Research grandpa fought in Africa, Metz, pow

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Research grandpa fought in Africa, Metz, pow

Post by Keks76 » 11 Jul 2019 15:12


I’m new in this forum and I research the path of my grandpa in ww2. I know there are Nara rolls that include war dairies, but I haven’t enough knowledge to figure that out. So my question is if somebody here could get to documents from the German war dairies:

- OKH/Org. Abt. KTB, 02.12.1944. (Fighting in Faïd, Tunisia 30.01.1943)
- 21st Pz.Div. Ia, .Ktb..Anlage Nr.9 8.1.113 - 31.3.1:3 33 135/2 (fighting in Metz, France, 18.11.1944)

Grandpa was pow in the us too, but I don’t know anything about that. How is it possible to find out where he was and what he had done?

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