Research help, POW in Poland

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Research help, POW in Poland

Post by sailorjg » 10 Feb 2022 02:48

I am very new to this website and am hoping that someone can steer me to
the appropriate area or persons that can help me in my research.
I am writing the wartime story of my father. and am finding some
inconsistencies in his memories. I would like to correct these before
publishing the book.
He landed at Dieppe and became a guest of Hitler for the following 2 1/2
years. He was transferred to different Stalags and worked in a few
arbeitskommado in Poland. His last location was near Schonrade working on a
large farm owned by Baron Maurice Franz von Wedemeyer. He describes the
location as a castle but I think I have found the location as a large
estate, Grusse Aus Schonrade which is associated with the Wedemeyer name.
He says that there were City Archives of Stettin stored in the building and
were presumably destroyed when the Russians set fire to the building. He
and his fellow prisoners had been liberated by the Russians and eventually
made it to Odessa.
in the limited research I have been able to do I can see no record of
Stettin City Archives having been moved out of the city or destroyed.
Furthermore, I cannot find any evidence of this building, in Schonrade
having housed displaced Germans and allied prisoners of war who worked in
the surrounding farm. also, I can find no record of the Baron. I did find
the family name but not his.
I know this is a long shot but I am hoping for a link to someone who might
have more knowledge of this particular location.
I may also be able to contribute some information to others with similar
thank-you in advance.

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Re: Research help, POW in Poland

Post by GregSingh » 10 Feb 2022 06:35


That's the correct location: Schönrade (Neumark) - now Tuczno (Strzelce Krajeńskie)

Castle: Schloss Schönrade, 1922 postcard

And yes, that was a large estate (1939 data):

von Wedemeyer.jpg
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