Information about Pilot/plane crewmember

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Information about Pilot/plane crewmember

Post by moritzthekiller » 29 Dec 2021 14:03


I recently aquirred a medal bar with a shoulder board and a Schützenschnur. The name and parts of the history of the owner are know. I still want to get more information about him, like regiment, plane, etc. His shoulder board indicates, that he was an Unterfeldwebel in the flying Department (yellow piping). The medal bar shows, that he was in the Luftwaffe early, as he has two Anschlussmedaillen (1938), 4 year long service and an iron cross second class, but with the very early round 3 (awarded 1939 to mid 1940).

So all of his info: Unterfeldwebel Franz Kretzschmar born 1911, pilot or plane crewmember, joined pre-war, supposedly shot down behind enemy lines and fought his way back -> awarded the iron cross, survived the war.

I hope you can help me to gather more information about him and maybe even find a picture of him! That'd be awesome!

Greetings from Germany!

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