POW Reports at NARA?

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POW Reports at NARA?

Post by RichD-M » 11 Jun 2019 15:46

Does anyone know if POW reports, specifically from the British I Corps District/British Liberation Army are held at NARA? I have the date of the report, 6th Sept 1945 but that is all, unfortunately.


Tom Peters
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Re: POW Reports at NARA?

Post by Tom Peters » 26 Jun 2019 23:23

If you are looking for British Intelligence Summary (INT SUM) reports, as far as I know, there are none at NARA. Generally, these can be found at the British Archives, and I would recommend arcre.com as a copying service.

However, the last time I checked, the British I corps files were missing from the BA. If anyone has located these, please let me know.


Mad Dog

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