German plane BV222

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German plane BV222

Post by PF » 02 Oct 2007 02:25

German Plane BV222 Shot down VB-105 #63917 23 Oct 1943.
Query from relative of crewman at
Subject: LOSS OF BUNO 63917


My Mother's cousin Ens James O'Hara was aboard BUNO 63917. I was unable to open the web site listed in the "UPDATE" re the shoot down.

I am most interested in learning more about that day's action.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Howard Rundell
Captain USNR(Ret)

Can anyone help?

AL Schlageter
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Post by AL Schlageter » 10 Oct 2007 11:20

You might get some help on this board:

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Re: German plane BV222

Post by Cantankerous » 19 May 2022 01:26

According to the RAF Commands Forum: "On 22 October 1943 a PB4Y-1 of VB-105, BuNo. 63917, side no. B-2, PPC Lt. Thomas R. Evert, had a a chance encounter with a BV 222 over the Bay of Biscay. The two planes saw each other only as both broke cloud and openend fire. The flying boat suffered quite some damages and one crew member was killed, but they made it back to Biscarosse, while the downing of the Liberator is evidenced by photographs that the BV 222's co-pilot took during these dramatic moments.

Incredibly, the Luftwaffe identified the downed plane as being an Lancaster, even though the photos clearly showed it as being a Liberator."

For some odd reason, the PB4Y-1 Liberator (originally built as a B-24D for the USAAF and given the serial number 42-40809 when delivered to the Army Air Force) shot down over the Bay of Biscay was misidentified by the Luftwaffe as an Avro Lancaster. On the other hand, the Navy believed that the PB4Y-1 BuNo 63917 had been attacked by a U-boat.

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