The appearance of radio and its influence on wars

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The appearance of radio and its influence on wars

Post by IrisIris » 18 May 2021 10:18

Hi everybody.
Surely people have realized the importance of communication in wars. If in the Middle Ages, news delivery took weeks or even months to receive. Sometimes they are marches that become delayed. The advent of radio waves made radio transmission shortened to units of seconds.
Radio waves were first identified and studied by the German physicist Heinrich Hertz in 1886. The first practical radio transmitters and receivers were developed around 1895-6 by Guglielmo Marconi of Italy and Radio began to be used commercially around 1900.
Beginning in the 20s of the 20th century. Radios flourished and they became popular in the military. All devices are equipped with radios to be able to transmit messages. This is also the cause of massacres, world war 2. This is quite important when today we develop radio to a new level when it is no longer just communication. Radio waves can detect obstacles, hypersonics, and many other things.

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Re: The appearance of radio and its influence on wars

Post by OpanaPointer » 18 May 2021 12:29

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