British maps

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Erik E
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British maps

Post by Erik E » 22 Feb 2004 00:52


In 1943-44, the RAF photographed allmost every German strongpoint, battery, airfield+++ along with harbours and cities in Norway.

Afterwards a LOT of maps were made, each with "key" to the various notes on the maps, and in some occations detailed scetches.

I know that most of these maps have found their way over here after the war, but thay are difficult to find! In Norwegian archives, they seem to give most priority to deal with older history, and if you ask for these maps, no one can give good answers.

I was wondering if there is any way I can get these maps from England???
The ones I have got so far are usually a "bad copy of a poor copy"

Erik E

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Christian Ankerstjerne
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Post by Christian Ankerstjerne » 22 Feb 2004 00:56

I have a copy of a silk map, used by RAF pilots. It's in quite good condition, but its size makes it more or less impossible to scan with any useable results...


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Erik E
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Post by Erik E » 22 Feb 2004 19:42

I am aware of these silk maps, but what I am after is much more detailed!

Each map comes with a page of text, explaining the numbered items.
I have appox. 50-60 maps of various locations, but the total number of maps covering entire Norway has to be atleast 1000!!!

Like this:
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Post by stril » 23 Feb 2004 20:51

Perhaps the following lines can help you providing the maps you are looking for, or others if needed.

The maps are among GSGS Misc publications prodused for inclusion in Inter-Service Topographical Dept.(ISTD) reports.
Those ISTD reports are held in Public Record Office, PRO Class 252
An exaple is ISTD/B/231 "Special Report Central Jæren & the Stavanger Peninsula"
Adress to PRO:
Public Records Office
Ruskin Avenue
Surrey TW9 4DU
The mapping survey included Coastal studies(MarGeo) and airstudies(LuftGeo), also Target maps and Flak Maps. Im not sure if thes last ones are at PRO, but they are not at Imperial War Museum, neither the Ministry of Defence.
A suggestion for those can be:
The RAF Museum
Graham Park Way
Middlesex NW9 5LL
In Norway there are several copies available in the archives, but its sometimes difficult to get permission to browse and find the maps.Reason can be among that the archive questioned are restricted.That is the case for the Org.Todt in Norway, and Bauleitung Luftwaffe.The archives have lots of names, some traitors, quislings and so on, so you need a very special reason to be allowed.
Another issue is the lack of resources, you mention 300 years of history, imagine having miles after miles with papers, and they are just a mess.It does take some time to organize and make proper lists.Because of the nature of the archives not all can be allowed in fixing them.

In Norway you may contact the:
Military Defence Museum
Oslo mil/Akershus
0015 OSLO 1

Or you can try the national archive, among those archives are the Bureau of Enemy Property(Industrial Dept.), that might be a place to start. Adress:
National Archive
Postboks 10 Kringsjå
Oslo 8
Some of the infos are also found in the more local archives, try to contact those too.In these there can be some problems if the archives/maps are donated. Sometimes the donator sets restrictions for its use. I have seen copies made out of copies purchased from Bundesarchive made "Restricted".
If you are not certain what you want, ask for a list on the miltary archives, and if they have, a more detailed list of the archives you are looking for.
And as mentioned before, be spesific about your questions. imaging having 100 meters of papers in front of you, and you are trying to find the single paper or map, it does take some time if you dont have a list.
Ill hope this can be useful.


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