Seek help to identify vision port

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Seek help to identify vision port

Post by wamkievits » 22 Jul 2022 08:09

Long intro, but I hope that someone can help me.....
In the municipality where I am working as an archaeologist and historian, recently a find has appeared that eventually can be linked to the German Wehrmacht.

The background story is as follows. Our town, used to house several military barracks, all going back to the pre-WWII era. This specific compound, built in the 30ies has been transformed into a park where numerous houses and a school district has been erected. Most military buildings have been demolished and some have been redesigned to facilitate modern apartments.
In ’39, the barracks housed the - only - Dutch armored brigade consisting of M38 Landverks scout cars. Immediately after the Dutch defeat the German SS Totenkopf seized the barracks to house an armored unit. What went on during the war is not clear. During the fights leading to the liberation by Scottish divisions, a lot of German panzers and selfpropelled artillery were involved immediately around our village.

In the beginning of this year a dummy handgranate was found near one of the schools, causing an extra survey for potential military equipment and explosives.
At that survey an item was detected from which I have attached pictures below. Where at the start, colleagues in archaeological surveys of WWII, thought that it could be a mechanism for artillery purposes, we are now inclined to believe that this might be a window from an armored vehicle. As indicated above October ’44 saw a lot of armored German but also allied vehicles in and around our town. This specific baracks might have been used as a temporary repair shop for either German or allied armored equipment.

When you look at the glass one of the pictures it might have been punctured by a projectile causing it’s need to be repaired. Now the question is whether indeed it is the window of an armored vehicle, if we can deduce whether it’s German (or indeed allied), and if it could be relayed back to a specific make or model.
A suggestion I received so far: probably not a driver's vision port, by mid war most were periscopic. Also, the crosshairs, to me, implies a vision port for a crewman that was manning a machine gun. If I had to guess, I would say it was from an early war tank or possibly an armored car.

Every advise will be appreciated a lot!
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Re: Seek help to identify vision port

Post by wirklich » 03 Aug 2022 19:07

if you want to know for sure take it or take more pictures and go to a museum.
Cupola forward looking fixed position vision block with part of the metal housing for a panzer 3-1V. The locking lever on the top is missing. If you look closely, you can ... ajaxserp=0 see the pin that held the lever.
The locking lever closed into a single slot on the housing in the cupola. Part of the hinge is still visible on the lower left of your block. The vertical index mark lines up with the barrel. 1:45
Better than this. The blocks to the left and right do not have this metal strip. You can see the blue green breech if you look down. ... ORM=VDRVRV 5:45
There was a metal indicator outside and in front of the forward-looking vision block cupola, but it could be damaged. ... ORM=VDRVRV .08 ... ORM=VDRVRV 1:39
Tank crews carried more vision blocks than hand grenades.
Can you post more pictures of all the sides? It is hard to see the exact size and shape. I cannot see the damage.

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