Question about war propaganda in Stalingrad

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Question about war propaganda in Stalingrad

Post by Hohner89 » 22 May 2019 14:51

Apologies if this has been covered (I have not found it). I'm doing a research about german combat propaganda against the Red Army during the Stalingrad battle. But there is a problem with archive documents. I have found some information in microfilm T312 R1446 (there are some documents of Abt.Ic of the 6th Army and some reports of the 637th PK), microfilms T315 R2164 and R2165 about the 371st I.D., information about activities of the Propagandastette of the Festung Stalingrad (BA MA RW 4/264a, RW 4/264b), but I can't find any reports of the 637th Propagandakompanie for the period July-October 1942 and any reports of the Army's division Ic for the same period. Even though the original documents were lost in the pocket, copies should have been sent to higher authorities. Also, documents of the 637th PK should be sent directly to the OKW/WPr.
Dear friends, if you have seen any documents, concerned with this theme, could you write me and give an advice, where can I find anything?..

Also, I try to find out, how many members of the PK 637 were killed during the battle, and which part managed to evacuate from the pocket.

I will be pleased for every help, this information is very important for me.

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Re: Question about war propaganda in Stalingrad

Post by rubben » 27 May 2019 06:07

Much information is in these books, will be able to exchange documents or books with you

Croatian Legion. The 369 Inf. Reg. on the Estern Front 41-43. Amir Odhobas. J. D. Mark.

Panzer krieg.vol 1. German Armoured ad Stalingrad. Jason.D.Mark

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