Luftwaffe vs RAF

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Re: Luftwaffe vs RAF

Post by ljadw » 06 Feb 2021 20:55

gracie4241 wrote:
13 Nov 2019 21:38
The fighter v fighterv fighter loss ratio, although complicated, nevertheless shows the media perception/presentation is grossly distorted.I have NEVER seen a movie of any kind where Spitfires are clubbing ME-109's like baby seals.This is the public(and wrong) perception.All the publicity about "the Finest and their exploits overshadows a great performance by the Me-109 pilots, who stayed in action longer and frequently flew more sorties.BTW, until changed, Goering's insistence on close escort of his bombers meant the german fighters were often low and slow, and bounced from higher altitude;as a principal advantage of the me-109 was its "verticality".
Goering's order of close escort was correct : bombers were more important than fighters .

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