Digitizing microfilms at an attractive price

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Digitizing microfilms at an attractive price

Post by Mori » 09 May 2020 08:33

(Making it a dedicated thread.)

Many people own microfilms - actual films, not digital - and are looking for a way to digitize them.

I have found a supplier quoting €0.036/frame, which makes a 1 200 frames rolls cost €43.2. That's ca. 1/3 of NARA price and 1/2 of reseller price.

This specialised firm may cut his price further if they get a larger volume, "larger" meaning some 50 more rolls than the current deal.

Their service is very good. They sometimes re-run microfilms under a different setting to capture a single missing frame, giving me 2 copies for the price of one.

So far they not only processed films from me but also received directly from other people I brought. Contact me if you are interested.


PS: if you don't have a microfilm to start with, this is not going to give you access to a roll at a discounted cost.

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Re: Digitizing microfilms at an attractive price

Post by steve248 » 09 May 2020 10:35

Send me a PM has I have over 50 microfilm rolls ex NARA, dust settling on the blue cases since my mf reader went kaput.


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