WI: Thaelmann doesn't "spoil" in 1925?

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WI: Thaelmann doesn't "spoil" in 1925?

Post by Princess Perfume » 12 Mar 2022 15:19

it's widely accepted that, had the KPD's Ernst Thaelmann not stood in the 1925 Weimar presidential election, Wilhelm Marx would have defeated Hindenburg and become President.

While the easy response would be "well, this just means the Third Reich starts a few months early with President Hitler", i am interested in your thoughts as to possible outcomes should Marx secure re-election in 1932?

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Re: WI: Thaelmann doesn't "spoil" in 1925?

Post by ManfredV » 20 Mar 2022 21:10

A president Marx wouldn't have missuse Notverordnungen for anti-democratic actions. He would have defended Weimar Republic against both NSDAP and communists. He might have stopped Hitler and might have been reelected 1932 as candidate of all democtratic parties.
1925 he didn't fail because Thaelmann. Bavarian Volkspartei and other conservative catholic groups didn't support him.

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