscha.
Ropeter, Wilfried, d.o.b. 11.8.22-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Strm.
Schack, Alfred, d.o.b. 17.9.19-13.4.41, I/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Schenderlein, Günther, d.o.b. 20.10.21-15.4.41, 5/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Mann
Schmalz, Ludwig, d.o.b. 27.12.21-12.4.41, 7/LAH, SS-Mann
Schneider,Karl-Horst, d.o.b. 3.6.20-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Schröder, Rudolf, d.o.b. 9.11.07-14.4.41, 1/AA1, SS-Hstuf.
Schumacher, Friedrich, d.o.b. 31.1.22-12.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Strm.
Seller, Karl-Heinz, d.o.b. 27.9.16-12.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Mann
Sick, Franz, d.o.b. 27.4.19-12.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Strm.
Sieber, Friedrich, d.o.b. 8.5.19-10.4.41, Stab.I/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Rttf.
Siebert, Karl, d.o.b. 30.1.19-18.4.41, 2/LAH, SS-Rttf.
Silmbroth, Kurt, d.o.b. 1.8.21, Died of wouds 15.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Sparrer, Wilhelm, d.o.b. 10.9.22-12.4.41, 1/LAH, SS-Mann
Stöckler, Josef, d.o.b. 8.6.22-19.4.41, 2/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Streich, Hans, d.o.b. 13.11.21, Died of wounds 14.4.41, 10/LAH, SS-Mann
Streu,Walter, d.o.b. 16.10.15-19.4.41, Stab/LAH, SS-Uscha.
Thauer, Helmuth, d.o.b. 26.7.21, Died of wounds 15.4.41, 6/LAH, SS-Strm
Transmantiner, Matthias, d.o.b. 26.4.08-17.4.41, 6/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Oscha.
Uelze, Fritz, d.o.b. 1.2.21-15.4.41, 13/LAH, SS-Mann
Ulc, Werner, d.o.b. 15.7.22-15.4.41, 5/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Mann
Wäder, Otto, d.o.b. 12.5.17-12.4.41, 7/LAH, SS-Strm.
Wallbaum, Gerhard, d.o.b. 11.10.22-11.4.41, 2/LAH, SS-Mann
Weber, Walter, d.o.b. 7.10.21-12.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Mann
Wenhart, Josef, d.o.b. 5.9.15-15.4.41, 2/Art.Rgt.1, SS-Uscha.
Werner, Robert, d.o.b. 11.9.21-12.4.41, 3/Pi.Btl.1, SS-Mann
Witt, Franz, d.o.b. 21.9.13-10.4.41, 3/LAH, SS-Ustuf.
Zimmermann, Horst, d.o.b. 10.12.21-15.4.41, 3/AA1, S-Strm.
These two are mentioned in Twelve years with Hitler
can't find any other source though
Henke, Alfred, ki.a 4.41, 5/LAH could be Henke, Gottfried, d.o.b 25.7.19, Strm.
Seifer, Walter, k.i.a. 11.4.41, 1/LAH

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Harro » 14 Jan 2013 16:02

Harro wrote:In addition: all veterans from 2./AA LAH I've interviewed still remember those two names, Moser and Bohn. They do because for all the young men who entered service in Metz during the formation of the AA LAH (and 2./AA was formed mainly with fresh recruits with the "veterans" from Poland and the Western Campaign forming the 1/AA) these were the first ever casualties. That day in Bitolj, "training was over and the war had begun".
In addition, a veteran:

„Von Larissa sind wir nach Bitolj zurückgefahren Dort waren wir noch mal bei den Gräbern von Moser und Bohn. Die sind dann noch später umgebettet worden. Wir sind dann mit der Bahn nach Brünn gefahren. Panzermeyer war zu dieser Zeit im Urlaub.“

It shows the impact those first two casualties had on a new company.

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Ste » 14 Jan 2013 17:45

simply excellent!!!

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by CHARLEMAGNE 4 » 27 Nov 2014 08:32

My post its not a ''direct'' answer to the threat,but may can help indirectly.

1) In Greece there are two large German military cemeteries:
A. The cemetery in Rapentosa (near Athens) where 9973 burials of which 9.905 during the Second World War.
B. The cemetery in Maleme (Crete) with 4,465 burials all during the Second World War.

2) However there are 437 points buried Germans,most probable number of German World War II casualties should be considered the number of 15,000 dead.
The Germans in the 1980s gave quite clear elements prosegkizoun number of 15,000 dead.

3) A large number of Germans killed in the battle of ''Metaxas Line'', buried in Bulgaria. Those killed in the battle of Kastoria, the Germans took with them.

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by CHARLEMAGNE 4 » 27 Nov 2014 08:52

According to the book ''The Italo-German offensive against Greece'' or ''Griechenland im Zweiten Weltkrieg'' by HEINZ A. RICHTER,at page 490,saying about LSSAH casualties,after the battle of KLIDION.
53 dead...153 wounded...3 missing.

Also,Hitler at 4 May 1941,at one of his speeches in the Reichstag,that During the campaign in South-Eastern Europe,the TOTAL German casualties was : 1.099 dead...3.752 wounded....385 missing

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Harro » 27 Nov 2014 09:13

CHARLEMAGNE 4 wrote:Those killed in the battle of Kastoria, the Germans took with them[/u].
Clearly not all of them. At least Lölgen, Zimmermann and Kinzer are burried at Rapendoza.

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by MarkN » 02 Oct 2015 15:24

xristar wrote: My question is if anyone knows the casualties that the LSSAH suffered, both in total as also in the separate battles. I'm interested particularly about the battles against the Greeks in Western Macedonia between 13 and 15 April.
There is a 16 page report dated 30 April 1941 of LSSAH operations 6-29 April 1941, Anlagen 97a zum KTB 2, XXXX.AK. It records for...

... 10-13 April ...
Gefallen: 1 Fuhrer (Witt), 4 Unterofficier & 32 Mannshaften
Verwundert: 3 Fuhrer, 14 Unterofficier & 81 Mannshaften
Vermisst: 2 Mannshaften
Gefangene: 480 Englander (sic) & 120 Griechen

... 14 April ...
Gefallen: 1 Fuhrer (Schroeder) & 6 Mannshaften
Verwundert: 1 Fuhrer, 3 Unterofficier & 14 Mannshaften
Gefangene: 1 Rgt.Kdr., 2 Btl Kde., 16 Officiere und uber 600 Mannshaften

... 15 April ...
Gefallen: 4 Mannshaften
Verwundert: 6 Mannshaften
Gefangene: uber 12,000

The grand totals for the timeframe (which includes Macedonia/Yugoslavia) is recorded as:
Gefallen: 2 Fuhrer, 7 Unterofficier & 63 Mannshaften
Verwundert: 9 Fuhrer, 38 Unterofficier & 199 Mannshaften
Vermisst: 3 Mannshaften

These details tally with what has been posted earlier by others using secondary sources. In effect, you now know where they (the books' authors) got their information from. :wink:

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Re: LSSAH casualties in Greece 1941

Post by Harro » 04 Oct 2015 18:54

I'd make that "verwundet" (wounded) instead of "verwundert" (surprised) ;)

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