Finding aid for Captured German Documents "PG"

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Finding aid for Captured German Documents "PG"

Post by Darkstar130 » 31 Oct 2020 09:23


I have quite a bit of things from the Bundesarchiv on U-Boats and the Kriegsmarine, almost all of them have a stamp that reads "Property of the Admiralty along with PG-XXXXXX X=number. I can't even seem to find the ADM subcategory in the National Archives UK, which I've learned that their entire "Captured Enemy Document Section" is not in that Archive anymore, it's in the Admiralty Archive, which is barely a website with no fidning aids or anything.
If anyone has anything I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Finding aid for Captured German Documents "PG"

Post by Mori » 31 Oct 2020 11:01

I thought they shipped back documents to Germany like the Americans did, but maybe the British kept them.

The British microfilmed many documents (also like the Americans did). I have a searching aid crossing PG numbers, T-numbers (= British microfilms) and T1022 numbers (=US microfilms). Email me to get it.

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Re: Finding aid for Captured German Documents "PG"

Post by dterrier » 10 Dec 2020 09:55

Hello Mori

They are many PGxxxx numbers I do not find at NARA. Perhaps they are at National Archive UK. The finding aid can maybe dissolve this problem?

Dirk T

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Re: Finding aid for Captured German Documents "PG"

Post by Natter » 11 Dec 2020 11:58

There are two guides available online (ref attached examples):
* The alphabetical list of Kriegsmarine-units witch lists the relevant PG-numbers (103 pages)
* The PG-lists with corresponding roll-numbers (263 pages)

Obviously, there are thousands of PG-numbers missing from the guides though. I can only assume that those documents were never microfilmed (?).

There must have been a complete PG-index at some point, and I'd love to get a copy of it...

There certainly are a lot of physical german documents originating from Royal Navy archives available in the british national archives (TNA), but I have never seen any PG-references for those (a quick browse through my TNA-folder reveals at least 200 PG-documents from TNA that are not found in the before mentioned guides).
The same goes for BaMa, were I have a lot of PG-documents from the RM section not found in the guides.
Also NARA have physical documents with PG numbers not found in the guides, as well as all those documents still being kept in US Navy archives that haven't been transferred to NARA (I can't locate it now, but I have a USN-inventory of such documents somewhere).

It seems to me that the "missing" PG-documents in the guides are primary relating to technology (ie weapon systems) - for instance, you will not find any documents related to torpedoes (my main focus) in those guides.
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