seeking records of Stug Battery 247 and 90th Pz.Gren.Div.

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seeking records of Stug Battery 247 and 90th Pz.Gren.Div.

Post by tzt4 » 19 Jan 2021 04:31

Hi all,
I am seeking records of Stug Battery 247 during its short existence Mar - Dec 1943. Really trying to determine its narrative and amount of combat experience, based on record references. Also its milestone events with dates such as: its Mar 1943 establishment based on the 1./Stug.Abt.911, transfer to Sardinia, move to Corsica, move to mainland, disbanding and personnel transfer to the Stug.Abt.902.

Also the 90th Pz.Gren.Div to which it was attached for much of the time, from Jun - Sep 1943.

I have a good start with its Stug strength from BAMA RH-10/62, which also has various parent commands/subordinations as it deployed to Sardinia, then withdrew to Corsica then to mainland Italy.

Various secondary source narratives and a few primary sources I have (below) describe its time in Sardinia as non-combat and Sep.43 withdrawal uncontested. However in Corsica there were partisan attacks until it evacuated in early Oct.43. I seek the primary source records that support the narratives.
  • Tessin. "06 - Die Landstreitkraefte 71-130.pdf"
  • wikipedia
  • FMS-C095C
  • NARA T78, R406
  • AOK10 and AOK 14 records do not seem to cover these two units.
90.Pz.Gren.Div is not well covered for this time period in NARA rolls. The one possibility T315, R1161, item 77152/2, is not available per
Ob.Sud and H.Gr. C seem not well covered during this time either. H.Gr.C's Roll 8, record R8 75138/12 Nov42-Sep44, was not helpful.

There exists BAMA's RH 41/95 „Sturmgeschütz-Batterie 247, 395, 659, 660, 665 - 667, 741, 742“ Does anyone have this?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Tom Z

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