Jokes in the Third Reich

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Re: Jokes in the Third Reich

Post by Max » 27 Apr 2019 23:57

bennieLug wrote:
25 Apr 2019 13:03
Not something that would appear to be 4th Reich IMHO. That said, I dont know what it is. A patriotic pin maybe? Unique catch style though.
I don't get it.
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Re: Jokes in the Third Reich

Post by steve248 » 07 Jan 2021 12:42

In one of his reports the Mexican ambassador to Germany could not resist advising the Mexican Foreign Ministry of current humour going the rounds in Germany - the report was a radio message dated 5 Dec 1941 and intercepted at Bletchley Park and decrypted:

The economic situation here [? is deteriorating]. At the holiday season the people [? will] not find Christmas presents not those little trinkets to which Germany is accustomed [three groups lost]. Geese are being sold secretly for a hundred marks. The Government is trying to avoid inflation by means of a ‘voluntary’ loan on closed account till the end of the war at 3%. It will be a year before any produce can be obtained from occupied territories in Russia.

There is a joke going round that the English [? are eating] rats and the Germans ersatz rats. People are depressed by the - - - of a long war.

Joke: the optimists say ‘We shall lose the war’; the pessimistic answer ‘Yes, but when?’ [? It is beginning to be feared] that money will decide the conflict in the long run.

Joke: The four leaders met - - - (Mussolini no longer counts) Hitler declared: the ‘Rasse’ will triumph; Stalin said: No the ‘Masse’; Churchill said: ‘No, the [? Klasse]’; and Roosevelt said: ‘No the ‘Kasse’.

Please forgive me for including jokes in my report (? owing to the methods of the regime in concealing data and news, they give an outline sketch from an observer’s viewpoint).

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Re: Jokes in the Third Reich

Post by GregSingh » 12 Feb 2021 00:25

GG, 1943.

A combat diary found on the edge of the forest.

Monday - Communist partisan unit attacked a police post killing a sentry and a police truck was set on fire. Banditen hid in the nearby forest.
Tuesday - A joined SS and police forces surrounded the forest and started sweeping operation.
Wednesday - Banditen unit was located and shooting broke out. Losses: SS/police -1, enemy - 4.
Thursday - Banditen attacked our units at dawn and after successful breakthrough withdraw to other parts of the forest.
Friday - An infuriated forester showed up. Apparently his wife was complaining about the noises. He ordered everyone to leave his forest immediately.

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